Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs December 14, 2021

Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs December 14, 2021

Listed is a summary of the topics covered at the December 14, 2021 Leon County School Board meeting.

— Camden Bailey, 9th grade, received the Everhart Super Star award for his activities as a special Olympian.

— Superintendent Rocky Hannah recognized Earline Preston for her 50 years of service for Leon County Schools. Preston has worked in Nutrition Services her entire career.

— The School Board approved the purchase of 28.75 acres located at Thomasville Road, adjacent to Chiles High School. The purchase amount totals $950,000.

— The Board approved the negotiations with Allstate Construction, Inc., for the Hartsfield Elementary School cafeteria replacement project. The estimated construction budget for the project is $3.3 million.

— The Board authorized the beginning of discussions for a contract with Rippee Construction, Inc., for a remodeling/renovations project to buildings at Griffin Middle School. The estimated costs for the renovations are $1.6 million.

— Hoy+Stark Architects was approved to perform the Castaldi Analysis for the cafeteria project at Hartsfield Elementary School. The Florida Department of Education requires the analysis to determine if demolishing a building and replacing it with new is justifiable.

— An amendment was made to the contract with JRA Architects, Inc., to provide additional services to the Leon High School roof construction project in the amount of $37,218. With the amendment, the new estimated cost for the renovations totals $78,591.

— The Board approved contract negotiations with MLD Architects, LLC, for a roof replacement project at the Sealey and W.T. Moore Elementary Schools. The estimated costs for the project totals $3.8 million.

— The Board approved the School Hardening Grant for $506,444. The grant will be used to enhance school safety and security. A school official explained the funds would specifically be used for two security stations, one at Rickerds High School and one at Chiles High School. Additionally, he said the majority of the funds would be used to incorporate cloud storage to better keep camera footage, even if there is a problem with the local server.

6 Responses to "Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs December 14, 2021"

  1. It should not be long until the Leon County School Board pleads with BluePrint for funding for ALL of the athletic fields and facilities at every local school.

    I am not kidding.

    We are led by idiotic grifters.

  2. $3.3 Million to Replace / Remodel the Hartsfield Elementary School Cafeteria seems a bit high don’t you think? What is the Castaldi Analysis?

    Pretty good price, what are your plans for the 28.75 acres?

  3. So… basically… the two primary takeaways from the December 14, 2021 Leon County Fool Board meeting are:

    1. Lots of tax dollars are being spent paying off campaign contributors to slap some paint and duct tape on poorly constructed school buildings.

    2. Attending Rickerds High School and/or Chiles High School… is a high level safety and security risk.

    … gotta love the corrupt and dangerous Public Indoctrination System

  4. How can the Hartsfield cafeteria get both funding for a replacement analysis and the funding to replace it in the the same meeting? Seems like they are getting the cart in front of the horse on that one.

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