Tallahassee City Commission Candidates Have $451,086 Cash-On-Hand

Tallahassee City Commission Candidates Have $451,086 Cash-On-Hand

Candidates running for the Tallahassee City Commission have raised a total of $519,716 based on the March 10th campaign reports filed with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

The candidates have spent $68,629 and have $451,086 left for campaign activities. The next report is due April 10th.

The table below shows the campaign fundraising activities for each of the 8 candidates.

Both Kristin Dozier and Shelby Green recently filed as candidates and their first campaign finance report reflecting fundraising activities is due April 10th.

For more detail on campaign finance visit here.

5 Responses to "Tallahassee City Commission Candidates Have $451,086 Cash-On-Hand"

  1. I’m no fan of big government or big spending. And I frequently criticize city projects. But John Dailey, David Bellamy, and Diane Williams-Cox DID vote for the Blueprint money going to the stadium, so, they’ve got my vote…turns out FSU football pumps $60 Million into our city economy. Anybody here got a small business that thrives during the fall? How much return did we get back from investing in over sized parks, traffic circles and pedestrian friendly projects like Gaines and Betton Road?? Be woke; go broke!

  2. To paraphrase my pops; “Never trust someone who’s willing to spend $200k+… to get a $40k a-year job.” If you base your decision on who gets the most money, then you’ve already made your mistake. Money does not = Integrity

    … food for thought

  3. With what has been in the Media lately, I am glad I am “Self Funded”. I wouldn’t know what to do with $30K let alone $100K or MORE for my Campaign. I did the math, I believe I have enough signs and enough Palm Cards to hand out and after paying the $3,357.80 for Qualifying in June I will have more than HALF left over. I do plan to start doing some Town Halls soon, I’m thinking doing the first one at MoMo’s Pizza on Market Street, I will buy a couple of those HUGE 32″ Pizza’s.

  4. John Dailey, David Bellamy, and Diane Williams-Cox were FOR the Blueprint money going to the stadium.

    Their contributions should reflect that and be considered quid pro quo.

    The citizenry came out enmasse AGAINST and voters will respond in-kind.

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