Leon County School Board Approves Construction Items

Leon County School Board Approves Construction Items

At the March 8th Leon County School Board meeting, the Board approved changes to several Allstate Construction, Inc. contracts related to Rickards High School projects due to savings.

The first change was in the amount of $103,089 for a new contract total of $7,271,675 for the phase IV project. The second change was for $118,460, for a new total of $2,884,201 for the renovation of buildings 13 and 19.

The Board approved a change of $60,122 for demolition buildings 3 and 5. The new total for the project equals $1,293,082. And the last change was in the amount of $234,527 related to phase VII roof replacements and the new contract total is $803,912.

The Board approved the agreement with Ardaman & Associates, Inc. to provide subsurface soil exploration and geotechnical engineering evaluation at Hartsfield Elementary School, in the amount of $13,529.

An agreement with Urban Catalyst Consultants, Inc. was approved by the Board for services to Chiles High School for the “Master Plan” project in the amount of $12,500.

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  1. Any updates on how the contractors that do business with the School Board are processing their kickbacks AKA campaign contributions now?
    We got some interesting reporting a while back on how Rocky and his brother had set up those state of the art (at the time) Las Vegas based HAA HAA shell companies to accept and process the campaign contributions AKA kickbacks. But I imagine by now they have evolved to a new and much more advanced method of processing those funds.
    Maybe a little investigative reporting by contacting the contractors business offices and speaking to their financial employee(s) would shed some insight on what advanced state of the art processes and strategies the School Board has evolved to quietly and on the down low receive the campaign contributions in 2022.
    Asking for a friend.

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