Leon County School Board Meeting Notes March 22, 2022

Leon County School Board Meeting Notes March 22, 2022

During the March 22 Leon County School Board meeting, the Board heard an update from Sheriff Walt McNeil regarding the Council on the Status of Men and Boys. The Sheriff requested the LCSB consider contributing $70,000 to upstart the council.
Superintendent Rocky Hanna addressed the Board to recommend funding the efforts by Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Hanna said that this is not solely the city or county’s problem, but it is the community’s problem to tackle and that the LCSB has a role to play. He also thanked Sheriff McNeil for taking the lead concerning the issue.
The Board heard from public speakers during the meeting. One concerned citizen addressed the Board regarding the controversial House Bill 1557, also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The speaker criticized the Board for using the politically charged nickname during a meeting. Subsequently, she and the following three speakers read the bill in its entirety. They stated they believe that the public needs to hear the bill’s content and not merely what is reported in the media, which in their opinion, is misconstrued. These remarks came after Superintendent Hanna called the bill by its nickname during a Monday evening discussion at the agenda review meeting.
The Board unanimously passed several amendments to LCS policies during the meeting. The amendments include:

The LCSB unanimously approved the contract with Rowe Drilling, a division of A.C. Schultes of Florida, Inc., for $89,500. The company will provide services for the Ft. Braden Water Tank Replacement Project.
A settlement was approved in a 5-0 vote between the LCSB and Jessica K for $60,000. The suit was filed against the LCSB by Jessica due to an incident involving her son, an ESE student. Jessica alleges that LCS staff was negligent as they removed her son from the bus causing injuries and trauma.
Board member DeeDee Rasmussen brought up concerns about students who may not graduate their senior year and the possibility of pulling the student out of school to help them obtain their GED but allowing them to walk for graduation. The Board and the superintendent agreed to explore the options concerning this matter and revisit it during a future meeting.

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  1. @ David,

    They lost funding because they lost students. They lost students because they are not educating them. Expansion of school choice is good for everyone who wants an educated population of people who know how to think. This loss of funding is not a loss for education but a win for education and therefore a win for students, parents and society.

    The loss of money, due to the lawsuits that Snidely mentioned, is due to additional management failures of the traditional public school system. This loss of money is a penalty the local taxpayer is going to pay for voting for woke board members and Supt.

  2. @ David T. Thank you Sir the Democrat article reads like a conservative publication would be written – laying out all the reasons Hannah and the entire crew of go along to get along stooges on the School Board should be fired (again local voters … that means not reelected … so for some of you locals who still might not get it – it means you should not vote for anyone currently on the school board). Some of our local voters are a little thick headed and probably needed the prior clarification.
    What’s amazing is the Democrat thought it was producing its typical support all leftist politicians propaganda … but the truth came through in the article and definitely reads like an article written by a truth telling conservative author.

  3. @ Snidely Whiplash: According to a front page headline in todays Democrat, they lost a lot more than that because of Charter Schools.

  4. I cannot believe that there is a School Board member who was involved in doxxing and nothing is said and she is not held accountable. When you watch someone do something evil and you say nothing you are just as evil.

    If the superintendent was a true leader he would have asked for her resignation. When you are put in a position to protect our children and have leadership over our children and you betray that trust… not only should she resign or be fired, she should face criminal charges, in my opinion.

  5. The Board Members and Supt. need to go. We need these vocal parents to step up and run. We need common sence parents to replace them. Board Members make $36,000 a year. That is good pay for a part-time job.

  6. BTW lets not forget our school board lost a couple of MILLION DOLLARS defying Florida’s Government with their woke @ss mask defiance.
    Thats probably the number One reason they should NOT be reelected. Financial malfeasance: you should ALWAYS fire your employees for that (that means don’t vote them back into office).
    Followed by that whole turn the babies LBGT thing. If Leon County/Tallahassee reelects them I will be totally disgusted with you all.

  7. Face it, the School Board thinks they know better what is good for your kids then you do. Let up to them, they would teach homosexuality in pre-school.

  8. Why is there nothing in those notes about what they are going to do about a 49% satisfactory literacy rate? Everything I read about in those notes has to do with making a mistake, fixing a previous mistake, or letting dropouts graduate with the kids that didn’t drop out.

    These people all need to be fired. All of them!

  9. Anyone who calls it the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill have got to be the stupidest puppets and possible Pedophiles around. Read the Bill and if you don’t agree with the Bill then you think it is OK to teach Toddlers about Gay Sex and being a Transvestite. TODDLERS, not Teenagers.

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