Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: May 10, 2022

Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: May 10, 2022

Provided below are meeting brief from the May 10, 2022 Leon County School Board meeting.

–The Leon County School Board unanimously approved the installation of a sidewalk at the entrance of the Chiles High School baseball field. The project materials and labor are being donated to the school and requires zero funding from Chiles High School.

–The board approved the submitted documents for the design of Phase III of the Sealey Elementary School Roof Replacement Project.

–Changes to the Criminal Background and Employment History Checks Policy were approved by the board, which will take effect May 11, 2022. The revisions to the policy include language that before employing an administrator, instructional personnel, or support staff, the district shall conduct employment history checks to include a review of each affidavit of separation from previous employers.

–The board voted collectively to allow changes to the Mandatory Reporting of Misconduct by Certified Employees Policy. The amendment to the policy includes language that will require the district to report the misconduct of all employees to the Florida Department of Education and to parents.

–The board approved scheduling a public hearing for June 21, 2022, and adopting amendments to Policy 5517.01 – Bullying and Harassment. Revisions to the policy will include language that defines sexual cyberharassment, written determination components, and a list of training and instruction programs authorized by the district. Additionally, the changes will allow electronic mail to notify a parent of an incident of bullying.

–Likewise, the board authorized changes to the Student Hazing Policy. The changes include: definition of hazing, reporting procedures and disciplining hazing, referral of victims and perpetrators of hazing to a certified school counselor.

–During the meeting, the board voted to approve the payment of $80,000 to resolve a lawsuit filed by Chad Brock. The suit was filed after a school bus struck the back of Brock’s vehicle when he stopped suddenly due to a third vehicle entering his lane. Brock reportedly suffered significant medical injuries resulting from the accident.

–Board Member Alva Striplin empathized with the speakers’ frustrations during the public comment portion of the meeting. However, she promised that the district is not withholding any surplus funds from teachers. She stated that, on the contrary, the district and the board are working to find available funds to increase pay for veteran teachers.

–Striplin also expressed her dislike for the comments made by Cobb Middle School’s Principal Sarah Hembree. TR previously covered the story. Striplin said she does not personally agree with Hembree’s remarks and believes that parents should be involved in their children’s education.

–Lastly, during the continuing concerns segment of the meeting, Chair Darryl Jones publicly apologized on the subject of remarks he made in support of the FaceBook post by Principal Hembree. “Allow me to take this moment to publicly grab hold of my shoestrings and pull my foot out of my mouth,” Jones said. He said that parents play an important role in student education and that all Leon County parents love their children and care about their education.

5 Responses to "Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: May 10, 2022"

  1. For those who want to understand a school employees First Amendment rights to comment: https://www.mtsu.edu/first-amendment/article/925/public-employees

    If Leon County School District fired a staff member for commenting on her personal facebook page in the middle of a media blitz about legislative consideration of educational policy, it would owe her a great deal of money for violating her First Amendment right to comment on issues of public concern.

  2. Jones is an idiot, we know he meant what he said the first time. Because only an idiot would think what he said was enough. He needs to be calling for Hembree’s job! All of them!

  3. They look the other way and say and do nothing. No accountability, no consequences… no leadership.. voters will remember and then there will be accountability and consequences.

    179 days until election day.

  4. Striplin disliked Principal Sarah Hembree’s comments. Darryl Jones apologized for supporting her comments. Big deal.

    Where’s the disciplinary actions against Hembree? Where’s the investigation into what’s going on at Cobb Middle School?

  5. Jones Said what he Said, He BELIEVES what he Said, He Regrets he Posted it BUT, still believes what he Said.

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