Kristin Dozier Announces Run for Mayor Amid a “Pivotal Moment”

Kristin Dozier Announces Run for Mayor Amid a “Pivotal Moment”

Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier has filed the required paperwork to run for mayor of Tallahassee. She joins candidates Mayor John Dailey and Whitfield Leland in the race.

Dozier will be making a live announcement at 5 pm today via Facebook.

Previous comments by Dozier indicate she has been seriously considering a run for months.

In a recent Facebook post, Dozier referred to the recent Blueprint vote on the Doak Campbell stadium improvements. She wrote:

“Last Thursday’s Blueprint meeting signified a pivotal moment for our community. The Board voted to provide funding for Doak improvements and this decision galvanized much of our community and inspired the most robust conversation we’ve had about economic development. We stood together and fought for our entire community and I’m ready to continue the fight. Join me tomorrow at 5pm for a Facebook Live at Kristin Dozier where I’ll make an important announcement about Tallahassee’s future direction. Be sure to “like” the new page so together we can keep our community moving forward.”

In November, 2021 Dozier appeared on the The Greg Tish Show on RealTalk 93.3 and made some bold statements related to the Mayor of Tallahassee and the City Commission.

When asked about her political future, Dozier said she has been asked a lot about running for mayor of Tallahassee over the last year.

“As a city of Tallahassee resident I am really concerned about a lot of things happening in the City of Tallahassee right now,” said Dozier. “I know why people are asking. I think we do need a change.”

Dozier said, “I put responsibility in the leadership, that’s management and for the city its the mayor.”

She voiced concerned about the tone on the commission and some of the “big decisions” that have been pushed through.

Dozier said we need to get away from the personal attacks and restore a level of decorum so we can get things done.

She added, “It would be nice to have a new voice there.”

7 Responses to "Kristin Dozier Announces Run for Mayor Amid a “Pivotal Moment”"

  1. I think you all answered my questions about Kristin. I have seen her in action as a Leon County Commissioner – she is much more concerned about Kristin than the rest of us. Is there anyone else that could step up who is not part of the same ol’ power brokers?

  2. Several have tried but the insiders seem to still win. Kristin Dozier’s Father, Laurie Dozier, is a principle at Mad Dog Construction. If you follow the $$$, you will know that they are the COT’s favored child in the ‘green’ construction business. Expect an endorsement of Dozier any time now because of that and the fact that she is a woman and the local mullet wrapper will swear by the identity politics.

  3. Miss Dozier, answer the questions about why J.T. Burnette sold you a house on Terrace St. well below market value and them you sold it at well above market value. I am of the opinion that Burnette paid you for a vote, while you were on the County Commission.

  4. I won’t vote for Dailey as he is one of the three who passed the abortion resolution in order to pressure our state lawmakers to vote against abortion restrictions. I’ll have to research the other candidates for mayor.

    In other political news, I hope the Republican legislators pass the Governor’s 20-8 redistricting map. Go Governor DeSantis!

  5. @ A Skeptic… it’ll only cost you $839.45 to get on the ballot and onto the debate and forum stages. A small price to pay for the chance to make a difference… win or not. Heck, it’ll cost that much to fill up my truck soon.

  6. What the City of Tallahassee needs is not another insider playing musical political chairs on the taxpayer’s dime. What the city needs is a true outsider, beholding only to the citizens and focused only on the city and the issues that impact our day-to-day lives.

    Will that person step to the plate?… we’ll see

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