LCS Meeting Briefs January 25th, 2022

LCS Meeting Briefs January 25th, 2022

Listed below are notes from the January 25th Leon County School Board meeting.
Rutledge Eciencia reported to the Leon County School Board regarding the current legislative session. The Board was updated on the budget, reapportionment, the newly proposed progress monitoring system, and the parental rights bill. The Board will be updated again as the legislative session continues and will wrap up around March 11, 2022.
The Board approved the advertisement of revisions to Policy 5780-Student/Parent Rights. The proposed policy revisions promote parental involvement in the public school system. Moreover, the Parents Bill of Rights public hearing is scheduled for March 8, 2022.
The LSCB approved the final contract for the Red Hills Academy Charter School. Red Hills hopes to open its doors in fall 2022. The Board initially denied the academy’s application in March 2021. The school filed an appeal with the Florida Department of Education Charter School Appeal Commission (CSAC), and a hearing was held in August and September 2021. Finally, in October 2021, the State Board of Education accepted the recommendation of the CSAC to approve the application.
The Board approved a civil settlement of $92,500. The settlement is with Christopher Asencio and resulted from an accident in 2017 when a maintenance vehicle sideswiped Mr. Asencio’s vehicle.
The School Board approved the Professional Architectural Consulting Services Contract with MLD Architects, LLC for $231,255. The contract is for a roof replacement for Sealey and W.T. Moore Elementary Schools.
An agreement was approved for Lively Technical College to continue the Lively Paratransit Instructional Program (LPIP). The program provides in-depth automotive-related training and instruction in a safe learning environment, resulting in industry-recognized certifications. LCSB will receive a total of $342,186 to provide these services.
The LCSB approved assembling a committee to revise the LBGTQ+ guide for the district. The revisions will include input from employees, students, and parents. The draft will be brought back to the Board for discussion at a later date.

8 Responses to "LCS Meeting Briefs January 25th, 2022"

  1. Hope, thank you for your comments and giving us hope that people will wake up and vote these folks out. We need some conservatives to step up and run for these offices. Add the Sheriff and Supt. to your list.

  2. Breaking News!!

    Two more shootings near Stadium where City and County Commissioners illegally misusing infrastructure funds needed for law enforcement to protect citizens are being diverted to the stadium for repairs

    County Commissioner Nick Maddox and Mayor John Dailey would rather fortify their re-election campaigns with the town and gown crowd to garner contributions than protect the citizens they took an oath to serve. Vote them out!

  3. @ Thomas…

    And don’t forget the CSC (Children’s Services Council) whereby the only thing they have accomplished (and a misuse of tax dollars again)…giving $120,000 a year to a former Gillum campaign staffer.

    How messed up is that!

  4. Breaking News!

    Another teenager dead and the second murder in 24 hours in the same area only blocks away from where City and County Commissioners voted to illegally divert Infrastructure Funds to a stadium instead of investing in the part of the community that needs it most….

    Vote the Commissioners and MAYOR out who voted for this illegal misuse of taxpayer dollars. They are thinking more about their re-election campaigns than the citizens they took an oath to serve.

    May God have mercy on their souls.

  5. If I were guessing, it would be that he waited to file a lawsuit, maybe trying to work it out without one, or maybe because he needed some time to find out how permanent the damages might be and therefore what he was actually owed.

  6. One: Why did it take 5 Years to settle Mr. Asencio’s Case?

    Two: The program provides in-depth automotive-related training and instruction at Lively. Will they be bringing back Auto Body repair? I hope so.

    Three: Back when I was in School, the Parents were allowed to come in and sit in the Classes their Kids were in. Last I heard, that was no longer allowed, maybe THAT should come back.

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