Tallahasseeans to Remember on Memorial Day

Tallahasseeans to Remember on Memorial Day

The following was submitted by a Tallahassee Reports subscriber:

Memorial Day is a national holiday to honor those who died in combat in defense of America and will be observed this year on Monday, May 30th. 

There were 116,000 military casualties in World War I, 400,000 in WW 2, 33,000 in Korea, 60,000 in Vietnam and 3,000 since the September 11th terror attacks and it is their sacrifice should be remembered on Memorial Day.

Of those casualties 105 were from Tallahassee and they should be remembered not as a number but by their name. These were the sons, husbands, brothers and uncles of our town and they died as infantrymen in Vietnam, fighter pilots in Korea, prisoners of war in Japan, or lost at sea following a submarine attack of their ship in the Atlantic.

They paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy.

On Monday, Memorial Day, step aside from the Bar-B-Que picnic for a moment and thank them for what they did. 

For specific details on the service of the individuals below, you can enter their name at www.honorstates.org.

Danny Wade Alday, Navy, Vietnam, 

Robert Preston Aldredge, WW2, Air Corps

Joseph Anderson, WW2 Army

William Harold Anderson, WW2, Army

Thomas Wallace Appleyard, WW2 Air Corps

Clifford Miles Armstrong, WW2, Army

Fredrick Nathanial Ash, Vietnam, Army

William D. Atkinson, WW2, Army

Elliot Dean Ayer, Korea, Air Force

Larry C. Baker, WW2, Army

John Richard Ballard, Vietnam, Army

Robert Edgar Beauchamp, WW2, Air Corps

John Lee Bendor, Vietnam, Army

Robert Dennis Black, Jr., Vietnam, Army

Terry Phillip Brady, Vietnam, Army

Benjamin H. Bridges, WW2, Army

Fred E. Brock, WW2, Army

James Brown, Jr. Korea, Army

Willie Brown, Vietnam, Marines

Franklin B. Buck WW2, Air Corps

Wilson Burnett, Jr. WW2, Army

Frank J. Burns, WW2, Army

Lenard W. Clark, WW2, Army

Robert Clemons, II, WW2, Army

Richard Cradic, Korea, Army

Clayton Leon Cruce, Vietnam, Marines

Arthur C. Cundy, Jr. WW2, Air Corps

Willie L. Davis, WW2, Army

Charles P. Dawson, WW2, Air Corps

George P. Dingley, WW1, Army

Bill Gray Fain, Korea, Air Force

George H. Fender, WW2, Army

Charles W. Ferguson, WW2, Army

John Wesley Ford, Korea, Army

Daniel Franklin, WW2, Air Corps

Willie Gaines, WW2, Army

Robert Howard Gamble, WW1, Army

Henry H. Gaskins, WW2, Army

Roscoe Graves, WW2, Army

Joe H. Gray, WW2, Air Corps

Joseph W. Hall, WW2, Army

Joseph Richard Harris, Vietnam, Army

Alan Daryl Harvey,WW2 Army

Clarence J. Harvey, WW2, Army

William A. Herring, WW2, Army

Maurice F. Hogan, WW2, Army

Earl Holiday, Korea, Army

Noah Hudson, WW2, Air Corps

Jerry Grant Ingram, Vietnam, Army

Carlton Jerry Johnson, Vietnam, Marines

Erwin Jones, Vietnam, Army

Herbert C. Kaufman, WW2, Army

Joseph, R. Kearse, WW2, Army

Enoch E. Kelly, WW2, Army

Willis D. King, WW2, Air Corps

Etienne J. Labat, Jr., WW2, Army

Augustusst Lamb, WW1, Army

Herman, E. Lawhon, WW2, Army

Jack McBride Lisle, WW2, Army

James Robert Maddox, WW2, Army

Willie N. Martin, WW2, Army

Henry McClenton, Vietnam, Army

Everett E. Melton, WW2, Army

William Heyward Messer, WW2, Army

Frank L. Miller, WW2, Army

Gordon H. Miller, WW2, Air Corps

Hollis Gregory Miller, Vietnam, Army

Julius Augusta Mitchell, Vietnam, Army

Edmund C. Moore, WW2, Army

Michael Ralph Odom, Vietnam, Army

David Lanier Ozbolt, WW2, Air Corps

John Jackson Parker, Vietnam, Navy

Benjamin H. Payne, WW1, Army

Commie Eugene Price, Korea, Navy

Doyle Wells Reeves, Vietnam, Marines

James S. Rickards, Jr., WW2, Army

William S. Roberts, WW2, Army

Eddie Robinson, Korea, Army

Elzie Eugene Samuels, Vietnam, Marines

Claude Sauls, WW1, Army

Harold Scott, WW2, Air Corps

James Timothy Sheffield, Vietnam, Army

Curtis E. Shelton, WW1, Army

Marion B. Shepard WW2, Army

James L. Smith, WW2, Army

Johnnie Perry Stephens, Jr., Vietnam, Army

Guy R. Strickland, WW2, Army

Elmer R. Stull, WW2, Army

Aulsey M. Sutton, WW2, Army

Ernest Ivy Thomas, WW2, Marines

Oscar Lee Thomas, Vietnam, Army

Raymond, F. Thompson, WW2, Army

Edward Trueblood, WW2, Army

Maruice, H. Watson, WW2, Army

Alfred Weekley, WW2, Army

Linza Whiddon, WW2, Army

Frank Emanuel Williams

Thomas Wilson, Jr., Korea, Army

William B. Woodward, WW2, Air Corps 

6 Responses to "Tallahasseeans to Remember on Memorial Day"

  1. Thank you TR and TR subscriber for that memorial.
    Freedom isn’t free.
    The United States is the greatest country in the world. (If you don’t think so, please, move to the country you think is greater.)
    We owe an abundance of gratitude to these MEN.

  2. I’m gonna add my dad to this list, Robert Ervin Consalvi, Vietnam, Air Force. He came home but his service took him from us much too early, due to exposure to Agent Orange.

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