Mayor Dailey Comes Out Swinging: “What has Kristin Dozier Done?”

Mayor Dailey Comes Out Swinging: “What has Kristin Dozier Done?”

Provided below is Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey’s comments on Twitter following Kristin Dozier’s entrance into the mayoral race.

From Mayor Dailey:

Kristin Dozier has just filed to run against me for Mayor and she’s being propped up by the same dark money interests that have been spreading lies about me and my family. But we will not be deterred.

I’m proud to stand on my record as Mayor.

I’ve made job creation and ethics reform a top priority. We’ve created thousands of good high paying jobs and passed the strongest ethics reform package in the state.

Together our community has weathered a once in a century global pandemic and the worst economic downturn since the Great Recession – and we did it by taking swift and decisive action to help our neighbors, local small businesses, and nonprofits.

We’ve invested in our neighborhoods, our roads, our sidewalks, and our parks, and we’re not finished.

And what has Kristin Dozier done?

She has repeatedly VOTED NO on voter-approved projects to improve our roads, sidewalks, parks, and flood mitigation. Over & over again she has VOTED NO to bring good high paying jobs to our community.

She even VOTED NO to investing more than $250 million in the historically underinvested Southside of Tallahassee.

This isn’t just a vote here or there. It’s a clear and consistent pattern of saying “NO” to protecting our quality of life and improving the things our voters say they want improved.

We’ve addressed our challenges head on and we’re coming back even stronger because we’ve had steady, experienced leadership in the Mayor’s office. This is how we make Tallahassee better today than it was yesterday and better tomorrow than it is today.

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  1. Dailey, NEW city management team needs to replace existing otherwise same Ole same Ole. Shake up, rattle and roll their arse out.

    Mind is blind when eyes can’t see.

    Dozier, conflicted out….bái bái!

  2. Do two things to get Businesses to come here. Lower the Crime Rate and make it EASIER for Businesses to come here. Don’t pay them or give them Tax Breaks to come here. If they build on Property already zoned for their Business, and will be hiring 100 or more Local People, give them the Permits for FREE and let them break ground with in a couple weeks or less after Closing on the Property.

  3. “And what has Kristin Dozier done?”

    She voted against giving FSU 20 million in (our) Blueprint money. Next question…

  4. Dozier = J.T. Burnette ( now in prison) CRA dollars to his hotel that recently went into foreclosure and a private home sale benefit with ties to Burnette

    Dailey = Infrastructure dollars for Stadium seats in return for political contributions… and misusing City resources

    It will be a clown show for sure so a reputable contender would be welcome at this point and would have a good chance of the win

  5. Off Topic:
    But more important. Thanking God The Big Voice in North Florida, South Georgia, and beyond has finally gotten over his feelings and publicly announced his intent to support Donald Trump in 2024.
    The slim margin of Biden’s questionable victory could have likely have been quashed at the voting booths by the voters who were likewise into “their feelings” many many times over.
    Better late than never and welcome home Preston. I will proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with you Sir and watch the Biden dumpster fire until we can exercise our right to vote for President of The United States once again in 2024. Welcome home Son!

  6. Kristin Dozier should be grilled at every campaign event about J.T. Burnette selling her a house in Midtown (Terrace St.) at 2/3 of market value and and then she resold it… at or over market value. Opinion here: a vote for something was bought and I would like to know for what. In addition, the house in question is exempt from viewing on the Property Appraiser’s web site.

  7. I don’t care if she has never done anything, because I know what John Daily has done. He’s a liar that has turned the city commission into a cash register for his friends and donors. So, I’d vote for baby Huey over that reprobate son of a gun every time.

  8. A citizen… you failed to mention positive accomplishments by Dailey or any plans he has for the future that could be of benefit to citizens.

    Fail to see where anyone here saying they wanted to vote for Dozier.

    Bug Ben,

    Did you comment here from your City of Tallahassee issued, paid for by taxpayers, smart phone?

  9. I agree with the Mayor. Dozier hasn’t done anything in our district than increase taxes and lower service. Her and her team all need to be voted out and bring in fresh energy.

  10. I have to laugh out loud at anyone who regularly posts on this website and also thinks they want to vote for Dozier over Dailey. She’ll be proposing city income taxes in the first year. She will complete the Woke-White-Triad of Dozier-Matlow-Porter, and tell the other two commissioners of color that the Triad knows what the black community needs more than they do. They’ll fire a city manager you simply like to hate and bring in one you’ll love to hate instead. Have fun with that!

  11. What have you done???? Tallahassee once was the prize Air Traffic Control Tower to be stationed at. Today, who wants to live here? Tallahassee will trade one liberal for another in the mayor election.

  12. The only interesting thing he said was a vague reference to dark money…but with no specifics. Come on Mayor pick up some specific Dozier mud and fling it at her. And what about J T Burnett’s sweetheart deal with Dozier on that Terrace home? Let’s pretend like that never happened.
    Once again people of Tallahassee your Mayoral choices are shaping to be the same old same old choices.
    Dailey or Dozier = Feces or Vomit. Enjoy the selection process.

  13. The question should be what has/hasn’t Mayor Dailey done?

    He continues support for a City Manager who was planted by corrupt forces to give them cover to continue corrupt activities. When you have people going to federal prison “Houston we have a problem” and Mayor Dailey continues the tier of corruption that needs to be removed. Dailey refuses calling for a nationwide search for a new city manager who would focus on citizens and not provide cover for corrupt activities.

    Mayor Dailey’s diatribe that he is the King of Ethics is laughable.

    Mayor Dailey corrupted the CSC search for a director by advocating that they put in a Gillium campaign staffer.

    Gillum’s campaign was rife with corruption, financial irregularities, and immorality that Dailey’s pick has no business being a Director of the CSC.

    And if anyone needs to be reminded of the importance of protecting taxpayers infrastructure dollars just look at the Ukraine. The mayor is so arrogant that he traded $22 million of our precious hard-earned infrastructure dollars for campaign contributions. So far, Dailey has a $23,000 dollar return on his vote.

    He misuses the City of Tallahassee WCOT TV to run promos featuring himself which are really reelection campaign ads. Again, misusing City resources. And this is after he was already caught doing TV commercials with a local business trying to promote it as official city business.

    Mayor Dailey promotes abortion, again misusing city resources.

    ANYONE BUT DAILEY for Mayor!

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