Leon County Sheriff’s Report Analyzes 103 Murders

Leon County Sheriff’s Report Analyzes 103 Murders

A comprehensive report by the Leon County Sheriffs Office tited “Anatomy of a Homicide” reveals characteristics related to 103 murders in Leon County from 2015-2020.

One finding is consistent with national trends related to murders. The report notes that the majority of murders in Leon county during this period took place in predominately Black neighborhoods. These neighborhoods include Griffin Heights, Frenchtown, South City, Bond, Providence, Apalachee Ridge and the Jake Gaither community.

According to national police data, from 2019 to 2020, more than 85% of homicides in nine U.S. cities took place in predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

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  • The majority of homicides are committed with firearms, which in many cases are not legally owned.
  • Black males used firearms in 79 percent of the homicides they committed, compared to white males at 45 percent.  The firearm was not legally owned in at least 35 percent (27 of 78) of the cases where a firearm was used
  • Many homicides are committed in the commission of another crime such as a robbery, drug deal, or theft. Thirty-three (33) percent of homicides were committed in conjunction with another crime (robbery, drug deal, theft, etc.).
  • Victims and offenders are overwhelmingly young Black males. Eighty-one (81) of 108 total victims were Black which is over 4 times greater than the number of white victims (25). This is significantly disproportionate to the racial composition of Leon County which is approximately 61 percent white and 32 percent Black. Only two victims were of other races. 
  • Eighty-six (86) of 125 offenders were Black, while 21 were white. Race was unknown for 18 offenders. Black males represented 67 percent of offenders which is almost five (5) times more than white males.
  • The majority of homicide offenders have previous criminal histories, often violent. Most had committed crimes as juveniles. Eighty-four (84) percent of offenders and 52 percent of victims had previous criminal charges, with 58 percent of offenders and 28 percent of victims having one (1) or more previous charges for a violent crime
  • The majority of homicide offenders have been suspended or expelled from school. Eighty-five (85) percent had been suspended or expelled from school and 52 percent had attended an alternative school of some sort. 


The report provides recommendations based on the findings. The report states that “we must approach this problem by first fully identifying and understanding how violence is impacting Leon County, and then agreeing on how we will remedy the issue together as a community.”

The reports notes that this is not a problem that can be solved by law enforcement alone.

Next steps include:

  • Fully define and understand the problem by improving data collection analysis capabilities. Data is needed to effectively analyze the lifecycle of a homicide case and maintained in multiple systems.
  • Develop a plan to address the problem by designating a working group or committee to lead the effort to develop specific goals and strategies with a timeline for completion. Identify and engage those determined to be most at risk and provide targeted services to the identified individuals.
  • Implement strategies and monitor results through data collection and analysis. Results must be reported and evaluated on a regular basis.

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  1. It’s all related to family structure. If the family doesn’t care, and doesn’t supervise their children, then criminals will for them. It doesn’t have anything to do with race at all. Poor people are poor people, and if you think that only black people are poor then go down highway 20 or Woodville highway or crawfordville highway or miccosukee or well the list goes on. The main difference here is gang mentality. I can say with absolute certainty that if a gang was targeting my child, I would absolutely end that s*** immediately. But, that’s not what’s happening in the black community because their parents aren’t married have never been married and it’s usually the mama working full-time to support her children who don’t see it coming. Black children are taught by the streets that they have no chance and this is the only way. It’s supported by rap stars preaching get rich or die trying type of artist. Ice tea started this s***, andn many rappers have got rich while everyone else died trying. Morgan Freeman said it best, it’s culture not race and he’s 100% right. The funny thing is, and I don’t mean it’s funny, if people would just finish high School and get a four-year degree and some sort of financial, science, well holy s*** any four-year degree they would make more money than they would drug dealing and g****b***** guaranteed. But kids want immediate satisfaction, and that’s where the parents come in, family structure is everything. I would like to say that it’s not like our police department is free to do whatever they need to do to fix it. They are greatly restrained by the people claiming foul and are unable to stop the big dogs from correcting the youth. The more you cry, the more we fall. I think people need to choose one or the other, all black people are targeted and they are all innocent or the murderers, drug dealers, rapist, g****b***** and the rest are not innocent and the police are only trying to do their job. So, which is it? The same goes for rednecks, white people, meth dealers. You Don’t see white people claiming meth dealers are innocent and discriminated against. Hell, ask white grandma and she will tell you and her grandson is a f****** and deserves what he gets. I’m white by the way, and my parents disowned me the first f****** time I f***** up. Hell, when I went to court they didn’t even pay for a lawyer and they had a ton of money. Kids screw up, the community is going to s***, everyone knows that no one’s doing anything about it and the only way someone will be able to do something about it is when we stop pampering everyone.

  2. I really like the ideas posted by “Commonsense” on Dec. 6. It’s clear that poverty and lack of education are contributing factors to crime rates. Requiring some educational achievement for early release sounds like a win-win to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would volunteer to got into the jails and teach GED classes.

  3. “Black males represented 67 percent of offenders which is almost five (5) times more than white males.” ………………….. WHEN will the self proclaimed Black Community Leaders admit that THEY have been WRONG? Wrong that LEO’s are NOT the Problem for all the Blacks in Jail & Prison, that it is the Blacks that is the Problem?

  4. There’s nothing in this report that most of us (including LEO’s) didnt already know, but the fact that 85% of those guilty of homicide were suspended from school and started committing crimes as a juvenile was higher than I would’ve thought. So maybe this report will give the sherriff and TPD enough “cover” to actually address the problem without the worries of the dems cries of racial profiling….after all, when you harvest a crop, you go to the fields where they grow.

  5. “Victims and offenders are overwhelmingly young Black males. Eighty-one (81) of 108 total victims were Black which is over 4 times greater than the number of white victims (25).”

    81 is not more than 4 times 25. I understand the point you’re trying to make, but it’s more effective when the math is correct.

  6. The study indicates a significant number of offenders were High School dropouts. Obvious they don’t care to become educated and possibly learn how to live in a civilized society.

    It might be helpful that during their jail time they would be required to successfully complete their High School education and graduate before being released. The harder they work on their studies the sooner they could be released.

    If they continue to reoffend, they would now stay in lock-up until they complete and obtain a useful college degree or mastered a marketable trade or skill.

    The offenders benefit; society benefits; and, the taxpayers who pay to keep these people locked-up would be getting something for their money.

    Just something to think about.

  7. ~ The report states that “we must approach this problem by first fully identifying and understanding how violence is impacting Leon County, and then agreeing on how we will remedy the issue together as a community.”

    I sure hope there wasn’t a whole lot of taxpayer money spent on this “analysis”, because that’s about the most lame “recommendation” premise I’ve read… and I’ve read a lot.

    Buy me a Blue Moon and a dozen medium wings, and I’ll not only tell you how crime and violence “impacts” Leon… but also how to “remedy” the problem at minimum taxpayer expense.

  8. Yes Dennis, you and others of your ilk, continue to blame the white man for all of the transgressions of the black man. Economics has little to do with the problem. I was raised the poorest of the poor in Tallahassee and yet I was able, with the help of God, to rise above all that to have a great family and career.

    Black preachers are a big part of the problem here. They preach white hatred. They have classes on how to get on welfare and stay on welfare because, “you are deserving because of slavery.” They need to preach abstain from all sin. Live a life pleasing to God. Love thy neighbor. Do no lie, cheat, steal or commit murder.

    But no. These preachers would rather walk arm in arm with Democratic wives to register people to vote. Lets keep those loving Democrats in office so that they can continue to kill thousands of black babies to appease Planned Parenthood.

    To solve a problem you must first identify the problem. What a crying shame to see so many of our young black men shot down in the prime of their youth. Some might have become attorneys, financiers, governors, preachers, firemen, police officers, doctors or just plain good old American citizens.

  9. Why does your “Recommendations” sound like forming yet ANOTHER “Round Table Committee” to sit around and talk about it? Something needs to happen now, not several Months from now, put MORE patrols in the High Crime areas now, you know where they are, then talk with your Deputies and see what they suggest, they know the areas that need more Patrols better than anyone, THEY should be your first “Go To” resources.

  10. Do not trouble yourself.

    As lifelong democrat, I can assure you everything proceeds according to plan.

    Once we have taken care of everyone. Will be socialist utopia.

  11. What is the wealth gap between black and white households in Leon County? I am will I get to bet there is a correlation.

    By the way, no one ever said white people should apologize for the high rate of murders in poor communities; however, if you take disenfranchised people who have been historically and purposely discriminated against and put them in an environment that’s filled with hopelessness due to their conditions, you’re going to find high crime rates. It’s all about economics… And how his system has put them in their current condition. A system that whites have benefited.

  12. Approximately, only 50 percent of children in the Leon County School system perform, academically, at grade level. These statistics reveal some of the fruit of that failure.

    I am not interested in hearing Democrat nonsense solutions such as:
    1. no one should own guns
    2. give the problem a new label
    3. white people should apologize for something or other
    4. we need to spend more money on something or other

  13. Here are some potential strategies to implement to make Society a little bit less deadly:

    Juvenile criminal records should be considered when sentencing adults for crimes.

    Sentencing for juveniles for crimes should be based, in part, on whether the juvenile is currently enrolled in a school and/or employed.

    Penalties for juveniles committing crimes involving guns or physical violence should be doubled and incarceration shall not end because a juvenile becomes an adult.

    Juveniles serving sentences for crimes involving guns or physical violence shall not be housed with juveniles serving sentences for other types of crime and their ability to socialize with other juveniles serving sentences involving guns or physical violence shall be minimalized.

    Parents of juveniles committing crimes should be sentenced at the same time as the juvenile with the same sentence. Any remaing children of these parents shall then be placed with foster families.

    Civil fines and community service should be levied against juveniles and their parents for ALL crimes committed, in addition, if applicable, to any time in prison.

    Do not allow juveniles to have visitors from any relatives or friends while serving their sentences in prison for crimes involving guns or physical violence.

    As long as adults are being executed for crimes, make juveniles and their parents more eligible for execution. Have a parent executed first and require the child to attend.

    Parents who have had a juvenile sentenced for a crime, in addition to serving the same sentence and paying the same civil penalties, shall not be allowed to own a vehicle unless they agree to installing a “specialty tag” identifying them as a parent of a criminal.

    Guns used in crimes shall be traced to where they were obtained and if they are found to have been sold by an entity, without a proper background check of the buyer, that entity shall be held accountable by loss of business licence and substantial civil penalty.

    Raise the legal age to own any gun to 21 but allow young hunters to borrow a gun from their parents as long as said parent or legal guardian accompanies them while hunting.

    Society should not be subjected to the Cruel & Unusual Punishment perpetrated by juveniles with guns and all juveniles should come to realize they are not afforded the rights guaranteed by our Constitution until they reach adulthood without being found guilty of any crimes involving a gun or physical violence as a juvenile.

  14. 35% of our area’s population are black and 79% of the homicides are committed by black males. Fortunately for local law enforcement agency’s the majority of the 79% is B on B murder which leftist media, BLM, and Ben Crump dont give a rat’s @ss about. So it is really not an issue for our elected officials. And the methods to bring the murders under control described in the above article wont help and are not designed or even expected to help.
    What will help is something no one is willing to do which is to properly educate our young Black boys so they have the skill sets to get a job in any field of endeavor other than gang banger drug sales and turf protection.
    Can you say Rocky Hanna’s fault?

  15. Stop rewarding welfare Queens and fatherless homes. Make them take accountability for themselves and the fathers need to step up and be held accountable.

    The local pastors need to step-up and stop facilitating, enabling, and bowing to the Democratic Party. The local pastors need to step off the plantation and stop the promoting of Democratic Party candidates and start preaching the word of God and keep politics out of their churches.

    And the local sheriff needs to stop giving taxpayer dollars to his campaign manager, Sean Pittman, under the guise of a lobbying contract.

    Problem solved.

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