LGBTQ Advisory Committee Addresses Names, Pronouns, Dress Code, and Bathrooms

LGBTQ Advisory Committee Addresses Names, Pronouns, Dress Code, and Bathrooms

The Leon County Schools LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee met on May 10th at the Aquilina Howell center to discuss the “Inclusive School Guide for LCS Employees” in regards to the LGBTQ+ community.

The LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee is composed of 15 members and was approved by both the Superintendent and School Board. The aim of the meeting was to develop a guide for LCS employees to be trained on to help navigate laws, policies, and regulations related to LGBTQ+ students.

Assistant Superintendent of School Management, Alan Cox, facilitated the Committee review process.

The Committee reviewed the legal section of the “Inclusive School Guide for LCS Employees” editing various portions including the requirement that teachers use the students preferred name and pronoun found on the student information system, the FOCUS portal.

The most relevant portion of the document addressed the best practices related to LGBTQ+ students and policies regulating dress code, locker rooms, names and pronouns.

The Committee agreed to allow students to dress in ways that are consistent with the dress code reflecting their gender identity and gender expression. In regards to gender fluid students, they are allowed to dress within either sex’s dress code based on whichever identity they are expressing that day.

When asked about the dress code on jewelry and makeup, Jessica Chapman, the Sail High School principal, stated that it would be “a big no no” for students to wear offensive clothing and jewelry. The example of a dress code violation given by Ms. Chapman was a student wearing a confederate flag on a necklace.

Additionally, the Committee addressed the best practice when it comes to locker rooms and transgender students. There was a discussion about transgender students being allowed to use the locker room of their expressed identity on a case by case basis. However, the guidance on this issue was not finalized and will be discussed at a future meeting.

They also made it clear that all students would be allowed to request an individual changing room without having to explain any specific reason.

The final topic discussed before concluding the meeting was names and pronouns. As previously stated, parents or students of legal age can edit students’ preferred names and pronouns in the FOCUS portal. If the student and parents disagree on changing the preferred pronouns on FOCUS, teachers are to make the administration aware so they can have a conversation with the parents. This conversation could include recommendations to guidance counselors, therapists, and in extreme cases, involve the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The Committee will reconvene to finish editing the second half of the “Inclusive School Guide for LCS Employees” on May 25th.

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  1. Well, besides normal girls (xx) and boys (xy), there are also a teeny tiny fraction of abnormal girls — x, xxx, xxxx, xxxxx – and abnormal boys — xxy, xxyy, xxxy…
    Aneuploidy. Flaws in separation of the molecules, flaws in the centromeres, microtubules, kinetochores, the telomeres. And a few cases of damage in the SRY gene near the end of the y chromosome. And rare events of being subjected to the wrong or excess hormones & hormone analogs during gestation & at puberty, & exposure to feminizing chemicals like phthalates, mutagens, teratogens… Rare — 1 in 800, 1 in 500K, 1 in 1M — but, as David Hume of the Scottish Enlightenment noted, unfortunately “Stercus accidit”. (stuff happens). It is what it is.

    Of course, that really has extremely little to do with the power-mad brain-washing schemes being pushed by today’s “groomers”, illiberal leftists/ regressives/ collectivists and their feeeeelings, which is why they also try to misappropriate the grammatical term “gender”.

  2. They need to form a committee in which they address bringing reading, writing, and arithmetic back to the schools.
    Alan Cox is a joke along with all the other administrators.

  3. LCSB needs a boot in the butt! This is ridiculous. Basically you are letting the inmates run the asylum. Students are not responsible enough yet to be allowed to choose their own gender or most anything for that matter. It is ludicrous. And the parents allowing their children to do this need serious mental health screening. They are YOUR CHILDREN not your besties or friends. This is turning into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Their will be consequences to these flippant actions.

  4. The schools should have never opened this door. It is between the child, the family, and medical / mental health professionals. Case closed.

    People can take this out of the schools by going to vote, pray, and speaking out. This could all end by 2024 if everyone would do there civic duty and vote (them out).

  5. These are KIDS. Instead of allowing THEM make the demands and tell the Schools WHAT TO DO, how about letting the Adults tell THEM how it’s going to BE. Remember when YOUR Parents used to tell you: “When you become an Adult and move out, you can do that”.?

  6. Don’t you just love how our tax dollars are being spent. The only alphabet policy needed should be taught in science/biology classes no earlier than middle school and it must be that there are only 2 sexes, make and female, supported by science for centuries and also supported by the word of God. Anything else is either mental illness or something worse.

    His crap will not change until the citizens of Leon County have come to Jesus moment and get rid of these Libturd politicians.

  7. I can’t believe they spent time and energy on this when there are so many other problems in our education system.

    Long gone are the days of figuring out how to actually teach kids how to problem solve, basic math, and simply history.

  8. May 23rd 2813 S. Meridian St. (12:00 noon-1:15 pm) Meet the School Board candidates.

    Please take an active roll in the next election.

  9. “This conversation could include recommendations to guidance counselors, therapists, and in extreme cases, involve the Florida Department of Children and Families.” The only time DCF has any jurisdiction is when there is a sworn affidavit filed with the court. If DCF is called on any parents the school better be prepared for a legal battle.

    I will be happy to help any parent out with the proper laws. One big on is this that DCF never tells you about when they are trying to take your children:

    “Nothing in this Act shall be construed as authorizing any Federal official, agent, or representative, in carrying out any of the provisions of this Act, to take charge of any child over the objection of either of the parents of such child, or of the person standing in loco parentis to such child.”

  10. @ Barb,

    “We need a “Moms for Liberty” candidate”.

    Have you ever thought of running? You should think about it.

  11. “Assistant Superintendent of School Management, Alan Cox, facilitated the Committee review process.”

    Alan Cox, you know, the husband of Laurie Lawson Cox, the candidate for school board. More of the same.

    We need a “Moms for Liberty” candidate.

  12. Can’t wait to see how Leon County schools handles the first case of assault in a restroom of a “trans” girl assaulting a biological female in the bathroom.

    You know this collection of fruitcakes will try to hush it up, transfer the little head case, allow it to happen again, then it will explode in their collective faces.

    Someone get the popcorn.

  13. If a person is incapable of determining – on a day-to-day basis – whether they are a male or female… this is NOT an “equity” or “equality” matter, and certainly NOT a public school system issue. This is a clear indication of a mental disorder… likely a combination of Gender Dysphoria and Multiple Personality Disorder. This person is mentally unstable and needs serious professional help, not encouragement to explore their dangerous delusions. They are a threat to themselves and others.

    The Leon County Fool Board and their Stupidintendent should be indicted for Child Endangerment, Practicing Without a License, and Refusing Medical Treatment.

  14. This committee lost me on allowing biological boys entering femal bathrooms and sports facilities. Who voted for this on the committee??

  15. No Confederate Flag? Apparently, our school teachers and administrators learned everything they know about the Civil War from a 15 minute youtube video. The Confederate States of America actually had three national flags. But like most of the uneducated, they believe the “stars and bars” was the Confederate States flag. It wasn’t. The stars and bars was a battle flag carried in combat so commanders could follow their troops progress in a battle.

    Lincoln did not run for President to free the slaves. Lincoln’s position was if you are a slave state you can remain a slave state. The Emancipation Proclamation did not free all the slaves. The South left the Union believing they had freely joined so they should be able to freely leave. The North controlled congress and legislation put tariffs on southern products.

    Of course, Tallahassee’s education system is short on teaching facts and more about making leud behavior normal and acceptable. Not once have I read anything about referring confused children for mental heathcare. It seems to me that a lot of people are not much concerned with Judgement Day or how Jesus feels about those that harm children.

  16. This schools and society being out of control is the local adults including the parents of the childerns fault for becoming too nice and worried about offending others in regards to what is best for our community as a whole including whats best for our childern.
    You can just look in any mirror to clearly see whose fault these problems are.
    Back in the day anyone doing this kind of crap to childern or our communitty in general would be tarred and fethered then ran out of town on a rail. This simple but effective check on too much power and too much crazy had the wonderful result of raising up the standards of even the most sick reprobates in our communitties accross America.
    Again who is responsable for this? Check your bathroom mirror and take a good look at who is responsable. And get your @zz out to vote.

  17. Try THIS: Once you decide you are a Trans, you NO LONER are allowed to Take P.E. or Play in any Sports. That takes care of the Locker Room issue. You use the Teachers Bathrooms until they can build a Trans Bathroom. The ONLY time a Teacher or Staff Member can talk to you about being Trans or Gay is if YOU approach THEM first.

  18. So…you can use whatever bathroom you want regardless of the feelings of others but you cannot have a necklace with a confederate flag on it as that might be offensive. In what universe does that make sense? The people that are running the public school system are not capable of rational thought.

  19. Nothing whatsoever associated with the Fool Systems core purpose… to teach children to read, write, and do arithmetic. Why are the Democrats and their union-controlled schools so obsessed with sexualizing children?


  20. And people are still sending their children to these public schools? Seriously?

    I think the “educators” are not serious about educating your children. I think they are not serious people and should not be taken seriously. Worse still, I think they may be playing a cruel joke on you.

    Stay sane – seriously consider homeschooling.

  21. How do you plan on dealing with sexual assault/harassment claims? That’s the only answer parents need. It is unlawful to expose yourself to a minor at any age, so how can you protect your students from all possibilities including 1) misdemeanor charges 2) assault and trauma 3) false claims? You really can’t, because you’re not allowed to install cameras. Y’all ducked up.

  22. And this is exactly why schools have become a shitshow! They can be addressed by whatever name or pronoun they are feeling? The comment “whatever gender they are feeling that day” ..This is insane! Schools and administrators are responsible for this stupidity. You are male or female by birth. This has already been determined. A student should have to go to the bathroom of their natural gender, not what they are feeling for that day. Why does EVERYTHING have to have a label? Why does everything have to involve sexuality?
    Go to school, do your work, use the correct bathroom!!

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