Alva Striplin Files for Re-Election, Faces Challenger in School Board Race

Alva Striplin Files for Re-Election, Faces Challenger in School Board Race

Current Leon County School Board member Alva Swafford Striplin filed on February 1 to run for re-election for Leon County School Board District Seat 1. Striplin first won the seat in 2014 and was subsequently re-elected in 2018.

Striplin told Tallahassee Reports, “Now more than ever, our community needs a voice on the Leon County School Board who will advocate for parents, students and teachers. As a mother of six and former classroom teacher, I will continue to be that voice, ensuring the very best education for all of our children.”

Anthony DeMarco is currently the only challenger in the race for School Board District Seat 1. He filed to run on Jun 23, 2021 and has reported raising $1,210 with 28 donations.

TR has reached out to DeMarco and will include his statement when it is received.

9 Responses to "Alva Striplin Files for Re-Election, Faces Challenger in School Board Race"

  1. She is the only member that stood up for our kids during the mask debate. You might not agree with her on everything but she stood her ground against mask mandate.

  2. I propose we add “None of the Above” to our voting choice in all races. Then you have 90 days to put forth other choices and vote. If NOTA wins again, we go again… and so one until the right people are in place. No one said Democracy should be easy.

  3. Good luck with that, Alva. While she may do the right thing occasionally, occasionally isn’t enough. If the choice is between Alva and that DeMarco cat, luck may be on her side.
    We need a school board that is squarely focused on teaching kids to think critically and read and cipher at a high level. And that means all of them, not 48%! Everything else is superfluous.

    Take a good look at that picture of the School Board Steve always uses, have you ever seen a bigger collective of dunces in your life? Me either. They gotta go…

  4. I have sat through countless LCSB meetings and I too have listened in to Mr. DeMarco’s comments at these meetings. He would speak as a parent to a high risk/autoimmune compromised child. Do not confuse Mr. DeMarco’s passion as threatening. He has echoed several of my concerns as a parent while several others stood by idling. I voted for the current school superintendent and one of the current board members and our board caved in to threats by our Governor to defund whereas board members throughout the state stood their ground. Our school board did not do enough.

  5. I’m ok with new faces and new ideas – in fact, I would welcome it! I’m NOT ok with Anthony DeMarco. If you haven’t done so, please review some of his comments on the Safe Return to School Facebook page as well as comments he’s made on the FB Live school board meetings. He’s made numerous (very) negative comments and some pretty scary statements/threats towards our current leaders. We need him as far away from LCS as possible.

  6. It’s truly amazing how anyone who isn’t in line with DeSantis or Trump is constantly “too left” or “Marxists’. Alva has had a good run but she’s too seated with Tallahassee politics. We need fresh ideas and Alva is simply out of touch.

  7. Yes – DeMarco is left of Stalin. Striplin has taken a strong stance for parents lately, so while not ideal for most readers here, she is much preferable.

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