Car Hit by Gunfire at Cascades Park

Car Hit by Gunfire at Cascades Park

Around 2:00 a.m. on Friday, April 1st, a parent’s car was hit by gunfire when picking up their teenage daughter from a parking lot party in Cascades Park, according to the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD).

As the parents were arriving to pick up their daughter from the southwest parking lot near South Gadsden Street and East Van Buren Street, TPD reported that an unknown suspect fired multiple shots in the air. Then as the family was leaving, there was more gunfire, this time striking the back of their car.

TPD stated there were no injuries, and they collected shell casings for evidence.

The City of Tallahassee recently passed changes to the city’s noise ordinance in response to parking lot parties.

For several years noise disturbances have caused disruptions around the city, increasingly so since the onset of the pandemic. Large parking lot gatherings have become more popular since nightclubs and bars were closed due to safety measures.

TPD reported the gatherings have led to residential area disturbances, illegal activities, and sometimes violent crimes.

In October 2021, TPD reported a shooting incident in Cascades Park near the AC Hotel around 4 a.m. which involved five or six gunshots and resulted in a number of wounded individuals.

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  1. I predict that crime, the welfare state and income taxes will continue to grow in Leon County, Gadsden County and inside the city limits of Tallahassee because the liberals running government have to idea or no intent to stop it.

    Crime has little consequence. Local politicians throw money at the problem and blame “social injustice” instead of the criminal. Just yesterday, someone tried to kick in the door of my Sister-in-laws home in a nice neighborhood. Apparently, today’s youth enjoy kicking your front door then running away. And life has less value to today’s criminal…remember the recent marijuana deal gone bad that resulted in a murder. Just this last week alone, we saw another youth disrespect a Tallahassee Police Officer, resist arrest and what happens? Some in the community blame the Police Officer. Until crime has penalties, get use to it.

    Welfare: I have yet to hear a Democrat hold anyone accountable for their plight in life. Instead, third, forth, fifth generation welfare precipitants enjoy more and more benefits that exceed what working for a living would bring them. Again, the liberals blame the system and use the word “systemic”. As far as liberals are concerned, it isn’t the persons fault. No, the government failed them. Warning, if Democrats get their way, multi-family housing will be build next to your home. The democrat vote controls the city. Next they want to control the suburbs.

    Taxes: the city and county are excellent at raising your taxes while saying your taxes went down. If your tax rate stayed the same but estimated value of your home increases, what is the difference? Or they add a new school tax or fire tax. At the end of the year, you paid more.

    And do not get me started on the homosexual community that still adding letters to their LGBTQWXYZ acronym. They represent about one-thousands of one percent of the population and I be zero percent of them are 5-, 6- or 7- year olds. Yet, see the uproar over the “don’t say gay” bill. Gays and Queers will never be happy. IMO, they want to teach the youngest children that their lifestyle is normal. WTXL has joined in, too Cassanova Nurse’s new commercial.

    Stop patronizing liberal businesses that work against your views. Cable TV if filled with movies that promote crime, welfare and homosexuality. Disney World is leading the charge to teach 5- year olds about gay sex. And what is more un-American than the NFL. Patronizing these companies, and others, results in your indirect participation of supporting their goals.

    Good Luck

  2. I do give Commissioners Matlow and Porter credit for speaking up and attempting to question the leadership and hiring of Ben Pingree and Vince Long at a recent meeting.

    Commissioners Proctor and Carolyn Cummins walked out and Lie’n Williams-Cox made the motion to shut it down. Very inappropriate and unprofessional. Please remember these three for covering up corruption to not allow a civil discussion to ask and have questions answered.

    Presiding over this farce was Nick Maddox who recently left a job (where he was double dipping) because of sexual harassment (and that isn’t the first time).

    Egging Williams Cox on was the Mayor FAILEY self-promoter ad nauseam bestower of Blueprint infrastructure funds to his cronies for their Sky Box seats.

    Thank you commissioner Matlow for questioning why Ben Pingree was hired in a bar where alcohol was consumed so his position could give Scott Maddox’s girlfriend a job. Maddox and the girlfriend are now serving time in federal prison.

    I am tired of the inhumanity of giving away funds when there are children starving and dying in our own community and we are tasked with the responsibility of seeing that there’s proper infrastructure for all those students who come to Tallahassee to our higher learning institutions; yet our pompous mayor and his fiefdom are involved in sex scandals drinking scandals money scandals, etcetera and could not care less about Humanity. Enough!

    Thank you commissioner Matlow for standing up to this abhorrent status quo of miscreants, you are to be commended!

  3. I think politicians like Matlow and Porter who vote and speak out against law enforcement measures are woke mob politicians. They also co-hosted a fundraiser for a candidate for Attorney General who reportedly received money in a previous campaign from a PAC supported by George Soros.

    If these type of politicians get control of the City, the cost of property damage, economic losses and lawsuits will likely be greater than maintenance fees for sky box seats. And that’s not even getting into costs of bodily harm.

    Don’t be fooled by them; I believe they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  4. “Woke mob politicians and Old Guard Democrats?”

    The “Old Guard Democrats” are flaunting their full-on corruption in the faces of humanity for the sake of quid pro quo.

    I would like to see a special investigation into the Blueprint stadium vote. If this vote facilitated private Sky Box owners from being assessed fees for maintenance then their is an organized crime ring that Mayor FAILey, Nick BADdox, Bill CROCKtor, orchestrated for their re-election campaigns.

    Public servants who are appalled by this are not “Woke”.

  5. We need Ben Crump to contact that teenage female’s parent(s) and get them to agree to sue the city for its failure to take appropriate steps to keep our childern safe in our town.
    Whatever settlement is reached will be less expensive than allowing our city to continue in the direction we are going.
    The Govorner’s hands are tied in the respect that y’all voted for this to happen.
    Never thought we would need Crump to step up and save us from ourselves did you?

    Hey Ben there is money on the table waiting for you here in your home town.

  6. As someone who regularly hosts events in downtown Tallahassee, rest assured I will NOT be utilizing the hotels shadowing Cascades Park, unless TPD puts a stop to this nonsense. People who drop their teens off at a parking lot party need to have their head examined.

  7. @Snidely – I also agree with your concern about lawsuits. These woke mob politicians are going to cost us even more than the old guard democrats.

  8. @ Barb,

    That’s okay to disagree; I disagree with you, but you do make valid points. Civil discussion is encouraged and we can learn a lot from from listening…

  9. @Hope – Matlow and Porter are alone accountable for their votes and actions.

    You indicate that the mayor and city manager are accountable, for some reason, for the dire consequences of Porter and Matlow’s votes and actions. And, somehow, Porter and Matlow are the key to cleaning up everything. I don’t agree on either count.

    @Snidely – I agree they need to enforce the new ordinance.

  10. So the new directive which allows police more latitude to shut down parties like this was or was not invoked? Looks like from what we are reading all that was done was to collect some shell casings. No mention of if the gathering was allowed go on located on a city owned parking lot. One would think the police shut it down but reporting in other local news sources does not address that either.
    And what do you think happens at these parties when a circle of men forms? Well I’ll tell you. Its one of two things. 1) Either someone is getting beaten within an inch of their life in the center of the circle – or – 2) something is happening to a young lady in the center of the circle of men which we cant discuss here in the comments section. But trust me when I say you dont want your underage daughter, wife, or mom in the center of that circle.
    Police need to enforce the new directive and shut them down or expensive law suits will run rampant especially if allowed to continue on City owned property such as the parking lot where this party occured.

  11. @ Barb,

    Mayor FAILey and the City Manager must take accountability. This is on their watch. The City Manager was placed in his position by corruption, to facilitate the corruption, and continue it. Porter and Matlow understand the importance of removing the city manager to break up the current fiefdom that is oppressive to all.

    Have you thought about running for office?

  12. “The City of Tallahassee recently passed changes to the city’s noise ordinance in response to parking lot parties.”

    Commissioner Jack Porter voted against the ordinance. If the woke mob politicians get control of this city, Tallahassee will be like Minneapolis, Portland, N.Y.C., etc.

    Don’t forget Porter’s buddy, Commissioner Jeremy Matlow, publicly and repeatedly fought against the anti-riot bill for months before and after it passed.

  13. Unfortunatly its going to take these pop up parties to move north to that Circle K on Shamrock near that Methodist Church for local citizens to see just what TPD is capable of in breaking up these parties. You folks in Indianhead see where your constant Democratic voting gets you. BTW did anyone notice a lot of blue Biden yard signs in your neighborhood? Maybe local voters are starting to realize that their vote matters and elections have consiquences? Maybe.

  14. The parent needs to be arrested for child endangerment. Hire more cops and fire the current crop of politicians. Cascades was a peaceful patch of woods before they built that park there. It sounds like the OK corral from Indian Head Acres every weekend. I heard someone empty a 13 round clip over there last night. At some point I’m gonna start returning fire!

  15. “Around 2:00 a.m. on Friday, April 1st, a parent’s car was hit by gunfire when picking up their teenage daughter from a parking lot party in Cascades Park, according to the Tallahassee Police”

    Why are parents allowing their child to attend a parking lot party?

    This is what you get when the mayor runs his re-election campaign 24/7.

    He diverts tax dollars to special interests to receive campaign contributions as paybacks.

    He misuses WCOT for promoting himself under the guise of promoting Tallahassee.

    He should be directing staff to do PR segments addressing the high crime rate.

    The mayor is a failure in crime, ecology, water quality, and spending tax dollars wisely. The buck stops at Mayor FAILey…

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