Florida Men Charged with Falsifying Voter Registration Forms

Florida Men Charged with Falsifying Voter Registration Forms

Two Jacksonville men have been charged with registering dead people to vote. Devin Deangelo King and Jordan Rayeshaun Daniels have both been arrested. The motive does not appear to be political, but personal financial gain.

“This was a group working with what we call a third-party organization,” said Duval County Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan. “… We did not see anything political about it. It was, I think, people who were greedy. There’s an incentive there to get as many as you can in.”

Hogan maintained that the discovery of more than 60 dead voter registrations does not indicate lapses in the Duval County elections integrity process, overall.

“It just shows the diligence of the people who are working through this process to make sure that everything is right, not just the accuracy of the vote count, but the validity of our voter roll,” Hogan said. “You have to be diligent to make sure you keep accurate records, and this is proof that we can find and eliminate it.”

According to the state attorney’s office, investigators were set to meet with the Duval County Supervisor of Elections back in August with the intention of reviewing voter inconsistencies. Flagged voter registration applications were turned over to the investigators.

“As we go down the list, the first thing we will be checking is the driver’s license number and the driver’s license number and the names match but when we looked at the signature, it didn’t match the signature on our file,” Hogan said to Action News Jax. “Then we noticed there was a pattern and we found multiple of those.”

The business model for being paid for registering voters is done on a per-application basis. The two men charged and arrested were intending to register as many people as possible in order to get paid per application.

“The security of voter registration and elections is a serious matter and of paramount importance today,” said Hogan. “It is vital that the voters of Duval County, the State of Florida, and the nation as a whole trust the registration and election process, from start to finish. The discovery of these attempts at fraud shows that the system here in Duval County and all of Florida is secure and trustworthy. Voters can have confidence that their information is secure and will be counted accurately.”

This comes on the heels of Florida’s Legislature passing new election integrity laws, upheld in court, based on 2012 grand jury recommendations related to a voter fraud case in Miami-Dade at the time.

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Grant Holcomb is a reporter at the Florida Capital Star and the Star News Network. Follow Grant on Twitter and direct message tips.

Republished with permission from The Florida Capital Star.

13 Responses to "Florida Men Charged with Falsifying Voter Registration Forms"

  1. @ David T. Hawkins, who is running for local office, and who Snidely is voting for:
    Purging ALL voter rolls is a great concept!!
    I would love to watch the cheaters get their under drawers all bunched up in that “sun dont shine” place over that!!! Wow!!!
    Governor Desantis look into doing the cleaning purge/reregister thing for the entire State of Florida and other States will follow your lead. Probley be the best thing you will have done in the entire past and future of your life Governor Desantis!!!
    And appoint David T. Hawkins to oversee the State wide initiative for voter integrity please Mr. Best Governor Ever!!!

  2. Wow if 2 buttheads from Jacksonville could pull this off just imagine how far a left wing national party of buttheads could have gotten in the last major nationwide election. Or the next election for that matter.
    Thank you Governor Desantis for setting up the State Agency to crack down on this type of fraud. Other Governors should do the same.

  3. For all you Trump supporters out there spewing False information once again PLEASE read the article again. It states for monetary gain. It didn’t say anything about whether they were registered as Republicans or Democrat.

  4. @ Leon…

    The mass voter fraud is Democratic…. as is the China bioweapon scamdemic, the January 6th Pelosi planned insurrection, uncontrolled borders, inflation, high gas prices, Interruption of the supply chain, Afghanistan debacle, Hunter Biden treason, incompetent dementia ridden unfit for duty inept Brandon Administration, bowing to communist China in order to commit treason for personal monetary gain, and the latest scare-variant Omicron… hence, the Democrats low approval rating, their loss in Virginia and New Jersey, and their upcoming soon-to-be loss in the midterms. You are welcome for the reality check.

  5. Voter registration fraud for money is only about, and has nothing to do with ballots submitted.
    The two men charged and arrested were intending to register as many people as possible in order to get paid per application.
    Plus the article says nothing about what part they were registered as. Seeing as how a lot of this invalid votes are proving to be more republican than democrat, exactly whom was DT referring to?

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