Dailey, Dozier Stake Out Positions

Dailey, Dozier Stake Out Positions

During separate interviews with Steve Stewart on The Steve Stewart Show on Real Talk 93.3 FM, mayoral candidates John Dailey and Kristin Dozier spent 40 minutes answering questions about their respective campaigns.

Provided below are their comments and positions on issues related to the Blueprint vote to fund stadium improvements for FAMU and FSU, the future of City Manager Reese Goad, and their views on the current status of civility during government meetings.

FSU, FAMU Stadium Votes

The recent votes to award Blueprint economic funds to FAMU ($10 million) and FSU ($20 million) to upgrade their football stadiums has been characterized as a major political issue by many. Some elected officials and public speakers have noted the vote will be an important issue in the upcoming elections.

Commissioner Dozier voted against the funding for both FAMU and FSU, while Mayor Dailey supported the award to both schools.

In support of his vote, Mayor Dailey noted that college sports is the number one economic driver of tourism in Tallahassee and that “this is the right move to support the universities.”

He noted that economic analysis related to the funding indicated that the investment would provide positive returns for the community.

Ahead of declaring her candidacy, Dozier called the FSU vote “a pivotal moment for our community.”

Dozier noted the funding wiped out the economic dollars that could be used for future projects and said “this was the most anti-business, anti-jobs, anti-growth decision Leon County and Tallahassee has ever made.”

Tallahassee City Manager

The fate of current Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad has been an issue for some elected officials since the city commission voted 4-1 to hire Goad just ahead of the local elections in September, 2018.

At the time of his appointment, Goad had been with the city for 18 years and was serving as the deputy city manager over Electric and Underground Utilities, Solid Waste, Tallahassee International Airport and StarMetro.

Mayor John Dailey publicly supported Goad after Commissioner Jeremy Matlow authored a critical performance review of Goad in 2019. Dailey, in a press conference, said he “strongly supports our city manager.”

However, it appears Goad’s fate will continue to be an issue in the upcoming election.

Dozier, when questioned about her position on the issue said, “we do need a new city manager” and noted we need fresh eyes on how we structure city government. She also said she would support a competitive selection process.

It takes three votes to replace an city commission appointed official.


There have been a lot of discussion about civility during local government meetings.

During the interview, Dailey indicated that current state of politics following the COVID pandemic plays a role in the current tone displayed during meeting. Dailey added, we can all do better.

Dailey did address the recent reports about inappropriate text messages from people who have highlighted the civility issue by saying you can’t say one thing publicly and do something different privately.

Dozier stated that some officials are using rules of order to silence those who disagree with the majority and said that the approach impacts compromise on important policy issues.

Both Dozier and Dailey were in agreement that the recent questioning by City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow of Blueprint employee Ben Pingree went to far.

Dozier said, “I did not appreciate the line of questioning by Commissioner Matlow …. it went a bit too far.”

However, Dozier contended that majority ended the meeting while “there were legitimate questions that needed to be asked.”

The Steve Stewart Show interviews by Mayor John Dailey and Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier can heard on demand by visting www.realtalk933.com

16 Responses to "Dailey, Dozier Stake Out Positions"

  1. The house in question at 510 Terrace St. that Kristin Dozier bought at way less than market value and then sold shortly after purchase at way above market value is not viewable on the Property Appraiser’s web site or the tax collector’s website. Searches were done by address, Dozier’s name and parcel #. In addition, the new owner’s of 510 Terrace St.are not viewable either. Their names, however, can be found on the deed on file with the Clerk of the Court’s office.I smell HUUUUGE cover up.

  2. Kristin Dozier still, has not satisfactorily answered the questions about her involvement with J.T. Burnette and why she accepted his offer to purchase a house in the heart of midtown for barely 2/3 the value of the property and then turn around and sell it two years later for a sizable gain. Even now, the property is restricted from view on the Property Appraiser’s web site.

  3. @ Pat A: If you visit my Campaign web site at, Hawkins2022.com you can read my extensive Platform. You will find my solutions on a lot of issues, such as, the Crime Rate, it has gotten ridiculously out of control. Over the Years, they have spent $Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on all these different Programs to combat crime and it seems none of them are working, if they were, why do they need to keep adding new Programs. Instead of adding yet another program, lets try something new, lets try getting tougher on the Criminals. I expand on this on my Web Site. We need to get the Repeat Offenders, Violent Offenders and Offenders who use anything as a Weapon off the streets for a longer period of time and even prosecute anyone who helps hide the Offender and/or interferes with the Police from doing their Job.

  4. @ Pat A… I can’t say that I disagree with anything you’ve written here. Our City is quickly morphing into another Chicago-like city. It will continue on that path unless we elect “real” change. Just picking a different member of the local establishment club will not do the trick.

    As always… we deserve the government we elect

  5. There is more than one “Pat” posting.

    Back in the day, candidates ran on a platform of being tough on crime. Those days are gone in our area. Our local politicians pretend to take action to reduce crime but in reality, they are encouraging it. And they do it is to get elected. Politicians are weak on crime because the families of criminals vote. It is the same thing with welfare queens. They get to vote too. The Police Departments Civil Citations are just a “get out of jail free card”. It has always been if you committed your first offense, you could do community service and get off with a warning and charges being dropped. Civil Citations are just more chances before you get real prison time.

    57 percent of U. S. Citizens didn’t pay any federal income taxes in 2021 and I bet that includes a large percentage of Tallahassee’s voting block. I’m with the 43 percent that pay a lot of taxes. And that is why I live where I live and support building codes that prohibit Multi-family buildings in my neighborhood. The crime that comes with low income housing I want as far as possible from my home. When I am home, I’m protected and lots of trees block my view of the all those people that are a burden on the taxpayer.

    How about a “shout-out” to all the people that own nice homes around Lake Ella. The homeless have laid claim to Lake Ella and the City isn’t doing anything about it.

    And the way our politicians pander to the homosexual community makes me want to puke. What ever you say…a million genders, you’re born that way, what ever, just vote for me. House Democrats have written a bill that makes abortion legal but does not include the word “woman”. Either Oregon or Washington State have a school district putting feminine product in the boys bathroom.

    So good luck Tallahassee, pick your poison and this time next year, crime, homelessness and poverty will have grown and you will be expected to pay more so the 57 percenters do not have to.

  6. “He noted that economic analysis related to the funding indicated that the investment would provide positive returns for the community”.

    It is economics of corruption.

    Would it be possible for Tallahassee Reports to report on who signed off on this economic analysis report Mayor Dailey is referring to?

    “Economics of corruption deals with the misuse of public power for private benefit and its economic impact on society”.

    Mayor Dailey, Dianne Williams Cox, Nick Maddox and Bill Proctor went with the “economic of corruption” path to benefit themselves with campaign contributions.

  7. @ Jon, Whitfield Leland III should be dropping out soon. He has failed to File his MARCH Finance Report so his Fines will be through the roof now. The last day to File Aprils Report is tomorrow.

  8. money for stadiums is B.S.. as if the 1 or 2000 rich folks that go to the already very nice Champions Club would stop going to the games. So no extra tourist dollars are gained. Plus what architect and code inspectors planned and passed the last remodel without proper safety rails and grab bars? whilst the peons enjoy their aluminum bench.

  9. Vote against both of them. Theyve had their shot. Term limits for everyone!

    Michael Ibrahim
    Whitfield Leland III

    are also running.

  10. Since I won’t be around in 137 years when a fiscal conservative runs for mayor, guess I’ll have to wear my nose plugs to my voting precinct. Again.

    Yabba-dabba-Doak, or let’s all ‘go to pot’?

    Only hope we have continues to be de-annexation.

  11. When I worked for FSU I won an award, so Dr. Abel took me to lunch at the Champions club. It was filled with well-heeled Alumni who probably frequent the place weekly. When I was sitting at the table, I thought to myself, I will probably never have another opportunity to eat here again. And I’ve been right for 20 years and counting.
    So, when they voted to have us pay for all the hand railings and safety upgrade’s so that the well-heeled FSU Alumni would have an extra 20 million to spend on the sky boxes and the Champions club, I decided they all have to go. Kristen didn’t vote for that bs, so this conservative will vote for her no matter how much her heart bleeds. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, she has surprised me before…

  12. I think the comments about Commissioner Matlow are a backdoor endorsement for his opponent. It is refreshing to see someone ask a questions instead of saying nothing. Kudos to Commissioner Jeremy Matlow for asking the questions that should be asked.

  13. Dozier will have this by a landslide (unless a well-established conservative enters the race) as the Blueprint 27 million dollar giveaway by Mayor Failey to the “Let Them Eat Cake” crowd will make Mayor Failey the big loser here.

  14. Now this campaign knock down drag out local race is going to be rare and rich and exquite comedy for local conservatives to watch!
    You conservatives dont have a horse in the race and its likely you wont have a horse in the next 137 years. So just sit back eat your popcorn and watch the s#it show drama unfold before your eyes!
    Your neighbors, coworkers, and church members are going to put on one heck of a dramatic production as they struggle mightly to make the classic leftist decision on which they perfer to ingest for the next 4 years: feces or vomit!
    Tally/Leon political drama at it’s finest in store. Buckle up and GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!

  15. Daily has proven to be a big baby when it comes to people who don’t agree with him or who criticizes anything he has done or anything that Richardson and Williams-Cox has done. Daily cut off Mr. Sims when he was criticizing those three and even tried to end the Meeting right after.

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