April Resales Flat, Prices Continue to Climb

April Resales Flat, Prices Continue to Climb

Sales of existing single-family homes in Leon county were up 0.3% in April when compared to numbers in the same month one year ago. There were 302 single-family home resales in April 2021 and 303 resales in April 2022. Last month there were 327 existing single-family homes sold.

The average sales price in April 2022 increased 17.2% to $361,132. Last April the average sales price was $308,240.

Annual trends show that single-family home sale transactions came in at a rate of 3,840 for the 12 month period ending April 2022. The April 2022 annual rate of sales is 10.1% above the annual rate of 3,489 reported one year ago. The annual rate of sales for the 12 month period ending in March 2022 was 3,839.

The average price of homes sold over the last twelve months in Leon county was $328,807. This is 10.8% above the $296,791 sales price reported one year ago.

The average sales price chart below shows the 12-month and 3-month average sales price of single-family homes in Leon county over the last two years.

The chart below shows the annual rate of single family sales in Leon county over the last 36 months.

The inventory of homes for sale was down from one year ago. There were 662 homes listed for sale in April 2022. This is approximately 20.4% lower than the 832 homes listed for sale in April 2021. There were 616 homes for sale in March 2022.

The average days on market (DOM) in April 2022 was 59.0 which is the up 20.4% from the 49.0 DOM reported one year ago.

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  1. Pat A.,

    When PR hacks, publicity stunts, public relations/lobbyists are no longer able to drive the politics and engineer humanity that is able to lure voters then things will change. I have never seen such a display of lunacy and sheeple that follow along.

    The newest PR “paid for cartel” is the previous Tallahassee Democrat publisher, Skip Foster, David Bellamy, Mayor Daliey, and the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce effort to drive the election under the guise of 4TLH.

    Do not be fooled.

    4TLH = Usual Suspects, Scott Maddox cronies, and Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce ALERT!!!

  2. Being retired, and can live anywhere, I’m thinking about finding a new area to live. Only the citizens of the southside can solve their problems. Yet tax dollars flow there. 22 million for new electric buses to provide transportation to those that lost their driver’s licenses due to DUI, past due child support or just getting out of prison, it isn’t the taxpayer’s responsibility to get you to work. Getting your butt kicked for being a rude drunk to a police officer, you deserved the beating. Stop blaming others for your failures. Stop idolizing conflicted felons, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, that during or after committing a crime got their butt kicked when the police have to use force to complete the arrest. You can enjoy the same climate for less money living in Alabama. Add the expense of property insurance caused mostly because of slip and fall attorneys and you start to consider moving elsewhere. It is no mistake out local trial attorneys advertise on Star Metro buses. Stupid is as Stupid does.

  3. With interest rates, property insurance, construction costs and gas all spiking, what do you think will happen to the housing market in the near future?

    Sure glad I’m not a realtor right now.

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