Get the Info Related to Nine Commercial Building Reviews: 3/28-4/01

Get the Info Related to Nine Commercial Building Reviews: 3/28-4/01

Provided below is information on the active commercial building reviews from 3/28 through 4/01. The information is provided by the City of Tallahassee’s Growth Management Department.

The nine reviews include permits for $24 and $32 million permits related to separate multi-family projects.

3 Responses to "Get the Info Related to Nine Commercial Building Reviews: 3/28-4/01"

  1. There really no information useful in this article at all. It’s really just list of building permit activity. Maybe the author could have gathered a little bit more about the multi-family projects like what the square footage of the apartments is planned, what is the range of anticipated rents per unit, what is the range of bedrooms in each unit.

    All that makes a difference. Are you are talking about one and two bedroom units with $900 – $1200 per month rents or will the developments have two to 5 bedroom units with rents running between $500 and $900 a month with 60% set aside for Section 8 eligible housing? Big difference between these two developments. The first is likely to attract young, working singles and couples just starting out or older middle class empty nesters, the second will be lower middle class and welfare residents and most likely higher crime rates than the first. The crime will not be confined to the neighborhood but will affect the Canopy community which is a new community made up of mostly younger, working couples with children. I am sure the people in the Canopy community would really like a bit more detail.

  2. Do you realize the cost of family housing is limiting in Tallahasse. If you want people willing to work in the service industry. They need affordable housing !

  3. More crime will be coming to Tallahassee’s northeast side. The Plantations at Pine Lake apartments will become low income housing and Williams-Cox is proud.

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