Small Businesses Threatened by Litigation

Dear Editor,

As we almost get through this last wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida businesses can at least rest assured that lockdowns are behind us. And during the summer, thanks to favorable public health guidelines here in Florida, vacationers have descended upon the Sunshine State and second home sales are as hot as ever. This has resulted in a much-needed boost to our state’s economy.

Unfortunately, a familiar tune is ringing out again, and lawsuit woes are weighing down the long overdue economic boom that businesses, workers, and consumers desperately need. Specifically, construction workers and businesses are hesitant to hit the ground running on developments, new business plans, or reopening because premises liability is still a major threat. We are forced to direct more money toward legal defense funds to protect ourselves against abusive lawsuits instead of focusing our resources on hiring more workers.

For years, trial lawyers have made a cottage industry out of construction cases to leverage settlements from businesses that can’t afford the hassle of going to court. All this does is drag down our economy, hurt workers, and raise prices for all Floridians. If premises liability issues aren’t addressed soon, workers and small businesses will be left behind as the economy reopens.

Mark Bell
Small Businessman Chair of the Florida Coalition for Private Property Rights
19690 Crows Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32310
(786) 269-7904

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