Gov. DeSantis Says Florida Got Shortchanged in Infrastructure Package

Gov. DeSantis Says Florida Got Shortchanged in Infrastructure Package

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida did not get a full share of cash from the recently passed trillion-dollar infrastructure package. He criticized the bill as a whole, but also noted that Florida might not be getting the same amount as other states.

“So I’d like to know more about this,” DeSantis said Tuesday. “Is Florida being treated well in this? Or are they basically funneling money to a bunch of very, very high tax and dysfunctional states?”

DeSantis said Florida might be getting $20 billion, which in his view, seemed like a little compared to the size and scope of Florida’s population and economic output.

“One of the things that I am concerned about,” DeSantis said. “It seems like there is a disproportionate amount of money that is going to, like, New York and New Jersey. And that Florida’s not getting really a significant share. Out of like a trillion dollars, I mean, they’re saying we’re going to get like $20 billion? That’s not a lot compared to how big the state is.”

Florida’s congressional delegation was split over the package to begin with, largely along party lines.

“Robust investment in America’s crumbling infrastructure — safeguarding our drinking water, repairing our roads and bridges, upgrading our ports – is long overdue,” said Congressman Charlie Crist (D-FL-13), who is also a leading gubernatorial Democratic candidate challenging DeSantis. “With this blockbuster bill, we’re creating millions of good-paying jobs, investing in Florida’s future, and Building Back Better. This historic, bipartisan bill will also deliver new infrastructure for the 21st century: high-speed rail, solar-powered mass transit, and other innovations that will reduce traffic and protect the environment. It’s about delivering tangible results that will benefit day-to-day life for all Americans.”

The infrastructure package shows that Florida will be receiving more than $250 million to go toward bridge replacement and road repairs, and $2.6 billion to improve public transportation options.

Additionally, $100 million will go to getting Floridians to access to faster, high-speed internet. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D), who is also running against DeSantis, touted all of the different components of the bill Florida will be receiving.

“It is clear, this is a big deal for Florida, the state as a whole, and our entire nation. Creating jobs and economic growth while building a safer more sustainable future,” Fried said.

However, Florida’s Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott voted against the bill. Their comments reflected much of the Republican criticism, that the hyper-spending by the President Joe Biden administration is leading to out-of-control inflation, higher gas prices, and shortages on the grocery shelves.

“I support investing in roads, bridges, broadband, and efforts to mitigate against sea level rise, and I hoped there would be a bill I could vote for,” said Rubio. “But this bill was negotiated in secret, rushed through the process without meaningful opportunities to have input, and adds a net increase … to the national debt. I can’t vote for a bill like that.”

Scott said his concern is that the bill was paid for, despite the national debt and deficit continuing to increase.

“The first thing they said, it was paid for. A complete lie all the way through,” Scott said. “It was never paid for.”

Republished with permission from the Florida Capital Star.

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  1. Another example of the problem with Desantis. He should be rejecting the package not complaining about not getting enough of it. We can take care of ourselves. Do less, lower taxes.

  2. The first thing everyone should do is stop calling it an “Infrastructure” Bill… ’cause it isn’t. Somewhere in the area of about 15% of this ignorance is actually for infrastructure.

    It’s better titled the IgnoreStructure Bill.

  3. “they’re saying we’re going to get like $20 billion? That’s not a lot compared to how big the state is.”” ………….. I will bet that New Jersey gets more.

  4. The long march toward the stranglehold of federal control of states started in the 60s with Johnson’s “war on poverty” and now the trillions of federal grants given to the states. The sooner these Republican Governors start moves to break that financial stranglehold the feds have on our states the better. It will require pain but it is necessary pain. Medicaid dollars are nothing but federal grant dollars which require the state to match. States can opt out. The same can be said about all these federal grants. Florida and other states are nothing but giant welfare queens and it gives the feds dictatorial powers over them.

  5. senator Scott talks out of both sides of his mouth. He is supporting Lisa Murkowski’s re-election against her primary opponent. This is as much Murkowski’s making as Nancy Pelosi.

    If the GOP had any convictions at all, they would be actively primarying every republican puke that voted for the “Infrastructure bill”.

    At least that’s what they would be doing if they ever want my vote again…

  6. Thank you Senators Rubio and Scott for trying to stop us from falling into the Democrat propaganda trap which will lead us to financial ruin.

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