Leon County Elementary School Teacher Voices Gender Identity Views, Supports Discussions with Students

Leon County Elementary School Teacher Voices  Gender Identity Views, Supports Discussions with Students

Brandy Vance, a Leon County school teacher at J. Michael Conley Elementary School at Southwood, is not happy about the Parental Rights in Education bill and she recently took to Facebook to voice her concerns.

The Parental Rights in Education bill, which was recently signed into law, contains a provision that “prohibits a school district from encouraging classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.”

Vance posted a 220 word explanation of her position related to issue with a picture of herself dressed in LGBTQ supportive attire on Conley Elementary school grounds.

The Facebook post is included below.

The description that accompanied the photo voices displeasure with the Parental Rights in Education bill by stating, “you think that this freaking bill is ok, march your self over to that delete button and get the heck away from me….Now.”

Vance writes, “Just because YOUR family isn’t LGBTQ doesn’t mean ALL families aren’t. Doesn’t mean kids aren’t. EVERY student and EVERY family should get to be represented to our youth. Because they EXIST. And they aren’t scary.”

TR reached out to Ms. Vance for comment, but she has not responded to our request.

Her post raises several questions.

Can teachers promote personal views on gender identity through their attire at school?

If so, if the attire promotes questions from elementary school students are the teachers allowed to give their views?

And finally, what is the LCS policy on these type of comments and actions by school employees?

Leon County School officials told TR that there are ongoing discussions related to what can be displayed in classrooms and what freedoms teachers have when addressing personal beliefs. Similar to the process related to the LGBTQ guide, policies addressing these issues should updated before the next school year.

Facebook Post

From dictionary.com: The word unicorn has a specific slang meaning in the gay community. It refers to a bisexual woman who sleeps with heterosexual couples, a term sometimes referenced with the unicorn face emoji.

More generally, people in the gay community may use the unicorn emoji to express pride or signal identity, connecting the emoji’s often rainbow-colored horn to the rainbow flag.

39 Responses to "Leon County Elementary School Teacher Voices Gender Identity Views, Supports Discussions with Students"

  1. Hanna has got to go along with this ignorant and horrible teacher. She is disgusting and her language is so inappropriate.

  2. @ Yikes…

    Who said she was? Her display of inappropriate behavior is unconscionable and what you are seeing is push back to this lewd and lascivious behavior in front of children. Not only should she be fired she should be arrested and deemed a predator.

  3. ANY groomer representing ANY ideology or religion should not be employed by ANY public school. Period. This person just happens to be mentally ill to boot.

    CNN – “Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.”

  4. Teachers like this failing to teach their assigned subject so they can teach their personal views instead is why people keep refusing to give teachers a raise. Until we can fire the bad teachers who have classes of failing students no teacher deserves a raise. If you’re protecting the bad ones through the union why should I give you more of my money?

    Also I bet if a cop questions this teachers students they all say she’s handsy. Grooming in progress.

  5. This “thing” works for the Leon County School System. I believe that’s under the responsibility of Mr. Rocky Hanna. If LCS allows “things” like this to be hired, paid and can “teach” in the county education system, Leon County has a bigger problem than just the issues this “thing” presents. How many more have infiltrated the system?

    Note to Rocky:
    You and your staff of school principals have some serious problems that need your immediate attention.. Better get busy.

  6. @ Barb,

    @ Neil Mooney,
    She was exploiting her clothing in a classroom of children that has a sexually explicit connotation. Perhaps you can support her when she gets fired and bail her out of jail when she gets arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior exploiting minors.

    Do you get it, now?

  7. @David T. Hawkins – I hope you get elected. We desperately need sane people in positions of power in this county.

  8. @ Neil Moony “The Parental Rights in Education bill, which was recently signed into law, contains a provision that “prohibits a school district from encouraging classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels”. ANYONE who is against this Bill is saying they are FOR encouraging classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels. Primary Grade Levels are Pre-K to 5th Grade. Please tell us WHY you want ANYONE talking to Kids that YOUNG about sexual orientation or gender identity that is not their Parent. I really want to know.

  9. She is brave to speak her mind openly and forcefully. I can’t disagree with anything she said. I can’t imagine any reason she should be fired over her opinions: not one word of it is threatening to children or detrimental in any way. It is her opinion, nothing more. Lets favor the free exercise of her rights and yours.

  10. Teaching children about ideas you may disagree with isn’t indoctrination. Teaching children only about ideas you agree with, that’s the very definition of indoctrination. Who’s grooming who?

  11. I would not want my child to be taught about sexuality in school at any grade level. This is strictly a parental responsibility. And I agree this teacher should be fired.

  12. What happened to dressing professionally? Nobody needs to be promoting anything in school. There’s no reason to talk about or promote these private issues.

  13. If you think this teacher should be fired (as I do) call and or write the school board and school administration! Its nice seeing this opposition to her but DO something that will get her fired, NOW! Thanks

  14. First, my family is LGBTQ+ whatever you want to add next week.

    Second, I don’t want you ANYWHERE around my children Brand Vance.

    I will be making a formal complaint and will not be sending my 5th grader to Conley next year. In fact, even though we have had a good experience, for the most part, at Buck Lake, there is no other LC School I trust at this time.

    Rocky Hanna has already openly stated his opposition to this bill, so I can only assume he wants my elementary aged children to be groomed by teachers. As I stated in the first line, this is not an out of bounds topic in our home by any stretch of the imagination but the language this teacher uses razes several pedophilia red flags.

    How is it that the ONLY board member who has stood up for parent’s rights had a challenger and the other two violators of their oath of office and danger to our children members have not one to run against.

  15. Tell Ms. Vance she needs to review her 7th grade grammar lessons. Her indoctrinating innocent children is not the only reason she should not be teaching – but I guess she is the product of the modern educational system. Is grammar even taught these days?

  16. “you think that this freaking bill is ok, march your self over to that delete button and get the heck away from me….Now.”

    This is the way liberals think. The “penalty” for disagreeing with a liberal is to be silenced, but everything the liberal wants must be accepted without question.

    Personal pronouns are meaningless. If the dude wants to use Brandy, Michael, Everest, Fish, Golfball, or Cactus as a first name, that’s one thing. But nobody has to cater to his wishes to be referred to as a woman when he’s clearly not. I wish TR would stop catering to the insanity and refer to him as what biology deems him to be, not his delusions.

    This kind of behavior used to be called a mental illness. There are no end to the reasons that make it so. If he identifies as a fish, he’s mentally ill. If he identifies as a child he’s mentally ill. If he identifies as the president of the United States he’s mentally ill. If he identifies as the opposite sex he’s mentally ill.

    And his argument that it “feels normal” is also meaningless. A serial killer is wired that way. Killing and torturing others “feels normal” to the individual. It’s not a choice. A pedophile is wired that way. Preying on children for sex “feels normal” to the individual. It’s not a choice. The class bully “feels normal” when he’s picking on kids smaller and weaker.

    It’s time we stop catering to these people. They must acknowledge that there are societal norms and it’s up to them to conform to them in public. If they want to wear an evening gown when they get home that’s their business.

  17. When I was in elementary school I had two teachers, they were twins, both were platinum blonde bombshells. They taught second and third grade at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Elementary School. Both of them knew my parents very well, because they were at the Officers Club every night trying to bag a fighter pilot. They used to get my mom to set them up with all the single fighter jocks in my dad’s squadron. I thought it was odd that they always asked me how my mom was doing and not the other kids. My mom and pop still tell stories about the Pivak sisters at the O’club.

    I didn’t learn that about my favorite schoolteachers until I was an adult and it was still too much information… Both of them were straight up smoke shows.

    They need to fire the Unicorn person immediately.

  18. Ms. Vance is an activist teacher. I don’t remember any teacher talking about their personal life growing up and I didn’t care to know either. It’s because teaching was about the students. These teachers have a personal vendetta.


  19. I have a few Questions: Where were these Teachers 5 Years ago? Are these New Teachers that are bringing this stuff into the Class Rooms? Was there Lesson Plans drawn up on these Subjects and passed by the School Board or is it the Teachers doing this all on their own?

  20. Then, Ms. Vance, discuss it at home as you may think it to be appropriate. The life choice should be neither encouraged nor condemned. But it has no place in public schools for this grade level. It is really that simple.

  21. And you wonder why less than half the students in Leon County schools can read and write at a satisfactory level? I don’t, not anymore. That thing should be canned immediately, no one cares who she sleeps with, we care that she thinks its ok to tell our kids about it!

  22. I agree totally with Edward Lyle. She (or He) needs to be Fired NOW. If you want to express your Perverted Ways, do on Social Media like everyone else just, KEEP IT OUT OF THE CLASSROOMS.

  23. In the interest in protecting children, this woman should be terminated immediately. At the beginning of her rant, she attacks parents for being parents and disparages all religions. You can see how these groomers have hijacked the rainbow and unicorn for the specific purpose of attracting children to them. They are no different than a pedo pervert at the kids park with a bag of candy. They are unable to groom and/or recruit adults into their unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle choice, so they target children in their developmental years in an effort to grow their numbers… without any regard to the damage and harm they are causing children.

    In this case, this woman is clearly using her taxpayer-funded position and workplace to indoctrinate children into a political and social agenda that is completely contrary to nature and science. They are a threat to a child’s natural development and psychological well-being. Many people have lost their jobs for doing far less than what the groomer has done with her public statements attacking parents, natural order, and democracy.

    They ARE NOT your children… that are your “students”. Keep your twisted personal perversions out of the classroom and away from OUR children.

  24. The Parental Rights in Education bill is a much needed anti-grooming bill.

    It is unjust that elementary school children are the captive audience of teachers who abuse their position by indoctrinating the children in values and behaviors opposed by their parents.

    The parents alone are entitled to pass their values down to their children and set behavior expectations for them.

    The teacher is hired help; he/she is entitled to a paycheck for teaching the children academics. This teacher and many others have an over inflated view of their role.

  25. Teachers should not be sharing the details of their personal lives or their sexuality with their students, in any grade. This person has no business teaching anybody’s child. The responsibility of teaching children about sexuality belongs to0 the parents only. Leon county needs to take her out of the class room immediately and start the process of terminating her.

  26. School Board: “policies addressing these issues “should” be updated prior to next school year.”
    Translation: We will tell you what we “really” intend to do after you morons reelect us.”

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