Kristin Dozier Reports Nearly $53K in First Campaign Report, Bellamy Breaks $200K

Kristin Dozier Reports Nearly $53K in First Campaign Report, Bellamy Breaks $200K

The latest campaign fundraising numbers for local candidates were filed with the Supervisor of Elections on April 10, 2022. The table provided below shows the latest numbers for all Tallahassee city commission candidates.

City Commission candidates reported total contributions of $959,285 adding $91,812 in the April report. The candidates have spent $132,791 and have a total of $826,439 cash-on-hand.

In her first campaign report since filing to run for mayor of Tallahassee, Kristin Dozier raised $52,944. Dozier, who filed in early March, joins Mayor John Dailey and Whitfield Leland in the field.

See Dozier donors here.

Dailey added $8,050 in April and has reported raising a total of $198,215. Dailey has $173,908 cash-on-hand.

Leland reported total contributions of $745 with no new contributions reported in April.

In the race for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 3, David Bellamy reported total contributions of $200,980 adding $14,185 in April. Bellamy has $180,371 cash-on-hand.

His opponent, City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow, added $8,196 in April and reported total contributions of $95,137 with $77,768 cash-on-hand.

In the race for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 5, incumbent City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox leads the field with $53,975 in contributions, adding $7,350 in April. Williams-Cox has $33,692 cash-on-hand.

Williams-Cox has two opponents, Shelby Green and Adner Marcelin.

In her inaugural report, Green reported raising $1,087. Marcelin reported total contributions of $8,445 with no contributions reported in April and has $7,208 cash-on-hand.

10 Responses to "Kristin Dozier Reports Nearly $53K in First Campaign Report, Bellamy Breaks $200K"

  1. NE Moderate,

    In my opinion the comment should not have been removed. The candidate who has amassed the most amount of money from special interests and Insiders seems to be pushing back (or their campaign manager) to have legitimate comments removed. That is fine, but obliging them is not fair and balanced. This is the second comment removed in as many days.

    This publication seems to be showing a lot of “grace” to the Chamber crowd candidates and candidates who are funded by special interests.

    I believe Tallahassee Reports should repost your deleted comment in its entirety, as it was completely legitimate and informative.

  2. Yes Hope, I didn’t think comments were deleted like that around here.

    Bellamy is a big time wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is counting on Republican votes but is a friend and longtime supporter of Scott Maddox. Almost completely funded by the Chamber and developers, being run by Maddox associates, very noncommittal about actually changing anything wrong with the local gov.

  3. Is there a comment from NE Moderate missing or am I mistaken?

    I thought the comment was informative and politically accurate.

  4. I believe it is important for voters to know that David Bellamy was a Scott Maddox campaign contributor and he is FOR the Doak Campbell Stadium Blueprint $27 million giveaway to the Sky Box/Chamber kRat crowd.

    He had an opportunity on this forum to answer that question and he arrogantly chose not to, but to give his cell phone number to call him. Are you kidding me? Don’t call me I’ll call you? He must answer this question even though we know what the answer is… Money will not help in this election climate. If you are Pro or voted FOR the Doak Campbell Stadium giveaway your campaign is over.

  5. My first house was in the county when I bought it and later annexed into the city against my vote. The increase in taxes delivered exactly zero new services to the neighborhood and the only thing that really changed was that the neighborhood patrol by LCSO was replaced by TPD vehicles. We later moved back into the county and haven’t had to deal (directly) with the city for much.

    I’m really grateful that I don’t have to decide which of the devils to support for city elections.

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