Leon County Children’s Services Council Makes Summer Funding Decisions

Leon County Children’s Services Council Makes Summer Funding Decisions

The Leon County Children’s Services Council (CSC) announced funding decisions for summer programs at their May 26th meeting.

The CSC, which is an independent taxing district, began collecting tax dollars last year and decided to allocate one-time funding this summer while a needs assessment is underway.

In the request for applications, the CSC stated:

CSC Leon seeks to issue one-time program funding to expand the capacity of existing programs to better meet the needs of children, youth, and families in Leon County during the summer of 2022. Additional funding opportunities to support implementation of new programs or sustained support for existing programs is planned for the future. This round of funding is expected to be issued on June 1, 2022 and expended by August 30, 2022.

The applicants and their request can be found here.

Listed below are organizations that were awarded funding.

10 Responses to "Leon County Children’s Services Council Makes Summer Funding Decisions"

  1. The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and the Tallahassee Democrat both have had an anti-black agenda from the earliest days of Jim Crow. When Reverend K.S. Dupont became the first black person to run for the Tallahassee City Commission, Tallahassee Democrat executive editor Malcolm Johnson ran an editorial stating that it would be best “if the white man wins.”

    Don’t forget the “Tallahassee Trustees.” It was a corrupt secret arm of the Chamber of Commerce consisting of the most powerful business interests in Tallahassee. Even the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper was a part of this group that helped finance a secret bond fund to bring Tadiran, an Israeli war contractor, and General Dynamics, an American war contractor, to Tallahassee in the name of economic development.

    This was in defiance of a United Nations mandate that prohibited the supplying of military hardware to the apartheid government of South Africa. This diabolical scheme was so egregious that it was reported in a Sunday issue of the New York Times dated November 13, 1988.

    Now we have the Children’s Services Council (CSC), an annual $8 million slush fund that is even more corrupt than the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). It is in bed with big tobacco through Paul Mitchell, Paul Bradshaw and others, and their Southern Group lobbying firm.

    CSC is now being used by the Chamber as a vehicle to stuff money into the Chamber’s pockets in the name of mainly poor black and brown children.

    This is but one more example of how the poor are used for the economic aggrandizement of the rich and the powerful.

    Edward Holifield, MD

  2. I believe the governor should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate that CSC Director for funneling funds of over $100,000 to the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce under the guise of “Youth Development.”

    I believe the Mayor Dailey should answer for this, also.

    We need more answers on this, Steve.

  3. @ Edward,

    Please add to your list..

    * Make reservations to the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Sandestin junket.

  4. The CSC was never intended to be a results based program. There has not and will not be any followup measurement of CSC best practices to determine what expendatuers may or may not be cost effective.
    The CSC was 100% set up and implimented as a way to put money into the communitty to reward those who are known and liked by your elected officials with money.

    Had success and accountability been a part of the CSC we would have seen some funding having been allocated to the highly succesfull young black man turn around program on the southside known as TEMPO.

    Not even one dollar for TEMPO. Such a shame…but again the whole purpose of the CSC was a total “see we care” for our leftist voting sheeple and their elected leftist nannies…that is how leftist governments and the sheeple voters that support them with their votes operate. So in that respect the CSC is a roaring success YEA US!!!

  5. To Do List:

    * Register LLC called Whippy Skipperton LLC. Under Business Type list “Youth Development”
    * Learn PowerPoint
    * Order 2 dozen T-shirts (various sizes, cheapest available) Printed with smiley face and the
    words “I’m Under Development”
    * Purchase general office supplies (no more that $100 worth) and store at mom’s house
    * Schedule hair and nail appointment
    * Contact realtor (time for some new digs)
    * Schedule test drive (time for some new wheels)
    * Head to Burlington (time for some new threads)
    * Order vanity plate for new ride saying “I Care”

  6. And…there are no evaluation standards that can measure whether or not all of that $$$ spent made any difference. And…the CSC tax is on our property tax bill and…it can’t be removed except by ballot.

  7. SO, looking at this List, does this mean that the County and City Commissioners will stop giving Money to all those Nonprofits that are on the List?

  8. The price to make this list is $120,000 which is the Director’s salary.

    Talk about fiscal irresponsibility and a waste of money. $120,000 right down the drain. Any entry-level employee could have made this list.

    Thank you Mayor Dailey for wasting our tax dollars.

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