Tallahassee Civil Rights Lawyer Ben Crump Supports City Commission Candidate Adner Marcelin

Tallahassee Civil Rights Lawyer Ben Crump Supports City Commission Candidate Adner Marcelin

Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer who has represented the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd, has donated the maximum contribution of $1,000 to the city commissioner campaign of Adner Marcelin.

Just four years ago, Crump’s law firm made an in-kind contribution of $250.00 to Marcelin’s rival and current city commissioner, Dianne Williams-Cox.

Marcelin, who previously worked for Crump for over a decade, had received two checks in December 2021 from Crump, according to Leon County campaign finance records.

Marcelin, age 34, made strong statements in December when he filed to run against current Tallahassee City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox. He said this is not personal and noted that he has a problem with some of Williams-Cox’s votes.

“She vowed to fight the status quo, but when you look at her voting record, (she) voted yes to give $20 million to Florida State University, voted yes to militarize our local police department. I honestly feel that her voting record is with the status quo,” said Marcelin.

To date, Marceline has only raised $4,100 for his campaign in contrast with the $35,000 that Williams-Cox has raised. Additionally, Williams-Cox’s campaign has spent $14,855, including a little more than $10,000 in advertising with Lamar Media and $700 on a website.

In contrast, Marcelin’s campaign has only spent $5.00.

While working with Crump, Marceline, a former NAACP president, worked alongside the families of Trayvon Martin and George Floyd, and he has openly said that his primary focus, should he win seat 5, is public safety and policing.

21 Responses to "Tallahassee Civil Rights Lawyer Ben Crump Supports City Commission Candidate Adner Marcelin"

  1. @ Capt,

    “for conservatives that is actually a good thing”
    Nice try, but no sale.
    How do you spell P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E?

  2. Dianne is an obvious crook and a very arrogant woman. Not only will Abner most likely win, for conservatives that is actually a good thing

  3. Ben Crump fans the flames of racism and does not advocate to follow the law or be respectful to law enforcement officers.

    He has officially tainted the Time Magazine 100 most influential people in the US award.

    Crump is a greedy ambulance chaser only interested in monetary gain for himself and not the lives of the black men that he pretends concerns.

    Crump gives Tallahassee a bad name. Crump misinterprets Martin Luther King’s message… Crump focuses on the color of the skin not the content of the character.

  4. IF, and that is a big “if”, Americans were following the ideas and words of MLK, that is “judging all men by their actions and character not their skin color”, we would most likely not know the names, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd.
    We might would possibly not know what the initials NAACP stood for or Ben Crump?

  5. So, he worked alongside the families of Trayvon Martin and George Floyd, doing what, covering up their Arrest Records? And in Floyd’s case, ALSO covering up how EVIL he was? I believe that Floyd did NOT go to Heaven by the way.

  6. Crump strikes me as the kind of guy looking for Fame and Fortune by fanning the flames of Racism. Just like Allen Sharpton, he depends on racism, and the accusation of racism, to make a living in the world. IMO, Crump lacks the charisma to be anything else.

  7. Ben Crump claims to be a civil rights attorney but only takes cases he thinks he can settle cause he can get more money out of a settlement than through the court. Anyone who associates with him I automatically assume to be a bad person.

  8. Adner Marcelin is a very intelligent, hard-working, community spirited leader who gives of his time without seeking personal gain. I’m confident he would have everyone’s best interest in mind and would work diligently for a better Tallahassee. I’m very pleased he’s running because he’s exactly the sort of person you want looking out for all the people of Tallahassee.

  9. I voted for Trump, but it looks like I’m also going to have to vote for Dianne Williams Cox and Jeremy Matlow. Thats an epic level of evil if those two are the lessors in the list…WOW.

  10. Well, of course, he endorses him. Ol’ Adner works as an office administrator for Ben. Maybe someone should see if Adner gets bonuses for the good administrative work that he uses for the campaign, But that’s neither here nor there.

    There is a long write-up about him on a site called http://www.newleaderscouncil.org. NLC bills itself as an organization that has as its objective “recruiting emerging leaders from outside of the traditional power structures, engaging them on both local and national levels, and equipping them to be civic leaders – not only for elective office but also in their communities and workplaces.” The focus is on “progressive leaders.” That’s just what we need, a replica of embarrassments like Mayors Gillum and Marx, and that epitome of progressive “community organizers”, Pres. Obama. Wake up, Tallahassee. Let’s not go more deeply into the swamp. But, in all fairness, the alternative doesn’t look so good, either.

  11. Being against the 20 million dollar Blueprint stadium giveaway, but associated with Ben Crump, pretty much cancels him out.

    I guess you can say he canceled himself out.

  12. Everyone is over anaylising the obvious here. Let me break it down for your edification:
    An old player relatively new to the rock star spotlight as the “premier race hustler in America” has the right to expect certian “favors” from lowly local politicians when he blesses them with his time and money.
    Its clear Williams-Cox just did not provide the level of adoration a rock star hustler/player in America’s race business has the right to expect.
    Plus Williams-Cox went off the plantation with her vote for that small insignificant [to America’s premier race hustler] university FSU, voted her heart in regards to funding Police, and most likely was a disappointment in the love, adoration, and favors she bestowed on “the rock star”.
    Who are you all gonna vote for?

  13. I knew Diane back in the days before “Williams” became “William-Cox”. She was always nice enough, but I didn’t care much for her apparent politics. But they do seem mainstream when compared to Crump and anyone that he would move his support toward.

    I encourage everyone to perform their own due diligence before entering the voting booth. It seems more important than it has in a long time….

  14. Yet another good reason why I have not asked anyone for Contributions to my Campaign. All of it so far has come out of MY Pocket. I’m for the PEOPLE of Leon County. A Vote for ME, is a Vote for YOU. David T. Hawkins, Candidate for Leon County Commissioner District 5. http://www.Hawkins2022.com

  15. Great, another progressive running for a Seat on the City Commission. Another anti law enforcement Commissioner is exactly what we DON’T need. He will not recognize our crime problem, because I’m sure he supports the criminals. His NAACP history will certainly help the racial divide in this City. Lol. LA, NY, Portland here we come. If the choice in that race, are these two, someone needs to jump in who actually wants to improve lives in this City.

  16. Voters, please pay attention to the public supporters of the candidates and the public endorsements that the candidates receive.

    Marceline says his primary focus is public safety and policing. To me, that would mean strong support for law enforcement.

    However, Marceline’s supporter, Ben Crump, has a problem with Williams-Cox voting to “militarize our local police department”.

    So, Ben Crump seems to think that Marceline’s focus on policing will be more in line with the “Defund the Police” crowd.

    The supporters/endorsers clarify the candidates’ positions.

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