Disney to Eliminate Mentions of Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys, and Girls

Disney to Eliminate Mentions of Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys, and Girls

Provided below is a video of comments made during a meeting among Disney officials and activists that was called to address the Parental Rights in Education legislation recently signed by Governor DeSantis.

In the one minute video, Disney’s diversity and inclusion manager explains how the company is eliminating any reference to gender.

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  1. Superintendent Hanna,

    As a Floridian I can only imply from your reference to HB 1557 as “Don’t Say Gay” that you oppose the bill. I know you are aware of the text of the bill as several parents were kind enough to read it to you in an open board meeting. As a parent I find your opposition to this bill quite troubling. Opposing this bill would mean that you support classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through grade 3 and hiding this instruction from parents. While there may be an infinitesimally small percentage of situations where this may be appropriate, the vast majority of these situations are pedophile grooming of our children. By your words and actions, it appears you support pedophile grooming of our young children. This is not even a stretch, the Littlejohn case (Case No. 4:21-CV-00415) shows a direct correlation between your stated attitude toward what should be appropriate for young children and LCSB policies.

    Your public statement has greatly undermined the confidence of parents that you will keep our children safe. We parents have some serious questions that you need to address:

    1. Are you openly opposed to pedophile grooming of our children and what will you do to back this up?
    2. What exactly in HB 1557 do you oppose? I am asking for a detailed rebuttal of the text of the bill, and the argument “the bill is too broad or vague” is not an acceptable answer.
    3. Since this is such an important topic that many are misinformed about, would you encourage that the actual text be discussed in middle and high schools so that our students can make informed decisions?
    4. Since you have brought up this bill in open board meeting we now need a public statement from you stating your support or opposition to HB 1557 and the parts and reasons why you stand on your position. Again, “the bill is too broad or vague” is not an acceptable answer. We need point by point details and if some section is too vague or broad you need to provide the limiting language you would find appropriate.

    Over 65% of Floridians, including 52% of democratic voters, support this bill. This is a very important topic for parents and students that has the ability to bring them together or drive them apart depending on the message the students are receiving from their school. In these troubling times a strong family and community structure is of upmost importance. Will you publicly commit to bringing students, teachers, administration and parents together on this anti-grooming subject. Will you commit to stress the importance of protecting our children from groomers and pedophiles? Over the past few decades, we have seen scores of Disney employees arrested for pedophilia and child trafficking. The institutions we have been brought up to trust the safety of children with, have failed over and over again. LCSB has not been immune to these situations and in some cases has been on the national forefront.

    It is time for you to go on the record publicly and state your positions. It is time for you to stand up for parents and children. Please address these issues immediately.


  2. I am cancelling all things Disney and Hulu. Canceling our trip to Disney this summer. My grandchildren, 2 BOYS and 1 GIRL will be disappointed, but I will ensure we still have a great summer vacation, it just won’t be at Disney.

  3. Good luck. We go to Disney on average once a year and absolutely love it in the bubble. Thought of retirement near there. Going next week! My wife and I are already talking about finding new places to go.

  4. Disney has been an immoral liberal company for years. I don’t understand why Christian families visit there. Walt Disney would never allow this.

  5. I’ll ask it again… Why are Democrats and Disney so obsessed with children’s sexuality and protecting pedophiles?

  6. So, I guess you wont be upset when Little Boys and Little Girls STOP being “Polite Little Gentlemen” and “Polite Little Ladies”?

  7. @Barb – There are two sexes. “Gender” is a farce psychological concept coined by a sexologist back in 1955 – pay it no mind nor credence.

  8. Disney is going to have a fit when they loose their Reedy Creek self governing status and have to answer to 2 different Counties. What about those 2 Counties getting that windfall Property Tax revenue? OMG pass the popcorn for this Peanut Butter hits the fan show!

  9. The emperor has no clothes. There are two and only two genders: male and female. Disney Corp. and other LGBT activists can not change that and they never will.

    Disney is no longer creating magical moments; they now are creating dystopia moments.

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