Leon County Sheriff’s Office Seeking Help in Northeast Shooting

Leon County Sheriff’s Office Seeking Help in Northeast Shooting

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office has issued a press release requesting the public’s help in a shooting investigation related to the incident that occurred at the intersection of Thomasvlle Road and Bannerman Road on January 6th.

The release, shown below, states that 53-year-old John Kuczwanski died as a result of the shooting.

The release also notes that one person was taken into custody and has since been released. No charges have been filed, but the investigation continues.

Tallahassee Reports recently reported on the incident.

15 Responses to "Leon County Sheriff’s Office Seeking Help in Northeast Shooting"

  1. You won’t hear anything until a grand jury meets and returns a ” no true ” bill, the shooter in the Prius ( victim), will NOT be named under Marsey’s law, but will leak no doubt. Mrs. Kuczwanski will be vilified and treated like crap for losing a loved one, albeit her comments on social media, started the s*** show. btw WIRED420, you’re full of s***, if you were behind this man what State is his tag “numbnut”, get a life……..people stop driving like “ROID” enraged covid victims, and slow the f*** down, we have lost all compassion for fellow man because we have to wave our own social or political or racial flag….jeepers

  2. I think the victim probably tried that road rage thing he had done years earlier and somebody didn’t put up with it. IMHO.

  3. The sheriff is incompetent. This is why we have Wild-West gun battles in family neighborhoods. It’s why Leon County is the crime capital of Florida. It’s why gangs use Leon County as a stopping area and staging area. This town has no idea how many violent crimes take place here every day. The law enforcement agencies do not report many serious crimes. The local paper is totally worthless; it’s a rag, a mullet wrapper, a we’re-woke-and-now-we’re-broke irrelevant sticky note of a paper. Horrible

  4. While its true our Leon/Tally voter base elects liberals to run the show these child voters deserve better than that. Even though they are stewing in a stink pot of their own making. Situations like this bring the error or our child minded voters errors in voting to the forefront. Thats why the comments seem abysmal to local mindless lock step “D” down the ballot line all the time voters.

  5. Is the silence from the Sheriff’s Department due to incompetence regarding the sheriff or do they have nothing?

    Deep Six is correct regarding getting help from Walt McNeil they tell you to “go pound sand” I can back that up.

    Is this a random road rage, is this a political cover up, did they know each other, were there previous altercations between them, there is just so much that should be available and nothing.

    What is the driving record for each involved?

    Any truth to wired420’s statement?

    Was this a political, personal hit job?

    I think they should call in FDLE because I think Walt McNeil it’s too busy running his re-election campaign.

  6. the comments are abysmal. a man has died and no one has been charged for it because they can’t find them, and all you folks worried about are taking cheap shots at libs. why is liberalism being brought up when that has nothing to do with this crime?
    Grow Up.

  7. I am wondering if anyone should believe any comment made by someone who uses drug culture slang as their pseudo name? OR why even use a name with connotations of drug use? IE: “wired420”

  8. From the meager info so far and a few commentaries on the internet, it sounds like a case of “Stand Your Ground”. The driver of the BMW ramming the Prious in the parking lot , AND firing the initial shot at it’s driver apparently did not anticipate an armed occupant, ready , willing and able to defend himself…………….and THAT is exactly why one should always have a plan “B” in todays world of the un known !

  9. It must pain liberals (and more so, liberal police officers) when they have a justified shooting on their hands. Don’t worry though, they will look high and low for anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who is willing to say a crime was committed. The State Attorney will keep looking at all angles. The sheriff’s office will leave no stone un-turned until a sufficient crime can be found! Anything to advance the gun control narrative so rife in the NextDoor app comments.

  10. The Leon County Sheriff’s department won’t give us the tiniest detail about a violent crime other than to say someone was shot and killed and we aren’t going telling you anything else because we don’t have to. Now they want our help.

    When I want help the Sheriff deputies tell me to go pound sand, they can’t do anything about window rattling noise at 3 a.m.

    Our sheriff can suck it…

  11. You know from the time of day it happened lots of people witnessed the road rage confrontation on Thomasville RD. Some may have it recorded on their cars cameras or phones too.
    Woke culture pushback is likely keeping folks from coming forward to assist Sheriff McNeil’s request. What if one of the participants is of a woke culture favored race or sexual pronoun preference? Sheriff these witnesses have families and lives to lead and dont need the harassment from the woke culture you and your fellow elected woke @ss liberal nannies have been promoting.
    That being said good luck investigating and resolving the issues about the incident.

  12. That guy in the Prius swerves back and forth to block people and purposely slows down and speeds up. I’ve personally seen him fishing for confrontations before. Been stuck behind him doing 15mph on bull headley before well.

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