Leon County Commission to Establish Committee on the Status of Men and Boys

Leon County Commission to Establish Committee on the Status of Men and Boys

The Leon County Commissioners unanimously approved the creation of a committee on the Status of Men and Boys as requested by Sheriff Walt McNeil during a previous meeting in December 2021.

In the December county meeting, McNeil presented a report – Anatomy of a Homicide Project – which analyzed murders in Leon County between the years 2015 and 2020. As a result of the information, McNeil recommended establishing a committee, the Status of Men and Boys. McNeil has subsequently presented to the Tallahassee City Commission and the Leon County School Board, requesting their participation.

The Commission on the Status of Men and Boys will be tasked with developing a plan with specific goals and recommendations to “address the disparities and challenges that men and boys experience concerning violence, criminal justice, education, employment, health, and other relevant factors.”

The Board voted to have the county staff prepare an agenda item for the March 8, 2022 meeting to establish the committee. The discussion between the commissioners leaned heavily toward pursuing the sheriff’s proposed structure. The Commission on the Status of Men and Boys will be organized into three functional components: a leadership council, an executive steering committee, and seven subcommittees to address specific focus areas. Also, an executive director would be appointed to manage the committee.

The estimated total cost for personnel and operations is roughly $150,000 to $200,000. McNeil is requesting $70,000 from each participating entity. There will likely be five entities, including the county commission, the city commission, the school board, and other private/public partners. Additionally, the committee would be staffed by and housed within the LCSO.

Both Commissioners Nick Maddox and Kristin Dozier made it clear they want to support the program without any hesitation, even if it requires the county to foot the bill for the entire venture.

One concern brought up by Commissioner Brain Welch is that the committee structure proposed by the sheriff may be too large to be effective. He stated the last thing needed is another large “bureaucratic entity.” Welch suggested that it may be better to consider a smaller committee that may be more manageable.

During the upcoming meeting in March, the Board will consider new or additional details regarding the expected personnel and operating costs and budget amendments.

13 Responses to "Leon County Commission to Establish Committee on the Status of Men and Boys"

  1. Crime statistics (and common sense) show that every young man needs a positive male role model. Unfortunately our one-size-fits-all education system is crippled by political correctness and will never be able to provide the firm guidance they need to shape their world view. For the same reason I don’t think any government program can be effective. Scouting and church is about the best thing for a boy that doesn’t have a father in the home.

    The best thing we could do is allow mothers to choose a school that provides what boys and young men need. The current education system is destroying our country…

  2. Follow the money… Hmmm… Sean Pittman, Andrew Gillum, Nick Maddox, R B Holmes….???

    Let’s hope the City Commission, the School Board, and even the County Commission will see through this and not give this ridiculous bureaucratic nonsense one red cent. Brian Welch is right, but should have voted no!

  3. As long as the “Gangsta Lifestyle” is glamorized by our society we gonna have want-a-be gangstas cuz not everyone can be a pro athlete and the military is not dope. So what else ya gonna do?

  4. More money for the Gatekeepers is all. Crime will continue to increase.

    You cannot solve a problem you’re unwilling to name.

  5. The Taxpayer doesn’t need a “study” or a “czar” to determine why crime continues in our area. Say what you want, but the reason black people disproportionately fill our Country’s prisons is they disproportionately commit more crime. And I believe a recent local study proved it. So turn on Notorious B.I.G.’s “Life After Death” album and dive into why crime is so prevalent in the black community.

  6. Maybe they can get the money planned on Wally’s throne room. He spent 50k on moving his office to the 3rd floor displacing several detective units, because he didn’t want to interact with department members and the public.
    His contractor was a former deputy who was arrested and fired for kicking and hitting juveniles in handcuffs.
    There’s your next story tallahassee reports.

  7. And the worst thing is the County Commission is giving Sheriff McNeil $200,000 to perpetuate this useless bureaucratic farce with the stamp of approval by county commissioners Nick Maddox and Kristin Dozier.

    Let’s follow the money to see how Sheriff McNeil (mis)uses this $200,000 and diverts it to his campaign manager. I have no doubt that this is what will happen. Sean Pittman is already salivating…

  8. Ahh the committee, task force, appointment of a “Czar” trick. As I’ve brought to the gentle readers attention in prior comments it’s the old leftist trick of spending lots of taxpayer money to put on a front of appearing concerned and doing something about a perceived problem of concern to your leftist voter base.
    End results are always the same in that nothing is accomplished to reduce or mitigate the problem other than the spending of massive amounts of taxpayer money. However this old trick is enough for your leftist voter base to love and support you because of the appearance that you care. Results do not matter to the leftist voter base because they are motivated by their feelings not results, logic, or truth.

    These darn leftist politicians have really got it easy in predominantly leftist voter base regions. It works every time.

    Meanwhile conservatives are pulling their hair out in trying to figure out why they try and try but never ever get elected in areas such as Leon/Tallahassee. Well I just told you why. It’s all about the voter’s feelings. Logic and results are not even a consideration to the majority voter base in the Leon/Tallahassee area.

  9. Lord have mercy on this man’s Soul if Sheriff Walt McNeil doesn’t know by now and is kicking the can down the road by forming another useless committee… he has no clue.

    Sheriff McNeil needs to resign immediately for his actions and inactions in relationship to serving on The Board of the Boys & Girls Club and the Nick Maddox sexual harassment complaint.

    Nick Maddox should have never been allowed to serve as CEO of the Boys & Girls Club and Sheriff McNeil allows this? He put the Boys & Girls Club In Harm’s Way.

    There was an incident in our neighborhood where there was a contractors worker not working in a safe manner that had the potential to cause great harm. The sheriffs department was called and the little twit on the line said they don’t handle those things.

    Sheriff McNeil is causing great harm to this community he must resign immediately

  10. There are to many Committees being formed and filled with people who have no idea what they are doing. Stop with the Committees and Studies. Arrest the Criminals and Punish them accordingly to the Law. Stiffer Punishments for Repeat & Violent Offenders and USE the 10-20-Life Law but for ALL Weapons, not just Guns. The more Criminals behind Bars, the fewer Victims there will be. Keep Leon County Safe.

  11. While the idea behind this committee seems noble at first I don’t think another bureaucracy with no less than 8 sub-committees is going to change much in Leon county. Wasn’t the new children’s services commission supposed to address the issues stated here? By the way if there is a committee for Men and Boys you can bet there will have to be one for Women and Girls and LGBTQi+* in the push for equity.

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