LCS Meeting Briefs February 22nd, 2022

LCS Meeting Briefs February 22nd, 2022

Listed below are notes from the February 22nd Leon County School Board meeting.
Superintendent Rocky Hanna recognized the Chiles High School Cheerleader Team for competing in the State Championship and placing second.
The Board heard a report on the district’s financial audits. Some of the highlights were; “the general funds assigned and unassigned balances totaled 14.2% of total revenue, suggesting the district is in good shape financially.”

The district received a CARES Act Grant for $17 million. The grant was used to cover such things as payroll expenses. The district’s $10 million expenditure in Chrome Books has been paid off.

Also, the long-term debt has been reduced to approximately $137 million, which is a reduction in debt of roughly $104 million. It was noted that if the district continues operating as they are, it will be debt-free by FY 2027-2028.
The Board approved the advertisement of revisions to Policy 2430 – District-Sponsored Clubs and Activities. The changes include language to inform parents of the nature and purpose of their child’s school’s curricular and extra-curricular clubs and activities.
The Board approved the advertisement of amendments to Policy 2605 – Research and Evaluation. The changes include a parent’s right to opt out of any District-level data collection relating to their minor child that is not required by law.
The LCSB approved the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Leon County Schools and the Leon Educational Staff Professional Association. The MOU concerns the need to compensate staff members fairly and consistently.

The agreement states the district may increase the hourly pay rate for the affected individual(s) up to 10%. The actual percentage of the increase shall be at the district’s discretion. It shall consider evaluating the impact of additional duties and the individual’s volume of work.
The Board approved the MOU between Leon County Schools and the Leon Educational Staff Professional Association, which involves the State of Florida bonus money for VPK support staff in the School Readiness and Childcare Facilities. The State of Florida has released the 2nd round of bonus money for VPK, School Readiness, and Childcare Facilities support staff. It is indicated that the bonus will be awarded to all staff that work in VPK classrooms.
The Board approved additional professional services at Leon High School for buildings 3 and 7 Roof Project, for $29,866.00. JRA Architects, Inc will provide the services.
The English Language Arts (ELA) committee recommended adopting new instructional materials, Savvas Florida MyView Literacy, for K-5, and StudySync by McGraw-Hill Florida, for grades 6-12. The Board approved the material, which was included in the budget and cost $3.9 million.
The LCSB approved a five-year contract renewal for the Governors Charter Academy from July 2022 through June 2027.
The Board approved an MOU between the LCSB and Second Harvest of the Big Bend for the Hope 24/7 Grocery Locker Program. The pilot program will start at Sabal Palm Elementary School, identified as a food desert, and will increase accessible healthy foods to the community.

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  1. Hmmmm
    So what you’re saying is that the kids should be hungry because the parents are irresponsible? That assumes that only irresponsible people have money problems. Obviously, you have never tried to teach (hungry) kids. Sounds like the school is trying to help. More people should do the same.

  2. DTH, the federal laws, state laws & state constitution is an intentionally tangled, corrupt mess when it comes to privacy. OT1H, “every natural person [including children, students of any age] has a natural right to be let alone and free from government intrusion” (the phrasing comes from an article published 1890 December 15 in Harvard Law Review, vol4 #5 pp193-200, by Louis Brandeis & Samuel Warren, and they seemed to be primarily concerned with people taking photos of others to use to make a buck, and the concepts go back at least to an 1854 case, Jefferys v. Boosey & a British case, Prince Albert v. Strange, an 1818 case, Gee v. Pritchard about intellectual property; and probably best summed up by Alan F. Westin 1967 in his book Privacy and Freedom and in an article 2008 July 11).

    Senators Samuel Ervin and James Buckley drafted laws that were signed and went into effect 1975 January 1… but were eviscerated by later congress-critters & corrupt judges tying themselves in knots to avoid enforce them. (Non-sense like: Yes, that is a subject government agency forbidden to do this, but the principal/university president as a government official & operative is officially immune from prosecution of the law that explicitly only restricts government agencies & agents. And then: Yes, they cannot demand a Socialist Insecurity Number. But once, by hook or crook, they have gotten one, it is OK for teachers, principals, administrators, superintendents to violate the privacy of students & parents in an unlimited multitude of ways if, by some stretch of imagination, they might have been motivated by an educational interest, in addition to an attack of power-madness.) Ervin’s law, the Privacy Act was explicitly aimed at all government agencies, federal, state & local. Buckley’s FERPA also called the “Buckley Amendment” was aimed at all educational operatives, both government and non-government.

    But here’s some not very surprising news. The Obummer-BiteMe-Harass regime Secretary of Brain-Washing Miguel Cardona is using funds robbed from tax-victims for funding racist critical theory, “gender critical theory”, socialist emotional learning, social identity theory, critical theory, socialist war against justice, oppositional riot theory, and intersectionality brain-washing in “public” “schools” as part of their “worsen racism now”, “destroy the USA faster” core agenda.

  3. That $17 million from the CARES Act grant, some was used for “payroll expenses” Did that include salary for board members?

  4. “The changes include a parent’s right to opt out of any District-level data collection relating to their minor child that is not required by law.” ……………….. WHY would you be collecting Data on a Minor Child that is not required by law?

  5. $17-million in “payroll expenses” ? … that’s begging for an audit. I thought they were suppose to fix A/C systems with those funds.

    Why are schools feeding the kids? – in some cases breakfast, lunch, and diner – even during summer break)… is that not the parents’ responsibility. How many entities and how much in tax dollars are going toward feeding the children of irresponsible parents? The school system, Big Bend, The CRC… and they are not “food deserts”… they are communities in which grocery retailers do not want to operate due to massive financial losses due to theft.

    We will never find a solution until we are willing to face the reality of the problem.

  6. What’s missing?
    I’m glad you asked because I’m going to tell you.
    Woke political leftist flavored subject matter along with perverse sexual and racial indoctrination of your precious kids and grandchildren that’s what’s missing. So read the above LCS Meeting Briefs again.
    That citizens is what the meetings should have looked like all along.
    Should we praise Rocky and crew for a great meeting? Yes you should if you are a compliant typical Leon/Tally voter who fails to acknowledge the fact Rocky and crew are just dialing that leftist stuff back for awhile until you sheeple voters re-elect them…then the leftist, racist, perverted sexual indoctrination of your kids and grandchildren will return with a vengeance.
    Sadly you all know this but will still vote Rocky and crew back into power. Sigh….

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