Burnette’s Request to Remain Out of Prison Denied

Burnette’s Request to Remain Out of Prison Denied

Federal Judge Jill Pryor of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals denied J.T. Burnette’s request to remain out of federal prison pending his appeal of a guilty verdict on corruption charges.

The decision was first reported by the Tallahassee Democrat.

Due to his involvement with Scott Maddox – who plead guilty to charges related to a bribery scheme – Burnette was convicted in August 2021 on five counts, including one count of extortion, two counts of honest services mail fraud, one count of violating the Travel Act, and lying to the FBI.

Burnette was sentenced to three years of federal prison and fined $1.25 million by Federal Judge Robert Hinkle. Around the same time, Hinkle also denied a request by Burnette to remain out of prison pending an appeal. Judge Hinkle said the month-long trial was “full and fair,” and “the evidence on the five counts of conviction was overwhelming.”

Hinkle did, however, extend Burnette’s deadline to report to prison from January 9 to January 23, 2022. Subsequently, another motion was filed by Burnette’s lawyers seeking to keep him out of prison during an appeal of the verdict. Pryor denied the motion.

According to the report, Burnette is expected to serve his sentence at the minimum-security federal prison in Montgomery, Alabama, located on Maxwell Air Force Base.

6 Responses to "Burnette’s Request to Remain Out of Prison Denied"

  1. The FBI investigation was fake from the start. The objective began as a DNC protection plan for Gillum who was on Hillary’s short list for VP and considered by the liberal press to be an up and coming leftist politician who would toe the line politically and also was envisioned as a factor in keeping the black voters from straying from the Democratic plantation.
    Later of course Gillum failed to win the race for Florida Govornor and then effectively removed himself from political life for reasons we do not need to go into.
    At this point the FBI is knee deep in an investigation which was really never an investigation at all and wanting real bad to find an honorable looking way out. They were kind of forced to prosecute somebody at this stage. So you see this was never a real investigation in the first place and Maddox and the other two would still be in business is the FBI had not been called in to protect Gillum.
    SSSssss don’t tell anyone about this…we are supposed to believe the investigation was legit.
    Thank you.

  2. P.S.

    The fact that State Attorney Willie Meggs/Jack Campbell did not call for an investigation of the CRA Board regarding DoubleTree funds to JT Burnette or ask for an investigation is unconscionable and shows a dereliction of duty and makes him a co-conspirator himself.

    Any candidate running against any members of the CRA board involved in this fraud and Jack Campbell should capitalize on this corruption to get them out of office.

  3. The people (CRA) who gave out the money for the Doubletree Hotel are equally as guilty and I don’t know why they have not received any admonishments, removed from their position, and charged criminally for fraud.

    Their names should be on a billboard, and news publications until Justice deals with them also. It takes a village (of idiots) and this is what we have.

    I also don’t know how Gary Yordon and Waste Pro have not been dealt with through the justice system.

    Why not the Supervisors of Elections who allowed Scott Maddox to even be on the commission? Everyone knew his home was in the county and he was ineligible to be a City Commissioner.

    It’s not fair that only three people are held accountable but the village of idiots face no consequences or accountability.

  4. @ Dennis thank you for the fascinating information.
    I hope the Pro Shop is stocked by a high end vendor such as Edwin Watts. Anything less would be cruel and unusual punishment.

  5. Notable alums of the Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery, as it is called are: Jesse Jackson, Jr., son civil rights icon Jesse Jackson; former Attorney General John Mitchell, Former Enron Exec Jeff Skilling; and Charles Kushner, father of Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Donald Trump. A grad that made good is Charles Colson who turned his conviction and time at this federal prison into a great Christian prison ministry. The online Admissions and Orientation Handbook covers everything Mr. Burnett will need to know, however, there is no mention of how to book a tee-time.

  6. Maybe he should have requested to be tried in Gadsden County where almost all violent criminals are released on bond for years pending trial. And when the time comes, they usually get the minimum sentence.

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