January Job Numbers Edge Ahead of Pre-Pandemic Levels

January Job Numbers Edge Ahead of Pre-Pandemic Levels

The latest jobs report shows that there were 151,375 people working in Leon County in January, which is 789 more than last month’s revised employment number.

The January unemployment rate came in at 3.4%, up from the 2.7% reported last month. This increase is due to approximately 2,000 more people entering the work force in January.

One year ago, the January 2021 unemployment rate was 5.7%. In January, 2019 the unemployment rate was 3.5%.

Due to the COVID pandemic, 2021 job comparisons are not as meaningful as comparisons to 2020 job data. Therefore, the Leon County Jobs Report, provided below, includes 2020 data.

The number of people working in January 2022 was 497 more than those working in January 2020, but is 7,941 more than in January 2021.

The January 2022 labor force – those looking for jobs – came in at 156,821 which is 339 greater than the number reported in January 2020.

The chart below shows the monthly level of jobs in Leon County over the last 37 months with a 12-month average trend line. The highlighted numbers relate to employment levels for the month of January back to 2019.

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