Tallahassee Hit by Two Shootings, Two Deaths in Less than 12 Hours

Tallahassee Hit by Two Shootings, Two Deaths in Less than 12 Hours

In a span of less than 12 hours, two separate shooting incidents in Tallahassee on Thursday evening and Friday night has resulted in two deaths. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) and the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) are investigating the unrelated shootings.

The first shooting happened Thursday, January 6, 2022, around 5 p.m. at Circle K near the intersection of Bannerman and Thomasville Road.

According to LCSO, an altercation between two drivers led to a vehicle collision, followed by a shooting, leaving one person dead and the other taken into custody.

The LCSO says it is too early in the investigation to know how the altercation began or where. It is an ongoing investigation, and the LCSO has yet to identify either person involved.

The second shooting occurred around 2:30 a.m. on January 7, 2022, at the GVO nightclub located at 809 Railroad Avenue and is being investigated by the TPD.

One man has died due to the shooting, and two others were treated at the hospital for serious injuries. Currently, no information on the victim has been released by TPD, and according to Heather Merritt, a TPD spokesperson, no arrests have been made.

This is not the first time the GVO nightclub has been in the headlines. In April 2021, there was an incident that left one man seriously injured after a shooting at the club. According to local statistics, there have been four shootings resulting in three deaths, only seven days into the new year.

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  1. @Hope Bill Cotterell was a left leaning reporter prior to Trump being elected. Often however, prior to Trump, Bill could bang out a decent article around 1/2 the time.
    Unfortunately yelling at the sky for the 4 years of Trump totally damaged Bill’s brain and as a result Bill has flipped so far left to now be just an annoying irrelevant old whiner. I wonder if the media is even still paying the crazy old coot.

  2. Legal carry for everyone who is not a felon should could have saved the dead man’s life. At least he would have had an opportunity to defend himself. And the shooter may not even have escalated it if he knew his victim may fire back.

  3. Would the Tallahassee Democrat please send Bill Cotterell to “Insurrection” detox so someone over there at the Mullet Wrapper will report on relevant news such as the shooting on the North Side.

    Also, how can it be called an Insurrection if there has never been an legitimate investigation by a legitimate law enforcement agency? A kangaroo court held by Nutty Nancy Pelosi is not a legitimate investigation… It is a Witch Hunt.

    I agree with Mr Wright, he is right, an act of kindness goes a long way and everyone should enact one daily.

    Again, not investing in infrastructure and law enforcement and diverting it to a stadium will have devastating consequences for taxpayers. We have just seen our first casualties… “May God have mercy on their souls for they know not what they do”.

    What commissioners, city and county, will come forward and realize their tragic error and change their vote so that no local tax money is diverted to the upkeep of a stadium at a state school? Who are the humanitarians and who are the self-serving miscreants… Soon we will know.

  4. Is there a reason there has been no update on the Bannerman Rd shooting? Has the person arrested or the victim been identified?

  5. A lot of angry people around Tallahassee. I agree with Stephen’ premise, but not sure that will even help these days. People are cocked and ready to blow at any indication (perceived or real) of a disagreement with whatever frustration they may feel or position they may have on any given issue. It’s easy to dismiss it as coming from a partisan perspective, but you simply can’t ignore the reality… it’s a direct result of progressive ideology and socialist policies. And as correctly TG notes, it’s driving Tallahassee closer and closer to the likes of Chicago, Atlanta, LA, et al…

    Perhaps stripping people of their dignity, self-reliance, accountability, responsibilities, and self-worth isn’t such a good idea after all. Using the hard-working taxpayer’s money to pay people not to work and not to succeed by their own merits… teaching hated for others (CRT), paying their rent and utility bills… causing them to have no hope for themselves or concern for the life of others. It’s a recipe for disaster, and all part of the progressives and globalists plan to destroy our Republic.

    Stay alert, watch your six, remain aware of your surroundings… and arm yourself for defense of you, your family, your property, and our Great Nation.

    May God Bless and Protect us all.

  6. Nobody here, unless your LEO, knows what happened. Claiming it’s premeditated because we know at least one weapon was involved isn’t how it works. One things for sure, this city is quickly becoming a mini Atlanta or Chicago, even if this didn’t happen on the south side. I will say this, if you find yourself in a shoot out without a weapon, it probably won’t end well for you. Stay safe out there.

  7. I live in Indian Head Acres, we’re on a hill, FAMU sits on the opposite hill to our west. I have always enjoyed being able to hear the drum line and the Marching 100 during football season.
    Those wonderful sounds I have enjoyed for years are now drowned out by the low frequency boom of 1000 watt car stereo’s interlaced with the foulest language you have ever heard. This happens every weekend, and the south side turns into the OK Corral. The only time the booming stops is when the shooting starts, and then we’ll get a few minutes of respite.

    This is 100% the fault of the city commissioners. They are derelict in their duty and need to be replaced with competent managers of our resources. They’re all just as corrupt as they can be.

  8. Right on Sidney! The Sheriff and Police Chief has totally abdicated their responsibility for traffic safety. You need look no further than the streets around Cobb and Kate Sullivan schools as parents drop off and pick up their children. The parents have no compunction about stopping in the middle of the street while their children enter or exit their vehicles into moving traffic. The schools have drop off and pick up points that will lessen the danger but no where in sight is there a deputy or police officer to direct cars to the pickup /drop off points. It would appear that the presence of a motorcycle office and the sight of the occasional flashing blue light would solve the problem and be a significant enhancement to the safety of the children but emails to the sheriff, TPD and the school superintendent go unanswered.

  9. @ Snidely,

    Yes, you are exactly correct as elected leaders should expend funds for law enforcement and infrastructure.

    But, our current leaders believe it is more important for:

    – Sheriff McNeil to spend $100,000 tax dollars on Sean Pittman, his campaign manager, for a lobbying contract (cough, cough).

    Give millions to J T Burnette on a hotel boondoggle that went into foreclosure.

    – Misusing City resources to paint controversial racist messages on our streets.

    – Spend funds on junkets to Sandestin and Amelia Island (to promote their re-election campaigns).

    – Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of funds on a Children’s Services Council (CSC) that has yet to render $0.01 to help a child.

    – Give $1000000 to the former mayor’s boyfriend for a restaurant

    – Misuse City resources so the mayor can (mis)use WCOT for his campaign re-election commercials.

    – Payouts for lawsuits and settlements for the City Manager’s nepotism, racism, illegal firings/promotions, and paying employees to spy on City Commissioners.

    -Misusing infrastructure funds to pay for maintenance of a football stadium.

    People die when elected officials misuse tax dollars for their special interests rather than investing in law enforcement and infrastructure.

  10. Interesting: likely the shooting on the Southside may have been B on B which is nothing new and nobody wants to talk about it. So I’ll also talk about the north side too.
    Likely related to the north side shooting is, I’ve noticed from south of Chiles High School to just south of I 10 on Thomasville RD, the typical drivers are very aggressive and tend to speed 20+ MPH over the 45MPH speed limit. The local Police Chief and Sheriff turn a blind eye to the speeding and aggressive driving. Same thing from the flyover all the way out to Southwood on Capital Circle.

    Seems the north side shooting may have had it’s triggering roots in road rage as a result of unchecked speeding and unchecked blatant aggressive driving.

    Hello Sheriff McNeil and Police Chief Revell can we get some basic traffic enforcement in these areas????

  11. The shooter will undoubtedly claim self defense, especially if “lawyered up.” After all, dead men can tell no tales. It might actually be self defense. HWho knows.
    Hopefully, there will be some good, reliable eye witnesses. And, those are very hard to come by, as these incidents transpire very quickly. It’s usually all over before people realize what is happening. Even jerks can be victims of crimes. It’s a very sad situation.

  12. After researching I figured out who the deceased was in the road rage incident and apparently he’s had issues with anger before(2014) He seems to be the aggressor in this one and the one who ultimately lose their life. He was pretty high up at his occupation also.
    I’ll be interested in what this investigation comes up with though.

  13. A Skeptic – Amen to your comments…. And to think this happened on the elite side of town is really a eye opener when it comes to crime in Tallahassee you think?

  14. About the Road Rage Shooting………. at this point it does not mater who is at Fault in the Car Wreck……. if the shooting was done out of anger and not for protection then, reaching for the Gun should be considered “Premeditated” as, that person KNEW they were going to shoot someone when they reached for the Gun.

  15. I understand “heat of the moment”, but whatever happened to expressing your displeasure with a hand gesture, cursing a bit, and moving on with your life?

    One dead, and another living in a 6×8 room for the rest of his life at taxpayer expense….

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