Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Notes: March 23, 2022

Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Notes: March 23, 2022

During the City of Tallahassee Commissioners meeting, the Board unanimously approved reserving an additional $227,853 from the American Rescue Plan Act Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Relief Funds for Phase one of the 300-unit Orange Avenue Redevelopment Project. The Tallahassee Housing Authority requested $1.2 million from the county and the city. The county promised $1,002,853, and the city’s funds will make up the difference. The funding request is due to project cost increases.

—The city commission approved the contract for Intelligent Transportation Services, Inc. for $454,640, to procure traffic cameras for the Tallahassee Advanced Transportation Management System. The cameras will be installed by city staff.

—The city commission unanimously approved accepting a grant from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for $48,000. The grant will be used for the Florida Urban and Community Farming Pilot Program. The funding will provide urban farming, and entrepreneurship training to residents and support paid urban farming apprenticeships for program graduates.

—The city commission approved the partnership between the city’s Tallahassee Engaged in Meaningful Productivity for Opportunity (TEMPO) program and the Office of the Public Defender, Second Judicial Circuit (PD2). By partnering with the PD2, the city’s TEMPO program seeks to increase educational, employment, and training opportunities for disconnected youth, ages 18 to 24, within the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida.

—The city commission heard an update from Sheriff Walt McNeil on the Council on the Status of Men and Boys. He made the commissioners aware of their progress in securing funding. In addition, the sheriff has addressed the Leon County School Board and requested their financial support in the sum of $70,000 and is awaiting official action by the LCSB.

—The commissioners heard a status report on the Southside Transit Center (SSTC) project. The project is in phase two and is currently at 30% of the finalized design.

—After significant debate, the city commission voted 3-2, with Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter in opposition, to approve the adoption of Ordinance 21-Z-11AA, officially rezoning 2.47 acres at the northeast corner of the intersection of North Blair Stone and Miccosukee Roads from the Office Residential (OR-2) zoning district to the General Commercial (C-2) zoning district.

—The city commission voted unanimously to approve an amendment to the English Property PUD to increase the acreage of the PUD by 494 acres (currently zoned Critical Planning Area) for a total of 744 acres. The property straddles Blair Stone Road, generally south of Orange Avenue East, north of Tram Road, east of Rickards High School, and west of Capital Circle SE.

The approval included four additional conditions recommended by staff.

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  1. There is hope on the horizon… the August and November elections are near and the oligarch wannabes John Failey, Nick Baddox, Bill Crockter, Lian’n Williams-Cox will be voted out of office.

  2. More misappropriation of Covid tax dollars meant to help pay rent and utility bills for those directly effected by the China Bio-Weapon Scamdemic. Moreover, the misappropriated funds are being used to cover cost overruns of an existing (non Covid related) housing project – again, not at all related to Covid. Much like the Defund the Police campaign, the funds are simply reallocated to entitlement programs that emphasize the dependence on government.

    Can you say taxation without representation?

  3. Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter hosted a fundraiser 3/8/22 for Aramis Ayala for Attorney General. I guess they don’t support Ashley Moody.

    Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter were both speakers at the “Rally for the People” along with Florida Rep. Anna Eskamani in November of 2021.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

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