LCS Releases Semi-Annual Construction Report

LCS Releases Semi-Annual Construction Report

Provided below is the semi-annual report on the status of completed, current, and planned Leon County School Board construction projects for the period ending February 28, 2022.

The major completed projects include a $1.3 million exterior plaster replacement at Conley Elementary School.

The major current projects include $40 million in new construction at Rickards High School and $25 million in new construction at Fairview Middle School.

The major planned projects include $2 million at Lincoln High School for an Astroturf field and new roofs at Sealey Elementary and W.T. Moore for $2 million each.




9 Responses to "LCS Releases Semi-Annual Construction Report"

  1. Start now putting in one way entrance to schools. Don’t need deputies as it is a waste of taxpayers money.

  2. I feel buck like is a secure school and the police presence I have seen throughout the year In appearance seems adequate thank you. I do really wanna know how much money was spent on that ridiculous electronic sign though. You can’t see it from the road and it’s and it just displays birthdays seems that we could spend that money better

  3. Just dropped my grandkids off at Roberts Elem. School. There was. Leon Co Sheriff Deputy on site at parent drop off and two extra security staff. Thanks to the Sheriff and Supt. for doing this on this day.

  4. I’d like to know what the are doing with the window tint for security and why is there not a dollar figure in that box? Who is actually performing this install?

  5. Why wait til the end of Sept to revamp Lincoln football field? Where will they practice because the band uses the other field? It is desperately needed and hopefully they will add visitor seating. Curious why they can’t start now?

  6. We have 2 astro turf projects one at Lincoln at 1,996,570.00 and one at Godby at TDB.
    A quick google search reveals a new astro turf football field instalation, includung the site prep of establishing the drainage base, to average $720,000.00.
    Lets see now $1,996,570.00 – $720,000.00 = $1,276,570.00.
    Keep in mind I’m thinking just football and most likely soccer and baseball are typically still played on real grass.

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