Four Questions with School Board Candidate Anthony DeMarco

Four Questions with School Board Candidate Anthony DeMarco

Anthony DeMarco is running for Leon County School Board District 1 which is currently occupied by Alva Striplin. Striplin filed to run for re-election on February 1.

Below are the unedited answers provided by Mr. DeMarco to four questions submitted by Tallahassee Reports.

Why did you choose to run for school board?

I chose to run for the District 1 School Board Seat for many reasons. We’ve been seeing increased incidents of threats to school sites, weapons on campus, and fights among students. Many problems we see today have been around for years. The pandemic laid bare our district’s deepest issues. We have a unique opportunity to restructure and correct many of these issues.

It’s my hope to change the culture of the School Board in Leon County. Many stakeholders have experienced the lack of responsiveness from the Board and the frustration that comes with it. As the District 1 Board Member, my goal will be to represent the entire District with transparency and open communication. The wall of silence from the Board is unnecessary.

We need innovative solutions to address Leon County’s aging Education Infrastructure. With decades of experience in digital instruction, design, and content delivery I’m uniquely positioned to articulate our current technology issues and find the strongest solutions.

What do you see as the three major issues facing the school district?

We’ve seen unprecedented increases in weapons on campus, fights, and school threats. Many of these incidents spawn from social media. A successful day is impossible if our students aren’t learning in a safe, uninterrupted environment. Another issue is the lack of a strong integrated system. We are missing a unique opportunity to maximize the 1:1 laptop for every student initiative, minimize learning loss, and close education gaps. The digital platform will remain a frustration for everyone until all education systems are functioning under the same umbrella.

Addressing our critical staffing shortage is a must. Budget constraints will require new approaches to these old problems. I plan on introducing a continuing education initiative among district employees. Encouraging teachers to continue education comes with endless perks. I believe we’d experience a drastic increase in teacher retention. If we instituted simple policies like course reimbursement for advancing in their career while remaining inside of the district the opportunities become endless.

What is the major difference between you and your opponent?

My opponent hasn’t proposed any policy or solutions related to school safety during these unprecedented times. Her rhetoric is focused on cementing state overreach. I believe in our local system of government, home rule and autonomy are vital. The strongest decisions in any battlefield or campaign always account for local conditions. Keeping our children healthy and safe is the goal; doing this is impossible with recent state legislation.

My opponent believes our only major difference is her experience in the classroom. Increased parent involvement at every level of our schools is today’s primary focus. I’m the only candidate with children in K-12 schools. Many would agree she’s led the attack from the dias on local educators and students. Her attempts to cast herself as a former educator and friend to teachers falls flat. Given her position on classroom teachers, we feel she may need to rethink our “differences.”

What is your view of the local Moms for Liberty group?

At the February 8th, 2022 School Board meeting a group of women from the League of Women Voters (LWV), a 102 year old nonpartisan organization spoke during public comment. They called themselves ‘The Grannies for Sanity.’ Their statement read in part “…Public Education is under attack. We come before you to thank you for maintaining high standards for the health and safety of students, teachers, and staff. We have been alarmed when groups with names like Moms for Liberty stand here and berate you…”

I view Moms for Liberty, Leon County as a fad or passing trend. I feel much like the LWV regarding Moms for Liberty as an organization. The group has brought nothing of benefit to the district. The only time I’ve heard of Moms for Liberty Leon County is when they were planning protests. Their approach and demeanor, creates a hostile environment making rational discussion near impossible.

We need to restore civility within one of our most precious institutions and our most valuable resource, our future.

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11 Responses to "Four Questions with School Board Candidate Anthony DeMarco"

  1. So sad to hear parents degrading children in these answers….so glad to hear that De Marco will stand up for ALL children and for local control, not State imposed solutions to education for our kids.

  2. The rhetoric that I personally witnessed from Anthony DeMarco via chat on LCS Zoom meetings last year was enough for me to truly (not jokingly, because it is not a joke) question his sanity. I was horrified to see him turn up as a candidate here. While I doubt he has a chance, the fact that he thinks he does, is further proof he isn’t mentally stable. DeMarco is the one of the last people on earth I’d want making decisions about my child. It’s a hard pass for me.

  3. Leon Parents for Liberty, This is the group you need to worry about. This the group that shows up at the meetings. This is the group that has Rocky and the board admitting in affidavit that they violated the state constitution. This is the group that forced Rocky to drop the lawsuit against the Governor.

    The Surety bond is a contract that guarantees us that a person will perform their duties according to the laws and the constitution of the United States.

    Once an elected official, company, or union step outside the law and starts imposing mandates on WE THE PEOPLE. We have the authority to stop them.

    The bond gives us the power to put government officials, companies, and unions on notice. The more people who stand up and fight together the greater our chances are of removing these people from office. We only need 10 and our group over 10x that.

    WE THE PEOPLE brought this government, and school board, in to existence and we can take it out of existence. We do not elect leaders to tell us what to do, we hire managers to take care of our business.

    We have learned the real law and how to use. No matter how many Bar members you pay to protect you with our money, they can’t help you now.

    Our schools have not taught us the State Constitution in over 60 years that I know of, but we found them and how to use them. Most importantly we are teaching our children this knowledge outside of the class room. The State Constitutions are weapons, designed to give the People power over the public servants they elect. Once you learn how to use this weapon properly you can hold any servant’s feet to the constitutional fire. Best part is we don’t have to use the corrupt courts or lying bar members, we get to choose our arbiters and they pay for it…

    Maybe someone should ask why we are spending millions of $$ to put Astroturf in all the HS stadiums. Do we really need our children’s developing bodies smashing that hard surface?

    What happened to the other half of the school bonuses. There was enough to give all the employees $2000 from DeSantis, but Rocky only gave out $1000, and where did the rest go?

  4. Alva Striplin is the only board member that believes in parents rights. Our large group of parents are actively campaigning to keep her in office. All the others, Rocky included are on the chopping block.

  5. @ Egan… there’s no such thing as a LGTBwhatever “kid”. But I agree that they are “kids”, “children”, impressionable undeveloped minds if you will. To attempt to indoctrinate/recruit them into an unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle is tantamount to child endangerment and/or abuse… if not straight-up indirect pedophilia. They need to be taught how to read, write, do arithmetic, some true civics, and real “biological science”.

    Here’s a news flash for you… no one really cares what you do in your bedroom, or with whom you do it… so long as your partner is a consenting “adult” with a fully-developed intellect and emotional being. Every child is curious about their body and it’s purpose as they grow up. They play doctor, play with themselves, experiment with friends, et al… what you and your group are attempting to do is drive children to a choice that you want them to make with regard to their sexuality and your preference. That’s wrong, and I don’t give a damn if that reality hurts your sensibilities. Most so-called lgbtwhatever children and young adults commit suicide as a result of regret over the choice you and your group pushed them into. Stay out of our schools and away from our children. Once they’re educated adults, you and your group can recruit to your hearts content. But I don’t think that’s going to well for you folks… which is why you target the young and impressionable.

    And to be clear, you have the identical rights as every American in this country has, thanks to our Constitution. What you and your group are “fighting” for are “extra” or “special” exclusive rights bestowed only unto you.

    I’ll stand right beside you to defend you and your God given rights against anyone who discriminates against you or tries to take them from you… but leave our children alone.

  6. He picked the wrong race… Now if he would have picked one of the Blueprint-Doak Stadium sellouts to run against such as Mayor Dailey, Commissioners Diane William Cox, Bill Proctor, or Nick Maddox he would have a chance…

    There is no way voters are going to forget the donation to the Seminole BOOsters, by the above-named, using taxpayer dollars. All of them will be in the unemployment line on August 24th.

  7. LGBTQ kids deserve better than bigots controlling their education. Calling queer kids quacks isn’t going to stop us gays from existing and fighting for our rights. But it may stop a kid’s will to live. I’m against kids killing themselves. Shame to see an entire block of people proudly waving their hate at the expense of vulnerable children.

  8. Anthony DeMarco’s big grievance against his opponent, Alva Striplin, is she had the audacity to break with the Democrats regarding some of the COVID mandates. As he states, ” Her rhetoric is focused on cementing state overreach.” What he considers state overreach, is commonly known as freedom.

    Mr. DeMarco seems to think the students are wards of the Leon County School Board and he is running to be one of the wardens. No thanks; I’ll pass.

  9. From what I have noticed, I believe the League of Women Voters (LWV), is a very Partisan Organization. I have read their News Letters. They against Election Reform and want open Voting, otherwise, why would they be against having to Show your Photo ID to Vote? They are heavy leaning to the Left.

  10. Not one word about the attempted indoctrination and recruitment of our children into the Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Group of Quacks. It’s a no from me. The last thing our children need is another left-wing lunatic in charge.

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