An Arrest Made in the GVO Nightclub Shooting

An Arrest Made in the GVO Nightclub Shooting

The Tallahassee Police Department recently announced an arrest was made related to the fatal shooting at the GVO nightclub located at 809 Railroad Avenue on January 7.

The TPD reported that Dequan Blount, 25, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. A court document stated the shooting occurred after a verbal altercation that turned physical and ultimately ended in a shooting that killed local rapper Antonio Zamora, age 29.

The report stated Zamora was leaving the nightclub when he became involved in an argument between Blount and a second suspect, Jordan Brown. At one point, Zamora pushed Blount down, and that is when Brown began firing at him.

Blount then pulled a gun from his pocket, accidentally shooting himself in the leg before turning the gun on Zamora and firing several times.

According to surveillance footage, this is when an unidentified third party began firing a weapon, hitting Brown in the chest and Blount in the leg.

Both Brown and Blount fled the scene, eventually stopping on College Avenue to call emergency services for their injuries. An officer reported observing both persons having “gunshot wounds and both were covered in blood.”

Additionally, one of the officers who responded to the emergency call noticed a Springfield 9mm handgun on the floor near the driver’s seat of one of their cars. The firearm is consistent with shell casings found at the scene.

According to TPD, Blount was booked in the Leon County Jail on January 7, and the investigation remains ongoing.

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  1. Our politicians and law enforcement officials are unwilling to face the issues head on and in public. They know the real problem sources and will discuss them in private but not in an open forum for fear of being labelled. Just keep kicking it down the road. And it is getting worse. Many of the perpetrators are toked up on drugs all day and night. Many of them carry firearms obtained legally as they are so easy to acquire.

  2. If the ATM says “Quest” the EBT card holder gets 2 free withdrawals per month. After 2, there is a service charge. Google it. How else can they buy beer and cigarettes???

  3. I hope you are incorrect in saying that one can use an EBT card at the ATM to withdraw cash. It is for food only, otherwise it’s useless and abusive to a family It is intended to help.

  4. All the clues that show where most of our crime problems come from are obvious to the most casual observer…..just read the Leon County Booking Report and Gadsden County Court Calendar. I’ll bet a dollar the Perp makes bail, the trial doesn’t occur for about 5 years and in 2 1/2 years, the Perp will be arrested again, have bond revoked and maybe be re-released. I’ll do you one better, the bill for the Perp’s legal fees (Public Defender) will be about $100.00 with the balance paid by the honest working tax payer. You couldn’t get a Will made for less than $500.00! Have you had enough of this crap yet? I have.

    And don’t even get me started on the blatant Food Stamp abuse everyone knows, including Florida Department of Children and Families, is going on. EBT cards are opening being sold/bought for $0.50 on the dollar. Did you know that you can get cash from an ATM with a EBT card? Couples just shack up instead of getting married so one partner will qualify for an EBT card. I’d love a $1000.00 tax free each month.

  5. OK I’m pretty sure non of our elected nannies read TR so its safe to say this:
    With our local gang bangers shooting themselves in the leg while trying to blast each other how long is it going to be before our nannies determine firearms training is no longer just something rich white folk can have and start sending the gangsters out to Talon for firearms training at taxpayer expense?

  6. I remember when folks in Tallahassee used to say that nothing good happens after midnight. Then it went to “after 10pm”. Now it’s after it gets dark. Soon it will be “nothing good happens in Tallahassee.

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