Leon Schools Removes LGBTQ+ Guide From Meeting Agenda

Leon Schools Removes LGBTQ+ Guide From Meeting Agenda

The Leon County School Board (LCSB) discussed the Leon County LGBTQ+ Support Guide during the Monday evening LCSB agenda review on January 24, 2022.

Though it has been around since 2015, the LGBTQ+ guide has been a controversial document since 2021. This is due to a lawsuit filed by the Littlejohn family against the LCSB for allegedly not contacting them about a support plan for their child initiated by school staff. Since then, the guide has been under review and modification.

At Monday’s meeting, Leon County School Board member Alva Striplin started the conversation by explaining she pulled the LGBTQ+ guide item from the agenda for the Tuesday evening school board meeting.

“My biggest concern is my right as a parent. I would want to know if my child asked to change their pronouns in school,” Striplin said.

She further stated her other concern is what is asked of teachers, “we ask them to educate, to be health care surrogates, and now deal with mental health issues.” Striplin asserted that student guidance counselors should be handling these matters. If a child should present an issue to a teacher, the teacher should direct the student to the guidance counselor.

She suggested that the LGTBQ+ guide be pulled indefinitely, at least until the Florida legislative session is over. After the session is completed, Striplin said we need to have “a significant deep dive” into the document.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna agreed with Striplin, as did most of the other Board members, about having guidance counselors, rather than teachers, work with students and parents through these matters.

However, Hanna differed from Striplin in that he wants to have the guide completed and published for administrators and teachers, sooner rather than later. “We can strike things if we want, but we need to have a guide,” Hannah said. He elaborated on removing an entire section regarding teachers’ actions in classrooms as an example.

The superintendent voiced his exasperation about what speculations are circulating concerning how the schools are handling these situations. “I hate how divisive this has become, Hanna said. “These are not things we are teaching in our classes. These are issues that children are coming from home and talking to our teachers about.”

Board member Roseanne Wood feels strongly about protecting the students’ rights too. She expressed the need to ensure that if a student isn’t ready to talk with their parents about the issue, the counselor or teacher should take no action with a support plan. However, if the student wishes to create a support plan, the counselor will contact the parents. Although she too agreed with Striplin to table the guide, for the time being, she also suggested having student input “so that we can get it right,” Wood said.

As the conversation came to a close, School Board Chair Darryl Jones reminded the Board of the importance of having parent and student input, as the document may impact them directly.

Hanna consented that the guide will be shelved until the legislative session is finished. Then they will form a committee, obtain student, parent, and employee input, and create a new draft of the LGBTQ+ guide.

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  1. TR seems to have a strange obsession with gay teenagers. Leave these folks alone and investigate what these crooked Chamber and developer interests are getting away on your watch

  2. Very well said, Hope!

    TR, if you don’t take down “Blip”‘s comment and enforce decency standards, your comment section will become a cesspool.

  3. @ Blip,

    I think it is lead, not led…

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all… When you revert to profanity you are only exposing that you are unable to express your opinions in an intelligent manner.

    So, until you graduate from kindergarten and learn some basic rules please comment somewhere else. You are embarrassing yourself.

  4. TR – Are there no rules against foul mouthed comments such as those from “Blip”? Are there no decency standards anywhere anymore?

  5. Why is it just guys who want to be a girl, and even compete against girls in sports? Where are all the girls demanding to pee in a urinal and compete against guys in sports? Is it no longer about “equality”, or do girls just pay closer attention in biology class?

    “Two wrongs don’t make a right, and two men can’t make a baby”

    … on THIS… the Science is Settled

  6. Missing in TRs stories is: What’s being taught NOW and allowed to happen:
    -is LGBTetc bring discussrd in pre-K, K, elementary, middle, and high school and, if so, how much?
    -are biological boys allowed in girls’ restrooms and locker rooms including showers?


  7. Bible says there are two unforgivable sins. To turn back on God and to harm child.

    They were first in line for jab.

    You do math.

  8. @Concerned:
    A lot of people watching – what you just so well have historically laid out for our better understanding – have opined that an end game desired result of the supporters is legalized pedophilia.
    Yeah it’s the time to take this stuff seriously and while we can’t stop the world we still can stop it here.

  9. How it started: “We just want to get married”. How it’s going: “You will address us by our preferred pronouns, you will eliminate anything we deem a microaggression, you will teach an LGBTQXYZ friendly curriculum, you will provide a safe space for these students, you will not report a child’s desire to transition to their parents, you will allow a kid to enter whatever bathroom that aligns with how they wish to identify, you will take classes in D-I-E to become more sensitive in our ways, you will give preferential hiring to someone who IDs as LGBTQ, you will change signs, and titles, and eliminate certain words from our language (and completely butcher others wrt grammar) in order to make us feel good.” Did I miss anything?

  10. Wood has already published identifying information targeting minors in an attempt to identify them with malicious intent, which is unconscionable and she should have resigned immediately.

    Now she is a Wackadoodle and off the rails.

    I don’t know why the people in her District are not in an uproar and demanding her resignation. Do people not realize that she has control over their children?

  11. It’s time to go back to the ways of 1985 Teachings. Teach the Basics and the Advance Courses and that’s it. Everyone already knows what LGBTQ is, hell, it’s in every third Commercial on TV, it’s in MANY of the Sitcoms on TV, the Million Dollar Listing Shows have at least TWO Gay Guys on them and the Home Renovation Shows have One or Two Gay Guys on them and it seems that every Third House is being renovated for a Gay Couple. It is shoved in our Faces at every turn, you can’t get away from it if you tried. The LGBTQ is such a SMALL percentage of the population and yet, look at all their Demands.

  12. Striplin is on the right track

    Stupidintendant Hanna is way off base

    Wood is foolish, a known liar, and incompetent

    Your job is NOT to feed, cloth, or indoctrinate and recruit children into your warped ideology or unhealth and unnatural lifestyle preference. Teach them how to Read, Write, and do Arithmetic… and toss in some science-based biology and true historical civics while you’re at it.


  13. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to protect our phony baloney Jobs… Harumph harumph. I didn’t get a harumph from that guy.”

  14. This is nothing but a head fake to all you voters who are kind of on the fence about your elected LCSB Nannies ramming the whole LGBTect… thing down your offsprings throats.
    Or if you have no beloved youngsters of your own still in the school system…look at it this way: “with your property tax dollars”. A lot of locals disapprove of their tax dollars being used in such ways.
    That being said…and a big “However” added in so you local voters will totally understand…once you local leftist voters re-elect these Nannies…BOOM…the entire LGBTect agenda will be back with a vengeance.

    For the slow readers out there:
    They are backing off at this time because they know for a 100% fact you local normally leftist right down the line voters WILL NOT re-elect them if they keep ramming this LGBTect… agenda down our local children’s throats … until AFTER y’all re-elect them that is…who ya gonna vote for?

  15. I guess according to Hanna, the schools are rampant with gay children with so many questions about being gay that the teachers are overwhelmed to the point where they can’t teach the basics needed to function in society. Roseanne Wood, bless her heart, wants more control over the kids and less parental power in the classroom and curriculum.

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