January Airport Traffic Off 13% of Pre-Pandemic Levels

January Airport Traffic Off 13% of Pre-Pandemic Levels

The latest information from the Tallahassee International Airport shows that January 2021 passenger traffic was 54,800. This is 13.2% or 8,346 passengers below the pre-COVID passenger traffic (63,146) reported in January 2019.

December traffic increased 161.9% when compared to traffic one year ago. The number of passengers was up from 26,715 during January 2021 to 54,800 this year.

The 161.9% increase this month is relative to January 2021 traffic when air travel was still feeling the impact of the COVID pandemic. Looking at January 2019 traffic gives a more realistic view of passenger traffic growth. For this reason, we have included traffic from 2019 in the Passenger Traffic Report below.

Relative to 2019, the Passenger Traffic Report shows passenger counts were down 1.7% for American Airlines, the Delta Group was down 20.7% and Silver Airways was down 47.4%.

The graph below shows the annualized number of passengers for the last 37-months. The highlighted numbers on the graph indicate the annual traffic during the month of January over the last four years.

The annual rate of passengers at TIA in January 2022 was 684,339 up 4.3% when compared to the annual rate reported last month. The annualized number of passengers is calculated by summing the previous 12 months of traffic.

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  1. @ Pat,

    You could ask to be seated at the exit door as those seats tend to have more legroom. However, you would need to assist if there was ever an emergency.

    I miss those 60’s and 70’s flying days also.

  2. My least favorite means of travel is the airlines. First you have to get their super early and let the parking lot rip you off. Then wait in line to check the bag the airline will lose. Then deal with TSA. Finally, you can buy an $8.00 beer while you wait for your flight that is running late. Once on the airplane, you are crammed into a tiny seat with no leg room. More than likely you either have a long lay-over or not enough time to catch your next flight. If you make it, you have another 45 minutes to wait for your bags. I can remember in the sixties and seventies when flying was something special. Those days are gone.

  3. It takes tax dollars to run an airport. Our tax dollars pay for the many expenses incurred to see that we have a safe facility for our citizens.

    Yet, there are 7 city and county ommissioners, a mayor, and an FSU president who believe it is more important to give tax dollars to FSU for Stadium seats.

    Humanity and fiscal responsibility trumps special interests and voters will let it be known. Commissioners Nick Maddox, Diane Williams-Cox, Mayor John Dailey, and Bill Proctor will be voted out of office resoundingly on August 23rd.

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