A Misleading CNN Fact-Check Is Used by Florida Statewide Media Against Gov. DeSantis

A Misleading CNN Fact-Check Is Used by Florida Statewide Media Against Gov. DeSantis

A misleading CNN fact-check related to the Parental Rights in Education bill is being used by some in the Florida statewide media to promote incomplete information related to Governor DeSantis’s rationale for the legislation.

The fact-check – which was published last week – notes that “On several occasions since signing the bill into law, DeSantis has highlighted the story of a woman named January Littlejohn, a registered Republican, who says she was not fully consulted about the school’s gender-affirming plan for her child.”

CNN cites the fact that Ms. Littleljohn initially told school officials in an email “that she would not stop her child from using preferred pronouns or name of choice at school” as being inconsistent with the DeSantis statement that the school did not get the mother’s consent to address her daughter’s gender identity issues.

However, what the CNN analysis does not include is the fact that Leon County school officials went beyond Ms. Littlejohn’s initial consent – related to pronouns and name choice – and initiated an interview with their child as part of a  “Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Student Support Plan.”

Initiating the plan was part of the guidance sanctioned by the Leon County school district at the time.

On page two of the nine-page “Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Student Support Plan,” the interviewer noted that the parents were not aware of their child’s gender transition and the interviewer wrote that the issue should be kept from the parents. See below.

When questioned about the interview and support plan, school officials told the Littlejohns they were not required to be notified of the intervention based on state law and Leon County School (LCS) guidance.

These actions are consistent with DeSantis’s statement at the press conference describing the rationale for the bill. DeSantis said, “But to do these things behind the parents’ back and to say that the parents should be shut out, that is wrong.”

It is also consistent with the provision in the bill which says school employees “may not discourage or prohibit parental notification of and involvement in critical decisions affecting a student’s mental, emotional, or physical” health.

The incomplete CNN fact-check has been promoted by statewide media, giving ammunition to those who oppose the bill.

For example, Orlando Sentinel‘s Scott Maxwell tweeted the fact-check on the same day it was published. And Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani – a staunch opponent of the bill – tweeted in reply, “Governor DeSantis lied to promote a bigoted and unnecessary bill? No way!”

It should also be noted that Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna verbally changed the school district guidance incorporated in the  “Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Student Support Plan” before the Parental Rights in Education bill was signed into law.

Reprinted with permission from The Florida Capital Star

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  1. Steve, sorry if I am off-topic here, but someone should really ask the Mayor if he is still pleased with his get-out the vote effort for Joe Biden.

  2. Thank you for the fine reporting and information Steve.
    Everyone should keep in mind Tallahassee/Leon County is a low population center compared to many in Florida. Many locals have deep roots here.

    Steve has to balance his reporting with his deep roots in our community. He is not running a radical left or radical right wing reporting business like we see on TV every day if someone is still even keeping up with that propaganda.
    Keep up the great work Steve.

  3. Writing “A Misleading CNN Fact-Check” is being redundant. CNN never tells the truth. CNN lies when the truth fits better. If CNN reported my Mother loved me, I wouldn’t believe them. That fact that some people not only watch CNN but believe them is all the argument you need to require voters to pass an IQ test.

    This gigantic desire Groomers have to talk about homosexual sex with 5- year olds is beyond reason. My guess is, by forcing us to accept them and wanting to raise up the next generation believing that Homosexuality is normal, along with being a Transvestite, makes them fell better about themselves.

    And it is getting worse. A new fake news outlet, Newsy, had news report in which two queers graphically discussed what it was like being tested for HIV. It was disgusting.

    We should have a big shout-out to all those folks that made all this possible by voting for Plugs Biden. BTW, I bet Plugs has no idea what is going on unless it is on an episode of Matlock. Who is running the Country? Not that feeble old man.

  4. The Parental Rights in Education bill is an anti-grooming bill. People should read it for themselves; they do not need the media to fact-check it for them. For the love of your children, parents, don’t be lazy with it; check into this yourselves.

    “Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani – a staunch opponent of the bill – tweeted in reply, “Governor DeSantis lied to promote a bigoted and unnecessary bill? No way!”

    I wonder where Eskamani’s buddies, Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter, stand on the bill and on this issue.

  5. Steve Stewart is a good man and a shining example in this community of Truth, Honor, and Integrity!

    I believe Mr. Stewart is at the moment searching for a balance that at the moment seems to be giving the Chamber kRats and the Scott Maddox leftovers Grace… he is a better person than me.

  6. Rocky Hannah “verbally changed the school district guidance” what the heck does that mean?

    And why is Steve Stewart so far up Rocky Hannah’s rectal aperture? Every time I hear Stewart on 93.3 he’s apologizing and making excuses for Rocky Hannah. Who is quite possibly the most unctuous, garrulous bald headed fool who ever told us a lie…daily!

    This publication is stuck where it is because Stewart always reverts to the Leon county mean, and covers for the worst people running it.

  7. Schools do not need to be Teaching this Stuff to their Students let alone talking to Toddlers about it. Thank you Gov. DeSantis for passing this Bill.

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