Florida Abortion Totals by County

Florida Abortion Totals by County

By The News Service of Florida

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear arguments about a Mississippi law that would ban almost all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Florida had a reported 74,868 abortions in 2020. Here are counties that totaled the most abortions last year. The numbers reflect county residents who had abortions, not necessarily the counties where abortions took place.

— Miami-Dade County: 14,539

— Broward County: 9,910

— Hillsborough County: 6,138

— Palm Beach County: 5,648

— Orange County: 5,210

— Duval County: 4,095

— Pinellas County: 3,011

— Polk County: 1,895

— Lee County: 1,880

— Volusia County: 1,293

— Brevard County: 1,215

— Leon County: 1,191

— Osceola County: 1,151

— Pasco County: 1,111

Source: Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

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  1. “If you think about some of the most important cases, the most consequential cases in this court’s history, there’s a string of them where the cases overruled precedent,” Kavanaugh said.

    Finally, statements that precedents can be overturned is being discussed.

  2. Today the Supreme Court is meeting to vote on whether or not to overturn Roe v. Wade as part of their decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson case. We will probably not know their decision for months.

    I hope and pray they do the right thing and overturn the devastating and infamous Roe v. Wade decision.

  3. @ Tom Perrin ……. For an Abortion, the ONLY hoop is that you must be at least 14 Years of age and I will bet that they will even come pick you up from School and take you home afterwards. Give it time and the Schools may even consider it an “After School Program”. They might even get the Blood Mobiles to include Abortions while stationed at Office Buildings and Schools, they can stop in on their Lunch Breaks, after all, the Government is paying for it.

  4. Amazing the hoops you have to jump through to adopt a child but to get an abortion not so many. Don’t we have this reversed?

  5. Since the Pro-Abortion people LOVE to use Rape, Incest and Grave Danger to the Mother as their “Go To” reason to keep Abortions legal, can some one give us the Numbers for how many were Aborted because they got Pregnant from a Rapist and how many of those were considered Incest and then the numbers of those that were considered Grave Danger to the Mother please? I will bet that the numbers will be super low if any at all. Also, how many were aborted because the Baby would have been born with a defect? There are a LOT of Singles & Couples very willing to adopt those unwanted Babies.

  6. Margaret Sanger + Roe-v-Wade + DemoKKKrats = Legalized genocide of innocent babies, particularly within communities of color.

  7. And it seems the majority of them are happening exactly where Margret Sanger planned. The left is murdering minority babies in the wide open, right in front of everyone. It’s no wonder they call everyone a racist all the time, for everything. They think everyone else is just like they are…like all sociopaths.

  8. More abortion deaths in 2020 alone than Covid deaths 2020-2021. But Covid is a crisis and abortion must be promoted by COT commission. Sad times we live in.

  9. Approximately 75% of the 74,868 = 56,151.
    That is 56,151 beautiful precious Black babies which were euthanized by the Democratic Party back in 2020.
    No wonder Blacks are leaving the Democratic Party in record numbers. And there is no guarantee the hundreds of thousands illegals are foolish enough to vote Democrat. In fact most are leaving a leftist regime they hate to come here WHY would they consider voting in a leftist regime in the USA? Then factor the inept Brandon Administration and you see the left is in deep do do here in the USA.

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