Judge Recommends City Permit for City Walk Shelter with Conditions

Judge Recommends City Permit for City Walk Shelter with Conditions

Administrative Law Judge, G. W. Chisenhall has ruled that the City Walk-Urban Mission, Inc. is entitled to a permit – with conditions – from the City of Tallahassee to operate a transitional residential facility at the property located at 1709 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, Florida.

The facility was denied a permit earlier this year.

The City of Tallahassee argued that the Mahan facility does not satisfy certain regulations and amounts to a private nuisance because it acts as a magnet drawing homeless people to the area that resulted in an increase in crime.

However, Judge Chisenhall concluded that the City did not carry its burden of proof because homeless encampments have existed in the nearby area for many years.

Also, the call for service data from TPD was inconclusive as to whether overall crime in the pertinent area has been trending upward since January 1, 2021, and failed to demonstrate that residents of the Mahan facility were the cause of any crimes.

In addition, there was conflicting testimony from residents and business owners on whether the problems caused by City Walk’s operation of a low barrier shelter persisted after the transition to residential facility.

For the same reasons, the City failed to prove that the City Walk application fails to satisfy permit requirements by changing the character of the surrounding area or unreasonably adversely impacting existing uses of the area.

Based on these findings, Judge Chisenhall recommended that the City of Tallahassee grant the City Walk-Urban Mission, Inc.’s application to operate a transitional residential facility pursuant to section 10-417 of the Tallahassee Land Development Code, at the property located at 1709 Mahan Drive.

The recommendation is based on the following conditions:

(a) maintain current security protocols which must include camera surveillance monitored in real time with dedicated staff patrolling the grounds;
(b) no resident discharges between the hours of midnight and 7:00 a.m.;
(c) if there is an urgent need that requires discharge of a resident between the hours of midnight and 7:00 a.m., then City Walk shall obtain the assistance of law enforcement or private security;
(d) vigorous enforcement of City Walk’s existing prohibitions against panhandling, loitering, traveling through certain neighborhoods, and patronizing certain businesses;
(e) no acceptance of anyone who has been convicted of a sex-related offense; (f) no admission of anyone who is prohibited by statute from residing at 1709 Mahan Drive due to the proximity of schools and daycare facilities;
(g) capping the number of full-time residents at 64;
(h) no provision of basic necessities such as food and clothing to anyone who is not a resident; (i) maintenance of a resident log in order to assist with ascertaining residents’ whereabouts; and
(j) implementation of random and routine checks for contraband in the
residents’ rooms.

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  1. We give the Kerney Center $Millions of Tax Dollars each year and it is just as bad there, if not worse. The problem is, they are kicked out and made to go somewhere until it is time to come back. They (the homeless) have no Jobs to go to so, where is it that they are supposed to go? So, they just hang out close by so they can get back in time to get a Cot for the night. They need something productive to do during the day. Some Cities actually hire them for the smaller jobs like picking up trash, painting over graffiti, maintaining grounds around government/public buildings, etc.

  2. Property owners who live on Brookwood Dr., who live in Capitol Hills and Brandt Hills, need to request an immediate reassessment of their homes by the Property Appraiser’s office. Their values will drop like a stone.

  3. Hogwash… there are at least two-dozen other locations that might not meet the Woke Supremacy bar, but they are just as practical and likely less costly.

    It’s time to start dealing with reality, and stop playing make-believe

  4. First of all I pray for the homeless that they find peace and prosperity…

    I would think nearby neighborhoods would be concerned and rightfully so… This should have been a slam dunk so I question the competence of the City attorney and another reason why we should get a new city manager through a nationwide search.

    I believe I witnessed human trafficking yesterday. The person who at Centerville and Capital Circle who had probably been pandering in the intersection was sitting in the shopping center flower bed. I noticed a vehicle with a woman picked him up.

    Is there an organized human trafficking ring that are exploiting these people to operate in intersections to pander?

    It looks like in this particular situation this person was left to pander all day long and then a nice car with a woman came to pick him up. I have also witnessed a young female get into a truck at an intersection. The age of the female made it uncomfortable and I reported it immediately to the police department.

    We have a problem with leadership and we have a problem with voters; if the voters would vote for competent leadership things like this would not happen.

    Perhaps TPD/LCSO should investigate whether there is an organized human trafficking ring that organizes homeless people to go out and pander.

  5. City Walk homeless soul wanders onto Mahan Dr. Lost soul gets hit by lawful driver. Accidents will happen.
    Responsible parties, family will question :
    Why were people with marginal judgement, being housed next to a major State Highway ?
    Were housing restrictions fully enforced by City Walk ?
    Who was responsible for monitoring City WalK ? City/County code enforcement or neighbors?

    Shelter will have nothing to sue for … but Tallahassee does.

    To City Attorney— I also read palms

  6. Here they come again. The City and the leftist Judge Chisenhall must have already colluded to a pre conceived conclusion to once again shove this down the nearby residents throats.
    You all put up a great fight last time but thats what leftists do they keep coming back at you again and again.
    And the irony is most nearby residents fully supported the Brandon Administration with their votes and their yard signs. Lock down your old lady and kids. Buy a shotgun in case they kick down your door. And for Gods sake vote differently next time around.
    Lets Go Brandon!!!!

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