Leon County School Teachers Encouraged to Make Classrooms More LGBTQ+ Friendly

Leon County School Teachers  Encouraged to Make Classrooms More LGBTQ+ Friendly

If the “Leon County School Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Support Guide ” (Guide) is approved as currently written, teachers will be encouraged to make their classrooms “more LGBTQ+ friendly.”

The Guide provides seven examples (listed below) of how to make the classroom more friendly for LGBTQ+ students.

These examples include posting pride flags in the classroom, using proper pronouns, integrating positive portrayals of LGBTQ+ people in the curriculum, and implementing “culturally responsive teaching” strategies in the classroom.

It appears that individual teachers will decide what LGBTQ+ friendly actions to take in their classroom.

The Guide is currently being reviewed by the Leon County School Board.

Tallahassee Reports has previously written about how the Guide addresses gender identity.


31 Responses to "Leon County School Teachers Encouraged to Make Classrooms More LGBTQ+ Friendly"

  1. This is a great step forward in providing a nuturing environment where our children feel safe at school.
    Other commenters are allowing their own biases and prejudices to cloud their judgment. Kids these days get it, they are open minded and accepting of others’ differences. Why others think this is a bad thing, I just don’t understand.

  2. If you responded to the suggestion made by Anonymous, be careful. Your email may become public information. Personstobeheard is one of the first items on the School Board agenda. Leonschools.net is the official email address for the Board. Your comments and email address may be presented at the next Board meeting.

  3. This is truly disgusting! Always somewhere trying to shove this crap on us by some means and NO my kids will NOT attend LCS, I will home school. Teachers are already bad enough with their Flags, things they say and how they are treating some students. Can’t trust Teachers anymore as it is! Now this to be added? Vote NO to Rocky Hannah and to hell with LCS

  4. We need to pray and return to Christian values. May God bless our kids and grandchildren. I hope to live long enough to see this destruction end. We need to stand up and stop this movement in our country. I do not want my great-grandchildren to be called “Thaby” instead of Baby. We need to start with our School System. Take your children out of the LCS.

  5. Don’t know word in English, but seems like kind of gay where adult have sex interest in children.

    Maybe better to teach child don’t take candy from stranger, or be alone with teacher.

  6. Or just make sexuality irrelevant to education. No need to be socially hostile or offensive or supportive of sex when teaching math.

  7. I am with TONY, I am getting so sick of all this LGBTQ Crap being shoved on us, It is a Sexual Preference in your Biological Make Up just like being STRAIGHT is in MY Biological Make Up.

  8. Does #3 apply equally to teachers? If so, an enterprising substitute should adopt the name “Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords” or, if they’re not religiously inclined, “Don’t vote for Rocky Hanna.”

  9. My favorite is number three. The neighbor’s kid goes to Rickards, I’m gonna tell him to make them call him “king shit daddy”. Or, “Your Majesty”.

    I paid my property taxes last week, and none of this malarky makes me want to ever do it again. More than a third of it goes to the failing school system. I’ll move to Jeff County where they don’t spend a dime on it!

  10. Until we vote in conservatives, we will still see this caca in our schools. Unfortunately, the majority of Leon County voters are mindless illiberals. Therefore, the solution is to homeschool or find a decent private school. That is harder and harder to do.
    Even traditional ”Catholic” schools are becoming woke.

    And you see this crap in so called Catholic universities which, in the 1967 Land O’ Lakes Declaration, stated that they do not have to follow and adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

    I am so glad that my children got their educations during a time when they were actually taught what they needed to GE e the taught. And while I am sad that I do not have grandchildren to love and spoil, I am relieved in a sense that I don’t have to worry about their education.

    Finally, I am pissed t he at my tax dollars go to this shit and there isn’t anything I can do about it.

  11. Isn’t it ironic how the LGBTQ claim they “just want to be treated like everyone else” while they stand behind a group whose very name proclaims that they’re not even like each other?

  12. These are not topics or issues that should be addressed in the classroom or in a school setting at all. These are things that should be addressed by parents at home. Because of instances like this, more parents will seek at home schooling which will increase the mental health issues in the state.

  13. Edward Lyle nails it on the head. This is ALL about gaining political support to become more powerful and thus have more control.
    How it started: “We just want to marry the person we love no matter the gender”. How it’s going: “You WILL address as we tell you to, you WILL accommodate our preferred gender whenever we decide, you WILL be influenced by our culture until it is YOUR culture”.

  14. This is not something students should be teaching or celebrating in schools. If people want to learn about this, let it be taught at home. This has gone too far.

  15. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians

    If they don’t care what God thinks or care that they offend Him, there is no reason to expect them to care what we think or care if they offend us.

  16. #1 = How about the Straight People? Can we wear items that tell the LGBTQ People that We are STRAIGHT?

    #2 = WHY?

    #3 = Not a problem.

    #4 = Never assume that they are Gay? If they introduce themselves and say they prefer these Pronouns, Guess what, I wont HAVE to assume.

    #5 = If two people are having a conversation and one says “oh, that’s so gay” to the other, I will NOT be interjecting myself in their conversation. If someone is pushing someone around just because that someone is Gay then, I will do something.

    #6 = I am NOT going to go out of my way to talk about LGBTQ. I have never ONCE heard a Teacher express that a Person we are learning about that he or she was STRAIGHT so why should they go out of their way to say if that person was GAY?

    #7 = If being Straight doesn’t need to be implemented in the Lesson Plan than neither should anything that is LGBTQ.

    This will soon blow up in your face if you don’t stop shoving it down every ones throats. The LGBTQ will soon have more enemies then ever before if this keeps up.

  17. I know TR’s commenter base is for the most part conservative so where are the majority voters who elect our liberal leaders going to leave comments regarding their joy that LCSB is finally teaching alternative sex to their kids?
    Surely there is joy and celebration from our majority who reliably vote in leftists time and time again at their anticipation of Junior announcing he’s comming out and proud of his same sex relationship. What about these parents joy knowing their minor daughter is in a committed sexual relationship with a same sex individual?
    Surely there must be tens of thousands of local left voting parents jumping for joy and sharing their glee in an online format.
    If anyone finds out where our local parents are publicly posting their LGBTQ/CHILDERN indoctrination joy please share that web address!!!
    I’ll wait.

  18. This suggestions in this “draft” would not have been published, if even thought of, and certainly immediately quashed had some queer individual brought it up to any school board member when I was either a student (in the 40s and 50s) or a parent of school age students (in the 60s thru the 80s).
    That this is a topic of discussion today is regrettable and shows, just a little, how immoral our society is becoming. Much of the responsibility for this can be placed at the feet of all of us adults for allowing “experts” to take control of our public school systems beginning with the creation of a federal Department of Education.
    “Expert knowledge is limited knowledge and unlimited ignorance of the common man who knows only what hurts is a safer guide.” Sir Winston Churchill
    I agree that if I had children or grand children of school age today they would be home schooled or in private school. Moral parents have lost the chance to depend on or even pretend that public schools are reliable enough to educate the children of today.

  19. It’s beyond reprehensible. The Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Group make up a very small percentage of the whole. But they must recruit and build their demented base in order to gain more political power and influence. They are indeed targeting our children and exploiting their young and impressionable minds by using the Public Indoctrination System to do it. This is criminal and immoral… and there’s just no getting around that fact.

    The entire Leon County Fool Board and their Stupidintendant must be removed before they do any further harm to our children.

  20. Where were these Teachers 5 Years ago? Teaching LGBTQ Crap wasn’t even a thought 5 Years ago. Between ALL the TV Shows and now Commercials, the Kids already KNOW about LGBTQ and don’t need it crammed down their throats at School. So what happened with the Teachers NOW being OK with teaching the LGBTQ and CRT to the Kids and Toddlers NOW? They are becoming the Enemy.

  21. The students of Leon County are going to get exactly what their stupid parents voted for. Everything this School Board does is symbolic of their own personal deficiencies and void of any substance that is of any use to the student. They blast out their virtue at every possible opportunity out of an abject fear of the real truth getting out… and that is the fact that they care more about their own stations in life than your kids.

    If you send your children to a Leon County School, you are a fool and an abusive parent.

  22. Remember the days when we simply told our kids to not bully other kids? The PC/Virtue signaling being authored by the Leon County School Board is why: A) you should remove your kids and go private, charter, virtual, or home school….there are plenty of options; B) elect a new school board and that requires a concerted effort and money. It can be done (it happened in Colorado when parents ran as a group and won multiple seats).

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