Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier Will Not Seek Re-Election

Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier Will Not Seek Re-Election

Three-term Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier recently announced she will not be seeking reelection for the District 5 seat in 2022.

Before her election in 2010, Dozier worked for eleven years at her family’s local construction company, Mad Dog Construction. Dozier also earned her associate’s degree from Tallahassee Community College, a Bachelor’s degree in Religion, and a Master’s degree in Religious Ethics and Philosophy, both from Florida State University.

Dozier said she struggled with the decision, but offered two key reasons for moving on. First, Dozier said she wants to make space for new faces and fresh voices on the commission. Second, she also said she wants to serve the community in other ways.

“I am so profoundly grateful for the support of the residents of District 5 for the last 11 years, and they deserve a really good, strong representative,” Dozier said to local news WCTV.

Commissioner Dozier said she is most proud of her work with Innovation Park, her support of non-profits and the arts community, and making the first motion for the amphitheater at Cascades Park.

Dozier chaired the Leon County Research and Development Authority and pushed for restructuring of Innovation Park to work with FSU and Florida A&M and utilize more space for research in hopes of attracting private companies to Tallahassee.

She said she remains dedicated to serving her district, and in her final year, she will focus on economic development and water quality. Dozier also emphasized she will continue to ask questions.

“I’m very concerned about a lot of the ways we’ve been operating and kind of a reluctance to ask questions and bring in new voices, and I’m going to keep pushing for public participation,” Dozier said.

While Dozier did not say what may be next for her, she was clear that she fully intends on remaining involved in the community.

According to Leon County’s election website, two people have filed to run in 2022 for Dozier’s seat, David Hawkins and Jeromee Kalub-Fitz Conner.

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  1. The house that J.T. Burnette sold her was at 510 Terrace St. The house information has been removed from The Leon County Property Appraiser’s web site. The house, according to Real Estate web sites was valued at:

    $215K-325K in 2014
    $199K in 2015, the year Burnette sold it to her;

    Burnette bought influence for something.

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