National Company Pursuing Economic Development Opportunities at Tallahassee Airport

National Company Pursuing Economic Development Opportunities at Tallahassee Airport

A national company -Burrell Diversified Investments, LLC located in Aspen, Colorado – appears to have an economic development interest in the Tallahassee International Airport along with other Florida airports.

The interest in the Tallahassee International Airport seems to be part of a statewide plan to develop an alternate distribution system for freight carriers by building out municipally owned airports.

The Mayernick Group, an established state lobbying firm, registered with the City of Tallahassee to represent Burrell Diversified Investments and David Goldschmidt on January 20, 2022.

Goldschmidt is listed as the Managing Director of The Burrell Group.

The area of interest on the lobbying application was listed as “Public Private Partnership Economic Development.”

Mayor John Dailey, during a speech to the Capital Conservatives group earlier this month, noted that when the customs infrastructure project at the airport is completed there will be numerous opportunities for economic development.

Daily said, “there is a lot of interest to build out the Tallahassee airport, but I am afraid I can’t go into too much detail due to non-disclosure agreements (NDA).”

A City of Tallahassee spokesperson told TR that the NDA referred to by Dailey is not related to Burrell Diversified Investments.

David Pollard, director of the City of Tallahassee’s Aviation Department, has been in talks with company representatives and said that the potential investment by the group lines up with the City’s strategic priorities. The investment is related to leasing space for hanger development, cargo logistics, and maintenance related activities.

Pollard expects that an agenda item will be ready to go before the Tallahassee City Commission in late April.

The Company’s Business Model

Burrell Diversified Investments is the parent company of Burrell Aviation LLC which was registered with the Florida Division of Corporations on August 18, 2021.

Burrell Aviation has since registered Burrell Aviation Ocala LLC (1/25/2022), Burrell Aviation Sanford LLC (3/9/2022), and Burrell Aviation Brooksville (3/9/2022)

In late 2019, The Burrell Group formed The Burrell Aviation Group (“Burrell Aviation”) which is focused on meeting the growing demand for air cargo, freight and logistics solutions in the continental United States, Mexico, and Canada.

The website notes that the company through a public-private partnership model involving federal, state, and local government, is in the process of repositioning regional and municipal airports that have been historically underutilized and currently operate outside of North America’s core supply chain.

The goal is to bring such airfield locations into the mainstream commercial network to provide a convenient, flexible, and cost-efficient alternative to major hub locations, where freight carriers are currently experiencing rapidly escalating price structures and congestion, delayed delivery times, as well as other inefficiencies.

The business model calls for Burrell Aviation to enter into long-term leases, typically 30 to 50 years, with municipally owned airports. In coordination with Burrell Aviation, these municipalities are dedicated to improving their airport infrastructure to accommodate a broad range of tenants through a sublease agreement structure.

The company also manages the construction of “build-to-suit” facilities to satisfy each client’s specific needs.

The company in late 2019, The Burrell Group acquired CW Earthworx, a Florida-based general contracting firm that specializes in construction, earth-moving, and utilities development. CW Earthworx has a growing fleet of heavy equipment to support the Company’s construction related needs, as well as a qualified team of professionals capable of executing on the Company’s long-term development objectives.

UPDATE: Dan Burrell – the Managing Director of The Burrell Group – notified Tallahassee Reports that The Burrell Group ended their relationship with the DongPo Capital a number of years ago. Mr. Burrell said he is in contact with DongPo Capital to remove all mentions of The Burrell Group from the DongPo Capital website. DongPo Capital was referenced in a previous version of this article.

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  1. Does the City and County really want the Airport to grow, Please tell me what major airport has only a two lane rode leading up to it? The city or county should have stepped up and had Capital Cir. four or six laned from I-10 Years ago.

  2. As a retired Air Traffic Controller/Supervisor/Manager, I do not see TLH being a good choice for a Freight Hub. Without parallel runways, it would be inefficient trying to land and depart more than a 10- plane operation quickly and efficiently. Connie Kalitta tried to open a Freight Forwarding Operation at the Terre Haute, Indiana airport and failed. Terre Haute’s airport and community are similar to Tallahassee. During my career, I worked at two very busy airports with Freight Ops: Anchorage and Indianapolis. Controllers at busy airports are experienced working large volumes of fast-moving jets and dealing with Heavy Jets that create wake turbulence. To be efficient, the air traffic control tower and approach control would need to be open 24 hours. Be careful Tallahassee planners, you may end up with a giant sorting building that was used for one year and now gathers dust.

  3. @ Beth I’m with you that was a super fast cleanup on the China Belt and Road Western Hemisphere domination plan. Fortunately for our elected officials and their compilicant minions everyone will have forgotten about this when China repossess our airport in 2024. Changing the name to “The DongPo International Airport”

  4. Ah that clears it up, Mayor John Dailey wasn’t getting lobbied, he didn’t sign an NDA, and the company isn’t the Chinese state party! I trust all the parties involved, so, I’m sure there’s nothing else to see here. Let’s give them our tax dollars!

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