Dozier on Tallahassee Mayor Dailey: “I think we do need a change”

Dozier on Tallahassee Mayor Dailey: “I think we do need a change”

Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier, who recently announced she would not seek re-election to her Leon County Commission seat, appeared on the The Greg Tish Show on RealTalk 93.3 and made some bold statements related to the Mayor of Tallahassee and the City Commission.

When asked about her political future, Dozier said she has been asked a lot about running for mayor of Tallahassee over the last year.

“As a city of Tallahassee resident I am really concerned about a lot of things happening in the City of Tallahassee right now,” said Dozier. “I know why people are asking. I think we do need a change.”

Dozier said, “I put responsibility in the leadership, that’s management and for the city its the mayor.”

She voiced concerned about the tone on the commission and some of the “big decisions” that have been pushed through.

Dozier said we need to get away from the personal attacks and restore a level of decorum so we can get things done.

She added, “It would be nice to have a new voice there.”

Dozier said, at this time, she has not made any decisions about her political future.

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    JT listed as the 2001 owner of the house at 510 Terrace St:

    I find it very interesting that has wiped the public record from their database. They’re really putting the CON in “confidential.”

    BTW, Dustin Daniels is a few houses down…

  2. Sounds like instead of smoking one, she was being blunt.
    But I agree – the city has gone to pot.

    Here’s an idea:
    MANDATE drug testing every 3 months for every Leon County politician.

    Now there’s a mandate I can support!

  3. @ Steve is not a govt. website so no public records request. But it should not involve rocket science to determine the owner’s contact information. Ask nice and you will likely get all the info you may want. Probley including the letter from J T’s atty demanding J T’s info be scrubbed from…hey if you time it right you will also get the letter Dozier’s atty will soon be sending for her info to also be scrubbed. I recommend taking screen shots of any political folks in FL you may be interested in.

  4. @ Snidely,

    Isn’t it nice for us taxpayers to unknowingly invest in a county commissioner’s real estate with a gain for her of over a half a million dollars?

    The CRA grant went to J.T. Burnette, Burnette, he sold Dozier a house under value, house is completely renovated at a hundred-thousand-dollar gain, Dozier’s family gets a multi-million dollar construction contract from J.T. Burnette, Dozier moves on to the next house valued at $850,000. The nice little CRA taxpayers seed money served Dozier, J.T. Burnette and her family’s construction business well?

    It seems that if the current property valued at $850,000 is hidden under a trust and title company that would be a huge breaking news!

  5. @Hope at this time has the current as 1434 Spruce Av 32303. Its also got the 3 past historicals beginning with the Weatherbine address. If you know these areas its a super rise in real property from the Weatherbine in 2014 to the Spruce today.

  6. This morning at Dozier still shows the 510 Terrace address. JT Burnett’s information was at with the 510 Terrace address as of about 30 days ago…cant find it today…probley already been scrubbed.
    More importantly from what our fellow posters are reporting it looks as if The Leon County Property Appraiser’s office has done a little blocking and/or scrubbing of their own. Steve can you apply your super reporter skills to see about the scrubbing or blocking…maybe a public records request or some better method to get to the bottom of what appears to be a political alteration of our public records????
    FYI is a private website not affiliated with any government.

  7. The home was renovated inside and out including a $30,000 deck on the back. Who pulled the permits to do the work, hence the reason the property appraisers listing of this property is blocked? I guess it’s nice when your dad owns a construction company and you vote to give taxpayer dollars to a developer who hires your dad to do a multimillion-dollar project. I guess then it’s easy to get your house fully renovated…

    I don’t understand why everyone who voted to give CRA money to JT Burnette is not in prison.

  8. I think we need to remove the position of mayor and go back to just having commissioners rotate quarterly for the ribbon cuttings.

  9. @ Hope, The Street Number must be wrong. I just checked Terrace St. and the lowest Number is in the 900’s BUT, did you know that Gil Ziffer lives at 1448 Terrace St.?

  10. Leon County Property Appraiser search list for 510 Terrace St:

    “Your search did not find any records or it may be a confidential parcel.”

  11. Here’s her ‘chain of influence and protection’ as to why she has not been heavily investigated about the shady deal on the house she was sold by J.T. Burnette, at 510 Terrace St. Her father, Laurie Dozier, is a principle at Mad Dog Construction and they are the favored child of the city of Tallahassee in the ‘green’ building business. That’s it.

  12. Hope, you forgot that Kristen’s parents were the “lender” on the house she bought from JT. Let THAT sink in…

    I hope she doesn’t have any PR reps or gave them any county contracts because announcing that you are not running for re-election the same week JT is sentenced and Scotty & Paige report to their “prison camps” is not a good look.

  13. Tallahassee’s problems with insider dealings and corruption certainly aren’t unique. After moving here in the 70s, I’d regularly hear “you’re not gonna believe this” stories from family about the dirty dealings within the Manatee County governments (city and county). Not sure what from the 70s and 80s would be online, but at the time it all seemed as over-the-top as what we’ve dealt with here.

    I only wish that my dad was still alive so I could say, “hold my beer”…..

  14. Thanks TONY. Yes, I will fight for what’s right for the Citizens and for the County. I have lived here for OVER 50 Years and have seen a lot, , Leon County is my home. It is time for someone who truly thinks outside the Box. You can ask my friends, not only do I think outside the Box, I LIVE outside the Box. When I ran against Mary Ann Lindley, I knew it was a really long shot but I did very well and learned a lot. My Platform has not changed that much, (but it did grow), because I really believe in what I stand for and I am not giving up. Check it out at Please feel free to send me an email.

  15. 1- Was Kristin involved in the CRA vote that gave J.T. Burnett money for the Doubletree Hotel?

    2 – Did J. T. Burnette sell Kristen Dozier a house that was under market value?

    3 – Was Kristen family’s construction company hired by Burnette to do the renovation on the Doubletree Hotel?

    4 – Were any funds diverted from the construction business to do renovations on Kristen’s house?

    5 – Did Kristen vote Yes for the Waste Pro contract that involved Gary Yordon and Scott Maddox.

    6 – How many times did Kristen misuse tax dollars by attending the Chamber of Commerce junkets?

    7 – Why did she not stand up to County Administrator Vince Long and allow Long to carry out an illegal mandate that cost 14 employees their jobs and allowed fines that have to be paid by taxpayers?

    8 – Why did she not stand up and allow public input for Amazon fulfillment center?

    9 – Who are Kristen’s PR reps? Did they ever receive any county contracts?

    However she is correct in one aspect that there is new leadership needed in the City of Tallahassee mayoral position.

  16. Dozier is full of crap, you know it, I know it. Leon county needs a wave of independents and non political types to run for every office until the useless are gone. A political anemia if you will.

  17. A commissioner should not accept a $90,000 gift . JT wanted to thank Kristin. What is financial relationship between JT Burnette and Kristen’s family business!

  18. Speaking for that quiet little voice inside Dozier’s head: “Darn it I thought you all would have forgotten about that shady questionable “on the DL”, probley illegal, unethical, “why in the world did I do it”, what was I thinking, ” well I guess I wont get elected Mayor sweet heart deal on that J T BURNETT house.

    What Tallahassee needs is for a savvy candidate like Barney Bishop or Erwin Jackson to get up off the couch and run as an Independent … no not as a Democrat not as a Republican.

  19. She was a “friend of J.T.’s”. She doesn’t want any “new voices” she wants her voice there. Whenever a politician tells you they haven’t made any decisions about their political future they are lying…like an fn’ rug.

  20. @Frank — that may be the thing that keeps her from running. Undoubtedly, someone will ask her about the purchase and sale, and she won’t have any good answers. Even worse (for her) is she’s again publicly tied to Burnette. An arrest and/or charges for receiving a bribe should end her political career. We can only hope!

  21. Kristen Dozier should not speak a word, when she was sold a house at 2/3 market value by J.T. Burnette and 2 years later sold it for market value.

  22. So far, there are 4 people running for District 5. I’m voting for David Hawkins because I like his platform and I believe he will fight for what is best for the citizens of Leon County.

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