Leon County Schools Proposed LGBTQ+ Guide Lists 41 “Necessary” Terms

Leon County Schools Proposed LGBTQ+ Guide Lists 41 “Necessary” Terms

The Leon County School Board is in the process of amending the LGBTQ+ Guide. Tallahassee Reports has recently written about a workshop that addressed the “Guide” and the proposed list of frequently asked questions.

Listed below is a glossary of 41 LGBTQ+ related terms that is described as “necessary to become familiar with the terminology that is commonly associated with the LGBTQ+ community.”

The glossary provides terms and definitions that are to be used in communicating with grades K-2 and grades 3-12.

For example, for grades K-2 gay is defined as “a woman who has romantic feelings for another woman; or a man who has romantic feelings for another man.”

For grades 3-12, gay is defined as “a term that can apply to either to men or women who are physically and emotionally attracted to persons of the same sex.”

See the full glossary below.

18 Responses to "Leon County Schools Proposed LGBTQ+ Guide Lists 41 “Necessary” Terms"

  1. The Socratic Method of teaching has MUCH more relevance to the classroom than does this #%&*. I agree with Snidley Whiplash. This teaching ONLY has a place in the HOME!

  2. Outrageous!! Parents are to blame if they allow this garbage to be taught to their children. Wake up, people – its your money that pays these people and your vote will remove them but not soon enough.

  3. Kids aren’t thinking SEX until maybe 8th Grade and even then, let THEM determine how they want to learn about the LGBTQ.

  4. this is absolutely sad…
    its sad for the kids these, elected officials, are doing real legitimate mental damage/confusions to.
    Its sad for the parents who disagree with this garbage but may not have other schooling options available to them.
    I’m absolutely certain we’re going to see real negative societal consequences in response to this. The, elected officials, don’t care, they’re absolutely not doing this because they feel this is in the childs best interest, this is done for personal (school board career) advancement, these losers wont be around in 20-30 years to have to deal with the societal damage they caused.
    LCSB has been deteriorating for years now, not just in these social areas, look at the “educational” performance. the Leon county voters have to be capable of seeing the outcome here and vote this human garbage out. Vote every LCSB official out!

  5. When sexual identity comes to preoccupy a person and a culture, then we know we have reached the event horizon – we’re doomed

  6. Children k.through.5 do not care or are interested in forming a romantic relationship with another person. Why is this necessary at this young age?

  7. “mommy, what is a romantic feeling?”.

    I’d jerk my kid outta the Leon County public school system so fast it would make their empty pumpkin heads spin off the top of their weaselly little necks before they could call me a terrorist… What a bunch of insane bull excrement.

  8. Terms necessary to become familiar with to understand how the voters view this guide:


  9. They left out the definition of “Straight” Does LCSB not recognize a boy who thinks he is a boy and a girl who thinks she is a girl. All Board Members should choose one of their definitions and add to their name tag for all Board meetings. VOTE THESE FOOLS OUT!

  10. Great stuff for the parents to teach their kids if they should choose to and when they may choose to.
    But for the school to be cramming this down kids throats???? Oh #ell no.

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