Report: City Commissioner Matlow’s Restaurant in Negotiations with FSU Football Player for NIL Deal

Report: City Commissioner Matlow’s Restaurant in Negotiations with FSU Football Player for NIL Deal

Gaines Street Pies, a pizza restaurant owned by City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow, is in negotiations with an FSU offensive lineman to sign a name, image and likeness (NIL) deal. first reported the negotiations.

“We worked with Dillan Gibbons and his organization Big Man, Big Heart, providing food for his event with the Boys and Girls Club over the holidays, and the event went really well,” general manager Bobby Harty said. “After that, the Gibbons family reached out looking for a spot to continue their traditional pizza night for the offensive linemen and we were happy to accommodate them.”

Gibbons, who is an offensive lineman transfer from Notre Dame, made national news when he started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help his friend travel to the FSU v. Notre Dame game last year.

NIL Process

The Florida law related to the NIL places restrictions on who can be involved with negotiations. At this time, universities in Florida are not allowed to be a part any talks with businesses and players.

However, a bill titled Intercollegiate Athlete Compensation was recently filed in the state Senate by Travis Hutson, a Republican from northeast Florida. The bill would allow college representatives to be included in the NIL process.

The Senate bill has companion legislation in the House which was filed by Rep. Chip LaMarca, a Republican from Broward County late last year.

12 Responses to "Report: City Commissioner Matlow’s Restaurant in Negotiations with FSU Football Player for NIL Deal"

  1. It is short-sighted to solely beat-up on Matlow when his opponent, a physician, is pro-abortion.

    Also, Loranne Ausley pretends to be an advocate for children yet is pro-abortion and looks the other way when infrastructure dollars needed to maintain the public safety and public water looks the other way when the money is going for stadium seats. She was against the “Taj Mahal”… but FOR infrastructure dollars going to stadium seats? The hypocrisy is mind-numbing.

    Ditto Allison Tant running on advocating for children yet money goes for stadium seats taken away from our law enforcement and water that is vital for the health safety and welfare of our children.

    Nick Maddox and Mayor Dailey should win the elected officials lncompetence of the Year Awards, nationwide. Mayor Dailey states that he went to FSU and he met his wife at FSU, therefore that is his sole reason he is for giving money, meant for infrastructure, for stadium seats. No fiduciary, fiscal responsibility or any other thought process went into his decision other than he went to FSU. Of course he forgot to mention the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that will be diverted into his re-election campaign, which is really the only reason he and Maddox are doing this.

    Out of all the miscreants Matlow has made some decisions Pro-Humanity such as not voting for The CSC and not giving millions of dollars to stadium seats. So please, if you’re going to beat up on one include them all.

    I am for the stadium, everyone loves FSU, it is a beloved treasure in our community, but when you divert funds away from the community, law enforcement, and water — the stadium will be sitting in a lake of sewer water that will contaminate our drinking water and forever taint Tallahassee, be detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of our children and public-at-large. You may as well re-name the stadium the Toilet Bowl. And Mayor Dailey and Nick Maddox can take that to the bank.

  2. Matlow and the other leftists on the commission are practicing the most vile and despicable LGBTQ+++ discrimination possible by being pro choice. Just where the #ell do they think future ranks of the LGBTQ+++ community are going to come from if not from the wombs of women?

    God only knows how many millions upon millions…nay Billions upon Billions of LGBTQ+++ folks have been slaughtered on the name of their beloved pro choice.
    Your elected Nannies are pure evil.

  3. @ Barb…

    “I have no reason to believe that Matlow’s opponent would misuse the Office to engage in abortion activism like he did (two of the five current commissioners did not and they are not pro-life).”

    The opponent is a physician who takes an oath to do no harm and yet is pro-abortion. The semantics don’t make the opponent any better, in fact being a physician, I would think it worse.

    I do agree with you that it was wrong to use their office to promote their pro-abortion views. And you are right it is an immoral and political corruption on both parts.

  4. @Hope

    I have no reason to believe that Matlow’s opponent would misuse the Office to engage in abortion activism like he did (two of the five current commissioners did not and they are not pro-life).

    Matlow’s misuse of his Office to advance abortion is corruption so I don’t believe he is the key to cleaning up corruption.

    I’m not trying to convey my convictions, I’m trying to at least say something in defense of those who can’t say or do anything to defend themselves.

    In my eyes, Matlow is just another leftist bully. He should stick to making pizza.

  5. @ Barb….
    Matlow wants to search for a new city manager and that is key to ending the corruption. The corruption has always manipulated the city managers.

    I have hope that one day Matlow will be pro-life. His opponent is not pro-life.

    I certainly don’t agree with everything Matlow and Porter stand for either.

    Matlow to his credit was also against the CSC. He is willing to listen to the conservatives and sometimes agree with them.

    It is commendable that you have strong convictions for pro-life. And keep letting it be known.

  6. Matlow misused his public office to engage in abortion activism. I will not vote for him. Pre-born Lives Matter.

    And yes, Edward, he does make funding decisions with our money that may involve FSU.

  7. @ Ed…Good point…
    Actually he voted no on the infrastructure funds going to the stadium.

    There may be conflicts down the road, but I say kudos to all involved on this one.

  8. So… no one sees the obvious conflict here except me? Doesn’t Matlow make funding decisions with our money that may involve FSU?

  9. @ Hope: They are good, I stop at the one on C.C. across from the Prison. I just wish they used smaller Pepperoni and put more on it. I get a Medium Thin Pepperoni and they use big Pepperoni.

  10. I always heard that Gaines Street pies are delicious!

    You have to respect a responsible successful business owner and I believe it gives Commissioner Matlow another perspective that is beneficial to the citizens he took an oath to serve.

    This sounds like good news for everyone involved. Very refreshing to hear!

  11. Not sure what is trying to be said here……. Is Gaines Street Pies trying to Sign Dillan Gibbons to be a Spokes Person like Proctor Honda did with Couch Bobby Bowden?

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