No Charges in Bannerman-Thomasville Road Road Rage Incident

No Charges in Bannerman-Thomasville Road Road Rage Incident

State Attorney Jack Campbell recently stated though the case is not officially closed, there will be no charges filed in the road rage incident that occurred on January 6th and left John Kuczwanksi dead.

Campbell said the shooting is a “clear case of self-defense” after investigators reviewed a number of surveillance videos of the shooting between the two drivers. He asserted the video evidence shows 53-year-old Kuczwanski firing first at the other driver involved.

There were several conflicting reports about what caused the shootout. However, according to Florida Politics, Kuczwanski, the Legislative Affairs Director for the State Board of Administration, caused an auto accident that led to a shooting.

The report states that Kuczwanski’s BMW drifted out of its lane on Thomasville Road and hit a white Prius. Both vehicles pulled into a parking lot, and the driver of the Prius confronted Kuczwanski then returned to his car to wait for law enforcement to arrive.

Shortly after the two drivers exchanged words, Kuczwanski rammed his BMW into the driver’s side of the Prius, pushing the car sideways in the parking lot. Then Kuczwanski fired a gun at the driver of the Prius, who returned fire into the windshield of the BMW; that is when Kuczwanski was struck and killed.

The driver of the Prius, who authorities have not identified publicly, was taken into custody at the scene but was released after questioning.

This case was the not first-time Kuczwanski was involved in a road rage incident. He previously pleaded no contest in 2014 to assault and disorderly conduct after being arrested for pointing a firearm at another driver while stopped at the intersection of Thomasville Road and Bannerman Road.

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  1. Good riddance to an entitled political crony who couldn’t control his temper. He never should’ve been allowed to own a firearm after 2014.

    Thank God for stand your ground.

  2. I’ve noticed that family & friends are not a aggressively supporting Kuczwanski as they were when this first happened. Video rarely lies.

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