The City Approves 200 Traffic Cameras

The City Approves 200 Traffic Cameras

The City of Tallahassee Commissioners unanimously approved a contract with Intelligent Transportation Services, Inc., in the amount of $454,640. Intelligent Transportation Services, Inc. will procure new traffic cameras for the Tallahassee Advanced Transportation Management System (TATMS).

TATMS monitors and controls traffic signals in the City of Tallahassee and Leon County, including those along with the State Highway System within the Leon County region. In addition, the cameras monitor roadways for incidents and congestion.

The city plans to replace 98 aging traffic cameras and add 102 new traffic camera locations. In addition, the contract will provide 20 spare cameras for maintenance and new locations as needed. City staff will complete the installation of the cameras.

In August 2020, the city commission approved an agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) that provides funding for Tallahassee to administer an Active Arterial Management (AAM) Program. The program’s function is to control traffic along the State Highway System within the Leon County region.

In December 2021, the city approved an amendment to take advantage of additional FDOT funding up to $750,000 to replace the aging TATMS cameras and expand coverage. The city will initially cover the cost of the new cameras through the capital budget but will then be reimbursed by the FDOT when the project is finished.

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  1. The county should be spending money on more important things like a traffic light somewhere near Chiles High School, it is like playing chicken with the people from Georgia when you are trying to drop off your child.

  2. Cameras are helpful in solving accidents, crimes, and protecting the innocent. That is why people are putting them on their homes and businesses. No one should have to worry about invasion of privacy if they are living within the laws of our state.

  3. Put some in areas where there are frequent Car Wrecks so we can watch and put one pointed on the front of the old Capital so we can watch the Tourists and the Protests.

  4. More ways for Big Brother to watch you. All Biden has to do is give the order, and like that, we’re a police state.

  5. You think this is a waste. Look into the $40,000 a piece radar systems the city is putting up on poles. They can’t even use them to write tickets. They’re just putting them up to make radar detectors beep. I can name where six of them are off the top of my head. One of them is in the middle of no where.

  6. @ NE Moderate,

    It is appearing that Bellamy is the handpicked puppet of Mayor Failey in his desperate attempt to hold his fiefdom together.

    Bellamy was FOR the (mis)spending the Blueprint $27 million infrastructure funds for Stadium seats and the local Firefighters Union just endorsed Bellamy’s opponent.

    Bellamy fools no one…

  7. @D,


    Oh. You were serious? Sorry.

    The ludicrous timing of the lights is deliberate, with much of it defying any reasonable explanation. The timing suggests they want you driving like hell between lights to have any chance to catch them green.

  8. Hopefully this will help improve the absolutely atrocious light synchronization in the city, which IMO, is the worst in the state compared to the many cities I’ve visited.

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