Capital Regional Medical to Change to HCA Florida Capital Hospital

Capital Regional Medical to Change to HCA Florida Capital Hospital

Capital Regional Medical Center announced in a press release that beginning March 3rd, the hospital is uniting under the shared brand of HCA Florida Healthcare and will be called HCA Florida Capital Hospital

Capital Regional Medical Center is one of over 450 HCA affiliated sites of care across Florida that connect nearly 11,000 physicians serving at 49 hospital campuses, more than 350 physician practices and freestanding emergency rooms, and more than 50 urgent care centers.

“Our Florida colleagues and physicians have always been united in their commitment to serving our patients and caring like family. Over the past two years, we’ve come together in ways that better serve our communities and our colleagues, proving that our connectedness is our strength,” said Chuck Hall, national group president at HCA Healthcare. “This transition reflects our mission and our commitment to all we serve as we continue to work together to deliver high-quality care for patients across the Sunshine State.”

According to the press release, HCA Florida Healthcare has recently expanded access to quality nursing education with two new Galen College of Nursing campuses. In addition, the HCA plans to continue expansion with three new hospitals located in Gainesville, Fort Myers, and The Villages.

The HCA has also partnered with Florida A&M University to “strengthen students’ pathways from undergraduate to graduate to management careers in the healthcare industry, part of HCA Healthcare’s broader commitment to give $10 million over three years to Historically Black Colleges…”

HCA Florida Healthcare intends to make it easier for patients to access quality care with the new branding by uniting hospitals and practices under one website. They will also standardize uniforms and introduce statewide services such as the unique “Consult-a-Nurse” phone number where Floridians can call for free guidance on health issues.

Capital Regional Medical Center hospital has served the Big Bend Region for 43 years. Each year, the hospital and connected sites of care serve more than 140,000 patients through the efforts of more than 1,400 staff and 500 providers.

HCA has invested in the community by opening three freestanding emergency rooms in Leon and Gadsden Counties, and an inpatient rehabilitation center is coming in the spring of 2022.

10 Responses to "Capital Regional Medical to Change to HCA Florida Capital Hospital"

  1. Doubt the care there is any good, hence the name change. They lost so many Covid patients that they had to bring in a mobile morgue, and now they’re changing their name. Coincidence?

  2. FYI, CRMC has been “back” under the HCA umbrella for years now. It is not a new thing. And the employees in certain areas suffer because of it.

  3. I dont think many can afford to go to CRMC anyway…My wife drove herself there at 8pm one evening (while I was out of town) with severe congestion in 2019 before covid came on the scene. They diagnosed Bronchitis, gave her medication, kept her until 11am the next day and sent her home. The Doctors and Nurses were very good, but…couple of weeks later they billed us $28,000. I may be just and old timer out of touch but this sounds excessive to me. I wont go back.

  4. @Barb — I learned of that right about the time the different treatments were made public and immediately told my wife that if either of us came down with COVID we were going to TMH. She was in complete agreement.

  5. In the summer of 2020, the CRMC decided to not treat covid patients with hydroxychloroquine while TMH did treat patients with the drug. At the time, I was concerned that Capital Regional’s decision may have been a political one (because of Trump’s strong support of the drug’s use) and I still am concerned about that.

  6. Note to self (and David).

    TCH used to be part of HCA but separated from the chain due to under performance. They’re just going home, their need for more resources to compete locally remains a likely cause.

  7. @David – The change from TCH to CRMC seemed odd at the time. The change this time seems to make a lot more sense.

    Merging into a bigger parent organization with more resources is probably a necessity with TMH/TRMC and the new VA hospital within spitting distance.

  8. Living on the Northside of Havana, Bainbridge, Georgia is actually closer to me than the City of Tallahassee. My wife and I shop there and use Bainbridge Memorial Hospital and Manor for our Heathcare. Our Doctor’s offices are also located there.

    What I love about the medical care in Bainbridge is: it is outstanding, the personal attention is second to none and my out-of-pocket expenses are less. Not trying to knock Capital Regional or TMH, but they seem like a giant airport, with millions of Doctors and Nurses all over the place. Just finding a guest’s room can be a challenge. I bet, one day, Capital Regional and TMH have an airport style tram system just to get around.

    And the last time I visited a patient at TMH, the doctors and nurses looked like they just graduated College….very few had any gray hair. Gray hair being a sign of experience.

    By the way, Capital Regional does have excellent ER Doctors. I.E. Dr. Timothy Walker.

  9. I have never seen a Hospital change its Name as many times as this one has. Makes me wonder what’s going on there.

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