December Unemployment Rate Down to 3.4%

December Unemployment Rate Down to 3.4%

The latest jobs report shows that there were 151,375 people working in Leon County in December, which is 912 less than last month’s revised employment number.

The December unemployment rate came in at 3.4%, down from the 3.5% reported last month. One year ago, the December 2020 unemployment rate was 3.5%. In December, 2019 the unemployment rate was 2.6%.

Due to the COVID pandemic, 2020 job comparisons are not as meaningful as comparisons to 2019 job data. Therefore, the Leon County Jobs Report, provided below, includes 2019 data.

The number of people working in December 2021 was 573 less than those working in December 2019, but is 8,006 more than in December 2020.

The December 2021 labor force – those looking for jobs – came in at 156,765 which was 824 greater than the number reported in December 2019.

The chart below shows the monthly level of jobs in Leon County over the last 37 months with a 12-month average trend line. The highlighted numbers relate to employment levels for the month of December back to 2018.

6 Responses to "December Unemployment Rate Down to 3.4%"

  1. TR should also be tracking the total number of people indicating they are still in the labor force. A number used to determine the unemployment rate.

    That is if people just give up looking for a job and indicate such to the survey person, the total number of people in the labor force goes down, and if all else remains the same, the unemployment voila’ goes down, and Brandon looks good without doing anything.

    Come on TR!

  2. Why Work? A large portion of our community has found a niche living on welfare. Until working creates a better life than welfare, people are not going to work.

  3. Half the counties population isnt in the labor force! Less people working, GDP is steadily down, we have the highest tax rate in the state, and the highest crime rate. Are we headed the Detroit route?

  4. When you think about it, Leon County has 202,829 Registered Voters, if a Fifth of them are elderly and or unable to work, that leaves 162,263 people able to work so, 151,375 people working is pretty good. That leaves just 10,888 people that we need to help find a Job.

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