Tallahassee Mom: ‘Gender Ideology Almost Destroyed My Family’

Tallahassee Mom: ‘Gender Ideology Almost Destroyed My Family’

January Littlejohn knew there was a problem when she picked up her daughter at Deer Lake Middle School in Tallahassee, Florida one September afternoon last year. Her daughter revealed she was interviewed by school officials about gender preferences. She was asked by officials about changing her name and also about which restroom she preferred to use.

Littlejohn, who is a mother of three children and a licensed mental health counselor, was shocked. Shocked at the fact that the meeting took place without her knowledge.

She had previously informed school officials about the family situation. Her daughter was experiencing stress about her gender at the height of the pandemic and the family was completely caught by surprise. The family found a counselor and began researching the issue.

And now school officials had intervened between her and her daughter over a very personal issue.

She would later explain in a speech to the Florida Family Policy Council how “gender ideology almost destroyed my family.”

School Officials: Middle School Children Have a Right to Privacy

Littlejohn immediately called the school. However, the answers she received from school officials would raise further concerns. She was told they could not disclose what occurred at the meeting with her daughter. They said that Littlejohn’s 13-year-old daughter had to give consent by law for her and her husband to be notified and present at the meeting.

“After several weeks of back and forth with the district, finally we were able to meet with the principal and we were finally shown the transgender gender non-conforming student support plan that was created and signed by my daughter”, said Littlejohn.

The student support plan was a six-page document that she completed with the vice principal, the guidance counselor, and a social worker that her parents had never met.

They gave the daughter sole authority to decide if her parents could be notified of the meeting or attend. The officials allowed Littlejohn’s daughter to change her name and pronouns, restroom preference, and even choose if she chose to room with males or females on overnight school field trips.

“The plan also stated to use her birth name when speaking to us, in effect to deceive us of the social transition that had occurred,” said Littlejohn.

Littlejohn eventually discovered that the school policy directed officials not to contact parents when discussing gender related issues with the students.

Specifically, the district stated that “parents are not to be informed when their children announce a transgender identity with school personnel or when they chose a restroom that matches their gender identity.

The guide also noted that children have a legally protected right to keep from their parents information regarding their gender identity and steps taken by the district to affirm that identity.

The guide stated that “Outing a student, especially to parents, can be very dangerous to the student’s health and well-being.”

Littlejohn is warning parents about her experience and the consequences.

She said the policies that relate to gender are “driving a very dangerous wedge between children and their parents.”

In addition, she said the guidelines “send the message to the child that parents are the enemy and that children need to be protected from their parents instead of by their parents; that their input and authority are no longer important.”

Call to Action

Littlejohn emphasized that this issue impacts “all types of families of every race, religions, everyone and her experience in Leon County is not an isolated incident in Leon County.” She said there are at least 12 Florida school districts that “have the same exact guidance, same wording, everything, on their website today.”

Littlejohn’s call to action is for parents to get comfortable having conversations related to gender. She notes it is important to do research and be informed and to understand that it is not transphobic to ask questions.

The Littlejohn’s recently filed a federal lawsuit against the Leon County school board. Ms. Littlejohn says “is ultimately about protecting the rights of parents to raise their child without the interference of government officials.”

Watch her remarks at the Florida Family Policy Council here:

Republished with permission form the Florida Capital Star.

29 Responses to "Tallahassee Mom: ‘Gender Ideology Almost Destroyed My Family’"

  1. After seeing all the left wing troglodytes on here spreading their typical antichristian hate I feel blessed to have left the state of californication, away from Nancy and her rent boy-loving husband.

  2. No one has yet mentioned the FNEA and NEA; that’s where all this crap comes from and the NEA should be heal legally accountable.
    Notice all those who oppose Ms Littlejohn have no problem with the violations of law and Constitutional Rights by Hannah, the SB, Adm and teachers. Really shows and exposes the true nature of these Marxist Fascist; they want 100% control of your children just as Mao and yes Hitler.


  3. After all these years, I have to admit that I guess I’m what’s known as a liberal. A liberal progressive, no less. And yet, I am not completely in line with progressive ideology. I think Ms. Littlejohn raises some legitimate points. This is a complex issue. And I know, without a doubt, I’d be furious if a school in any way attempted to come between me and my child on such critical issues of gender.

    Never would I want my daughter to suffer! Ever! I adored her. And still do, although she’s almost 30. An adult. But if, as a young teen, she had come to me with concerns about gender, and a desire to change it, I believe I would have supported her utterly. Talked about it, and made a plan that I felt was in her best interest. To assume that any child with different ideas about their gender will be automatically denigrated by their family is horrifying. We are here to help, support, and love our children.

    I stand with Ms. Littlejohn. I don’t believe she has an agenda, other than wanting her rightful place as a mother honored. Otherwise, I truly believe she would support her daughter’s journey, however it unfolded.

  4. After seeing all the right wing troglodytes on here spreading their typical christian hate I feel blessed to have left the state of FloriDUH and away from Ron DeathSantis.

  5. Listening to a mother discuss how she was harmed and not share what January feels about all of this turns my stomach. I have two adult daughters. I would hope that they would have felt comfortable talking with me. But if they didn’t, I was always happy they had teachers and counselors at school who were there to help. Mrs. Littlejohn is a narcissistic nut case.

    Talk about January and her feelings. It’s highly unlikely that teacher and counselors acted on their own. There is some missing information here from Mrs. Littlejohn and the politicians standing behind her. Not one of the adults there shows much interest in January.

  6. The alternative to this policy isn’t disclosure to the parents. It’s students keeping the issue entirely to themselves. If a school has an obligation to tell their parents, students will stop turning to them for support. They will just keep it to themselves, struggle internally, and face it alone.

    The fact that these teens don’t feel safe having conversations with their parents isn’t going to change. If anything, school staff might be able to facilitate voluntary disclosure to parents who the teen feels will be likely to support them.

    This policy is not going to benefit vulnerable teens, and they are who we should be thinking about here.

  7. John M, it was the parent that told the school about their daughter and that she was already getting therapy. The school then went behind her back.

    Say all you want but this is a clear violation of our State and Federal constitution. We are in the process of removing the School Board and the Supervisor over this and over violations.

    We have the evidence and the evidence from the board and Rocky that they have admitted, in prima facie evidence, that they have violated the law. We are in the process of getting all of this in front of the Grand Jury.

  8. Note how the parent’s only concern is that she was not informed; nothing to positive to say about how the school was trying to support a struggling student with resources and professional help, nothing to say about how Ms. Littlejohn has effectively endangered her own child by exposing them to the greater (and apparently very transphobic, according to these comments) community, putting a target on their back.

    By the amount of flak this student is likely to catch from their peers because of this story, the school was right to keep this from their parents; if you’re unwilling to show unconditional love and support for your children regardless of their differences, you shouldn’t have children.

    Her child kept this from her because they were scared. The district isn’t teaching children to make enemies of their parents; their parents are doing that pretty well themselves.

  9. “Gender Ideology Almost Destroyed My Family”

    What do you expect from a farce psychological concept coined by a sexologist back in 1955?

  10. @ Bob……… So Bob, you would be totally ok with the School Staff talking to your 13 Year Daughter or Son about being Transgender and told NOT to tell YOU about it? If so, you should never be a Father.

  11. LCS School Board member Rosanne Wood should resign for doxxing. It should not be tolerated and there should be zero tolerance.

    In Michigan a school employee let a troubled young man go back to class without even checking his backpack. Had the school employee or counselor done their job perhaps there would not have been another tragedy.

    People must be held accountable. Rosanne Wood did something harmful and it should not be tolerated and she should be held accountable.

  12. The fascists don’t want to hear from peasants they deem ignorant.
    They have nullified parental rights in favor of their elite status as arbiters of knowledge.

  13. These comments are proof as to why the school system did what it did.

    And moms nuclear reaction is also validation to that proof.

    Yeef, get a life y’all.

  14. @ Fawn O’Shannigan …….IF you are a real person….. You sound just like a Parent who would prefer others to Raise YOUR Kids so you don’t have to have any responsibility in how they turn out. If ANY Kid ever comes to you for advice, PLEASE tell them to go to someone who cares.

  15. This woman’s overreaction is exactly why the school did what it did.

    And this comment section is exactly why we don’t want ignorant peasants to have any say in how a person’s life should turn out.

  16. About time people are waking up but no one knew this was going on?

    No one knew boys were being allowed in girls bathrooms and locker rooms? This conversation started, what, three years ago?

    Talk to your school-age kids, neices and nephews, and grandkids, and your children with school age children. Better yet, why haven’t you already?

    Next, run for school board!

  17. OK I need to shut up about this but what the School Board allowed to happen just makes me sick. I look at all the adults involved as sexual predators on the Counties precious childern.
    Once a sexual offender starts to prey on children there is really no cure. They should all be convicted and forced to register as sexual offenders for the rest of their sorry lives.

  18. And further more anyone believing the School Boards cock and bull story that they knew nothing about the perversions going in the individual schools the board is legally charged with oversight of is 1. A complete idiot 2. A useful collaborator in the perversion of our childern or 3. Maybe a friend of Rocky’s that went to school with him and in denial of his perversions.
    You know Rocky and the rest of the stooges on the school board knew all about this.

  19. “The guide also noted that children have a legally protected right to keep from their parents information regarding their gender identity and steps taken by the district to affirm that identity.”

    Specifically, what law gives that right and who passed it?

    I hope the Littlejohns win a staggering and punitive award in their lawsuit against the school board. And let’s not forget about the future lawsuits: girls raped in the girls restrooms by boys in skirts (i.e. Loudoun County, VA), confused girls raped in the boys restrooms by boys who are not confused and know she is a girl, etc.

    Where are the feminists? Women are consistently on the short end of this transgender movement. Understanding that there are two genders and understanding those genders is a protection for women and civilization.

  20. Alt-Left activist groups that support the unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle choice of the LGBTQ”P” folks are surreptitiously infecting our children using backdoor (npi) access to the teacher’s and their respective classrooms. These freaks are working diligently to recruit and indoctrinate our children into their warped world of progressive depravity.

    The entirety of the Leon County Fool Board and their Stupidintendant must be voted out before its too late to rescue our children from the damage they are causing them.

  21. I just hope none of our school board members, school faculty + staff, or go along to get along teachers who are promoting this travesty upon our young people are darkening the doors of any of our local churches. There is no place for you animals in the House of God. But there is a special place in Hell for all of you.

  22. There is a nefarious pall hanging over the Leon County School Board. None of the people responsible for this outrage are being held to account. One can only conclude the school board not only condones this sort of poisonous trash, they promote it.

    They are abusing our children for their own political causes, as evidenced by 49% of the students being able to read and cipher at a “satisfactory” level. That’s their own measure…

    Everyone needs to be fired.

  23. My granddaughter found a “rainbow” book in the library at Deer Lake when she was in the 3rd grade & it confused her. Children that age should not be exposed to that stuff.

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